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Total reviews rating 4.2

22 Reviews for YongHe Moving 2023:

Review №1


Poor Communicating skills have a moving company and refuses to speak English what country are we in ???

Review №2


I am very fortunate to find Yonghe moving company, let me see the professionalism and tacit understanding of a team, Yonghe moving is worth recommending friends who need to move, the price is reasonable, the workers are careful and caring! Thank you, Yonghe, the masters who moved! Give you a big praise!

Review №3


Dont look for this one! The lesson of blood! The phone call said that the price was 380, and it would be doubled directly after arriving home. When it comes to 680, if you move half of the house, you have to add 100! In the end, it cost 800 dollars! His routine is to promise you first, so that you dont have time to change to another home, and start the price on the day of moving, and increase the price again when its hard to move halfway! The most important thing is that I lost something! One of my 30 cm high mirror and the childrens bowl are missing! It is estimated that it was too violently broken during the move, and it was secretly thrown at me! At the same time, the head of my bed was damaged and the mattress was rubbed to the floor! Doing business still depends on word of mouth! Not relying on false propaganda and routines to kill sheep!

Review №4


Yesterday, I was fortunate to find Yonghe moving company. They are attentive and considerate, affordable, and sincerely thank them! I really push forward friends who want to move!

Review №5


My friend introduced me to find this moving company. The master is busy and attentive, and the price is affordable. I am also very willing to pay more tips to move the master, and will also help you introduce the guests. Thank you for your hard work...

Review №6


Yonghe Moving Company is a moving company that everyone can trust. The master works carefully and the price is fair. I will find this home next time I want to move.

Review №7


This moving company is trustworthy, the workers are very serious and amiable, do not delay the time, will find them next time!

Review №8


Yonghe moving company is a trustworthy company, the quotation is indeed, the packaging is meticulous, the staff is enthusiasm! I hope that friends in need can find them!

Review №9


Thanks to Yonghe for moving the quality service, the price is reasonable, the cleaning speed is fast! Thanks again to Yonghe’s staff for your hard work! It is highly recommended for friends who need to move!

Review №10


Thanks to the Yonghe moving service, the reasonable price, the careful service, the hard work of the Yonghe moving staff, I strongly recommend that if you want to move, please contact them.

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