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Total reviews rating 2.9

33 Reviews for Air Canada 2023:

Review №1


Great airline! Had a fantastic business class flight for a great deal! Will always recommend! Only reason for 4 stars is they were trying to pass off vegetarian food for vegan food and crossed it off with a blue line when it says there is dairy in it (and was visible to the eye, cheese) and was just a bit insulting if they think anyone would actually believe that was vegan… I’d prefer to just be told they didn’t have an option.

Review №2


I would give this a negative five star. I will never fly air Canada again. They kept me and my two year old son on a plane for 6hours in the heat of a malfunctioning airplane and then at 12 am and the next day had a line up of hours long on the baggage drop off. Worst experience of my life. This is border line illegal. If only they did not have a monopoly on travel in air Canada they would be out of business.

Review №3


Ticket agent lied to me about needing travel insurance. She held us up in line for an extra 15 minutes and would not let us get our boarding passes or check our bags until we purchased this unnecessary travel insurance for $120.

Review №4


Old plane. Poor service. Canceled one leg of my flight with no alternative flight given. Needs major improvements to keep up with competition. Never flying with them again.

Review №5


Air Canada lost my bag for 5 days and still no sign of it. My only option is to wait on hold for 3 hours so a call center rep can tell me they cant find it

Review №6


Not too bad airline in La Guardia but there are occasional problems/issues that need to be addressed immediately. For example, add more dining options in the terminal, improve your customer service, maintain your amenities properly, etc.

Review №7


I cannot give Air Canada customer service 0 star because they do not have that option. I have 4 days vacation in New York. When I arrived, my luggages delay on the morning of August 4. 2017. Anh I had my husband medicine on that luggages. They said they will get the luggages around noon and I will have it in the afternoon. That evening I still do not have my luggages. I called, took me about 1 hour to have someone answered the phone. The lady told my the system down and I had to call back In the morning. In the morning next day I called. Took me another 1 hours. The lady name Elma told me she couldnt contact the delivery Company to track down when I will get my luggages. She said she will put the note about my situation and said I will get it today, August 5. Now almost midnight and I still not get my luggages. Called again and the lady name Claira said exactly like lady Elma. She cannot contact the delivery Company and said they cant do nothing. I want to talk to her supervisor but she said they busy and will call me back after 1 or 2 hours

Review №8


This has got to be the worst airline terminal in the world and I have been to Delhi airport, Mexico City airport when the there was no running water. Ok, well its not that bad, but man this is about as dehumanizing as you can get. The seating areas are woefully inadequate, the food concessions are awful and the whole place stinks like they havent cleaned the bathrooms for weeks. A whole new Laguardia read the signs announcing the construction effort. Right now its a gigantic hole alright. Terminal B has compounded the misery by arranging for shuttle busses to take you to meet limos. It took more than an hour one evening to have the car meet me. Air Canada, you ought to be doing better with what you have and I do hope that the promised upgrades meet expectations because this is an embarrassment.

Review №9


No staff. If you got flights departing at a specific time, MAAAAYBE actually have at least one staff to assist with check-in? Air Canada doesn’t care and your BS marketing ain’t fooling anybody

Review №10


Flight No. 718 from Toronto Pearson Int, Ont. to New York Laguardia Airport, the officers checking the tickets on the gate at Toronto were nasty, needs more training to communicate with passengers without loosing their temper for small things. No respect

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