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Phone: +1 718-353-7853
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:6AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:6AM–10PM
  • Thursday:6AM–10PM
  • Friday:6AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–4PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.2

195 Reviews for Al Oerter Recreation Center 2023:

Review №1


I love this place. It has everything you could need for a good, safe workout. They have excellent covid-19 protocol in place for entry to the facility and for social distancing using the machines. There are excellent programs for Seniors. It has an after-school program for kids whose parents are not home from work yet; its right next to beautiful Flushing Meadow Park; and your membership entitles you to the giant pool next door; the strength training equipment is state of the art, and the staff is very helpful and respectful. You will not regret coming here.

Review №2


Cheap for the quality of gym. It is not a 5 starts gym buy have the basics to do a good workout. Clean and organized,for the price is really a unique place

Review №3


The weight rooms are a bit too small and there’s only like 1 of each machine in the room and you can’t really use the ones you need. The staff of the place were also quite rude to me but seemed quite friendly with others, maybe it’s because I’m kind of new or don’t know anyone here.

Review №4


I bring my son here for the children’s activities that are held here throughout the week. They always have a good variety of different sports and other activities available. His membership is free, which is great for us. The instructors are very good with children and knowledgeable of the sports they instruct. I feel good bringing him here because I know the instructors genuinely are interested in the children learning a new sport, and do their best to see that the are grasping the concepts. They have always been patient, friendly and helpful. Most importantly they are always interested in safety and take any precautions that are needed. The facility itself is clean, in good condition as well as the equipment that is used.

Review №5


The staff in this place are very rude. We went to the building before 9 to register for a membership and when we arrived, they said membership hours end at 8. However, we called earlier, and they said membership hours end at 9. When we were talking to the front desk, another man, seeing how he responded my staffs is probably the manager, rudely asked us why we come before 9. His attitude gave off the vibe that he didnt want to deal with us. We said someone said to come before 9, but this man said i guarantee my staffs never said that how can a manager guarantee what someone probably did or did not say. Outrageous. This place is also very small and stinky in the weight rooms. Always packed. Id recommend some other gym besides this one.

Review №6


Some staffs r rude, people dont properly wait on line for parking spot. Parking lot is offer to people whos not even using the gym.

Review №7


Hai this my new review about this center. This place very clean and affordable, and my trainer Mr Rudolfo is the best one week I attending all his class

Review №8


I joined for 6 months for only $50 which is an extremely cheap price compared to any big box or boutique gym. The weight rooms are small with older equipment in disarray with many in various states of perpetual repair. However, the center also has a nice size indoor courts for racket and basketball. There is also a computer room which was barely occupied. Lockers are decent sized. Staff seems semi-attentive. Best option was the small above court running track. Perfect for doing laps and maintaining ones cardio when the few treadmills below where occupied. Please gets crowded which is expected considering the location and area demographics. Not bad. Price can not be beat if you want to get out of your shoebox apartment and get some indoor exercise. Sadly, it remains closed due to the plandemic idiocy.

Review №9


Too much old Karen, they fire at you if you rest between sets, they report you if you don’t get the f out of here when they wanna use the machine, then they start doing cardio on a weight machine lifting tiny weight that’s even lighter than your pillow. Avoid at all cost if you take your weight training seriously.

Review №10


This recreation center was not an easy place to find. I had to take walks from long distance away from the 7 train Willets Point Subway Station to go across the bridge side walk and away from the Citi Field Stadium.

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