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Total reviews rating 4.9

78 Reviews for Chinese Moving Company 2023:

Review №1


Absolute 5 stars service with extremely reasonable pricing. Mr Wang is such a friendly person who cares about the customers, and have a sense of urgency. He tried his best to meet the customers needs, such as wrapping every corner of the furniture with cloth pads, etc. I’m very pleased with the great service and would highly recommend Mr Wang, my furniture along with 80+ moving boxes were safely arrived in a time manner. Mr Wang will definitely be my No 1 choice if I ever need to move again.

Review №2


Just moved today. My stuffs were almost double the amount I estimated in advance. They didn’t complain at all and showed great understanding. During the moving progress, they were really careful and professional. One guy told me my dresser table and bench were assembled the wrong way and helped me re-assemble them. Definitely recommend!

Review №3


I had Mr. Wang and Mr. Lee help me move last week. After inquiring a few companies of a quote, they gave me the most reasonable rate. They arrived around 8 am on the day! After assessing the items I have and how they would fit their truck space the best, they had to take two trips. They were fast, efficient, and reliable! I highly recommend them. 王师傅和李师傅非常高效诚信,非常值得信赖!

Review №4


We just moved yesterday. We are so grateful and heartfelt thank you Master Wang with other two great team members did such wonderful job. They came in on time and their quote is very reasonable and with their quality work with care which made us very satisfied with their work. We did have lots of boxes with big furniture swhich they made good arrangement to organise to fit into the truck. We are very impressed with their teamwork and really taking care each other providing us efficiently and professionally services. They packed so well with our cherrywood dining sets with glass. They carried the boxes and all my stuffs very careful. They work from their heart showing good care. Our family felt so luckily to have Master Wang to take care this big moving project. Highly recommend 👍

Review №5


I have used this company for three times, first two times moving furniture from storage to my apartment, the third time move everything from Brooklyn to Queens. I am very happy with their service.I first found them on google when I needed to move couple piece furniture from storage to my apartment. I called and the phone was picked up right away and after I explained what I want to move, I received a very reasonable quote.They are on time each time and no hidden surprising fee or anything. They are fast and professional. When I moved from Brooklyn to Queens, they had to remove the legs of my sofa so the sofa can be moved into the room; they then put the legs back on with new screws and etc.. I really appreciate they took the extra effort.For the users who said they only served Chinese and called its discrimination, I dont totally agree. Their English might be rusty but you can surely get a quote with pictures of items you want to move and send a text message. They usually respond right away.Highly recommend this company to anyone.

Review №6


Very efficient, accommodating, quick, kind and careful. Extremely reasonable cost for the services. Much less expensive than other moving companies for equivalent job.

Review №7


They are super busy with movings and patient but no insurance unfortunately

Review №8


Five star for sure!! They’re profession and nice, moving thing very quick, never complain like other companies no matter how hard is it, highly recommend them, try it with no regrets.

Review №9


They are so fast, efficient and responsible while moving my upright piano. Would definitely go back to them again.

Review №10


Very nice movers! Highly recommend this company! Good price too!

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