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Phone: +1 212-933-0374
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–9:30PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9:30PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9:30PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9:30PM
  • Friday:9AM–9:30PM
  • Saturday:9AM–9:30PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9:30PM
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Total reviews rating 4

14 Reviews for Adja Khady 2023:

Review №1


First time visiting this store I really liked it! Had great African selection and the prices are pretty good. The workers there are honest and kind.

Review №2


Friendly, helpful staff. Well-organized and good selection. An ideal place to shop at if youre going to multiple stores; good prices on imported items, while other items are quite expensive.

Review №3


Very difficult woman to deal with.. Most of her food products stay in the store for a long period so they expire and she is difficult when you face her. No good customer service. I dont advise no one going there.. there are many stores in New York. Though not all products are bad there but, most are expired and she does not admit it. Rubbish.

Review №4


One stop shop for your African groceries..a little bit pricey but the store is clean and well organized..friendly staff owned. Love the go to place.

Review №5


Thi biggest, the cleanest store in NYC they have everything coming from Africa great customer service very friendly I will recommend to everyone thank you ADJA KHADY for your innovation

Review №6


Anything you need from Sénégal. You will find it in this African store located in Harlem 116th Street. I do all my shopping here for African products

Review №7


Great variety of products from afar.Halal meat and clean butcher serviceTough industry but keep it up

Review №8


My first time at this place, the machine was broken. The butchers had to cut the meat by hand, therefore the meat I received had pieces of bones even after washing the meat multiple times. The old lady at the cashier had a very cold and rude attitude with my husband.Today was my second time. As I write this review, I am cooking the beef chucks they gave me (which btw, was out to dry as if it were old meat)Honestly, when I went into the store, the butchers treated me differently in a very obvious and racist way. They gave better customer service to the people before and after me.Its been 4 hours since I put the meat to cook in a stew and instead of looking appetizing, its black and hard. All other vegetables and ingredients are overcooked and this piece of crap they gave me isnt even cooked. Once again, on my way out the store, the old cashier was rude towards me.This is obviously bad quality meat and bad customer service. I am very disappointed and disgusted by their attitudes and their meat.

Review №9


Love this place to buy large bags of jasmine rice for a very reasonable price.

Review №10


Great place to get all your African groceries...!