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Phone: +1 518-701-2085
Opening hours
  • Monday:8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Tuesday:8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Wednesday:8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Thursday:8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Friday:8:30AM–4:30PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.7

199 Reviews for Albany ENT & Allergy Services 2023:

Review №1


So glad I chose Albany ENT over the other ENT providers here. They got me scheduled rather quickly. Not just for my initial appointment but also for testing. They are very efficient. I was in and out of the appointment within the hour. All test went smoothly and results were immediate. I now go once a week for allergy shots and that process is just as easy. Love this office’s physicians and nurse staff they are all so nice and personable.

Review №2


I love the office and professionalism, they have very experienced professionals and they listen and try to handle your concerns. They also respect you and your decisions. They have always come to my appointment prepared which is a rarity these days with other doctors. I would give them a 5 but I always seem to go in circles with the office. They are all nice but I just think it needs better organization especially with the online stuff. I also like their protocol with allergy testing, the last ones I used, not here had preservatives that would trigger and allergy, go figure. Highly recommend Albany ENT.

Review №3


Dr. Gavin and all of the nurses and office staff are fantastic to work with. They help you navigate the surgical scheduling, paperwork and post-op visit with kindness and patience. They take the time to assist, answer questions and offer alternatives if anything makes you feel uncomfortable. I often felt that I was chatting with a friend when setting appointments. During surgery, the staff was kind and considerate, showing compassion to my young child as well as to his nervous mom. We love Albany ENT

Review №4


I have been going to Albany ENT and Allergy for about 20 years now. Followed the practice from Madison Ave to Patroon Creek and now Everett Rd. Dr. Setzin is an amazing physician. Always looking for new ways to help me through my allergy journey. Explains in detail and more importantly listens to your concerns and then advises the best course of action. Also. What a genuine and kind man. I cannot end this review without a kudos to the allergy nurses who administer allergy shots. What an amazing team of ladies. This entire crew has always been kind and courteous and patient. I recommend this office to everyone and anyone I know and look forward to my visits.

Review №5


The first visit was OK but not great. Didnt care much for the PA I saw. When someone comes in, they are generally not feeling too good and not really wanting to be there. You want to feel the interest and the compassion from the provider for what the patient is going through. Didnt experience that. The second time around with a different PA, I felt cared for and understood for what I was going through. I will provide a 5 star review because it is in my limited experience with the group, an isolated individual. Im sure she knows her business, warmth, caring, interest, not so much.

Review №6


Excellent place to go for all your ENT needs! I also get my allergy shots there and it always goes well. Fantastic group of nurses that offer painless shots nearly every time. They take the time to explain things and answer questions leaving you feeling calm and confident. If you need any sort of ENT services , I would highly reccomend them!

Review №7


A large operation but very well organized. About 10 check-in/check-out counters, process was smooth. I was in and out very quickly, but had all of my questions answered by the Dr. They have CT scanning on site (no need to go elsewhere)! Would recommend to family.

Review №8


As a patient of Albany ENT on Everett Rd, I am very satisfied. From the beginning, when I was tested, unlike a test from another testing site, they immediately diagnosed me with three items, and two molds I am allergic to, due to the external and internal allergy tests. This finally explained why I had been suffering from painful sinus infections for most of my life!Throughout our work together for over two years, the staff and I in the allergy shot center have become like family this is because we see each other each week. This was very vital because I had little contact with anyone during the beginning of Covid-19. In the beginning, I was experiencing a lot of allergic reactions to my shots and they immediately separated my vials. Ever since, I might be a little itchy for an hour or so at the injection site, but I notice a huge difference in my sinuses.I have had two times were my sinuses were in a lot of pain. In their emergency room, I was seen very quickly and taken care of with the best care.The only reason, I would give them a 4.8 rating is because during the Pandemic in December 2020, the regulation of people waiting in the waiting room was over their limit. I was waiting very close to other people for over a half an hour. This was before I was vaccinated. As someone who takes the pandemic very seriously, I was very scared and wanted to leave, but needed my second shot. Fortunately, after waiting awhile, the staff noticed the problem after I said something and got me into a private room. I was given my shot and was able to calm down.Later on I was told by a staff member that some of the team were not vaccinated before Omicron came out. This was when most medical centers made it mandatory. I was very concerned and was able to change my requirements as a patient. All staff had to wash their hands in front of me before administering my allergy shots and wear a mask. I have not had an issues since and am so glad to be back to my Allergy Shot family on Everett Rd from the Clifton Park Office.

Review №9


Very pleasant, highly courteous, excellent “caring” care. I liked how I was able to get an appointment so quickly. I got a text on Friday reminding me of my CT scan on Monday but I missed it; missed appointment for that, was rescheduled very soon after that.Their office manager whose name I forget, saw me waiting in line to be checked out, didn’t just leave it to the staff at the window but had me cone into her office to be checked out. I just loved the efficient, friendly, and quality care here including the PA who saw me and the lady who gave me a CT scan also was as pleasant as she was efficient. I wish I were better with names but all were fantastic!

Review №10


They provided me with allergy testing and, at first, sublingual drops, until my insurance company cancelled the program. Im now on injections. Their service is good, the doctors and nurses are friendly and professional. Best to find times of day for your injections that are less busy.

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