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Phone: +1 516-803-2300
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Total reviews rating 1.6

199 Reviews for Altice USA 2023:

Review №1


Yesterday I called Optimum Tech to ask how I could block spam calls. The technician said change your phone number I started to tell him, thats not feasible because I had that number for 43 years. He became very abusive and was screaming at me How dare you talk when Im talking. Who do you think you are.. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and I thought he hung up on me, until I tried to call Optimum back and my line was dead. When I called my number from my cell I got the message The number you are calling is no longer in service. Please check the number and dial again He terminated my phone account. It took him a second to do but I have been calling Optimum for 2 days and no one seems to be able to (or wants to) give me back my service. They dont deserve any stars. Its horrible how much damage an unstable Optimum employee can do to customers.

Review №2


Worst company I have ever dealt with. Unethical billing practices.I switched from coax to fiber optic 300 service which was installed on 1/3/2022. On 1/4/2022 Optimum bills me $80 for the old router which the technician had taken when he left the day before. It took me a month of calls, filing with the A.G.s office and contesting the charge with my credit card company to get it reversed.February - April 2022 bills are as expected - about $64. The May bill arrives - for $253 - for the same services which were supposed to be level for 12 months. After wasting an hour + with both the retention department and the billing department it turns out that Optimum dropped the promotion after 4 months unannounced. Why? Who knows, there was no explanation. They create a new 12 month agreement at a slightly higher rate because thats the best they can do. It just happens to match the Verizon Fios rate exactly. However I am still stuck with a $109 May bill and I am assured that there will be a credit on the June bill to compensate for that additional charge.If your reps are telling me I have a rate for 12 months honor it! The machinations at this company are unbelievable.

Review №3


This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I had an appointment scheduled for 8-11am, no one called texted or emailed me regarding my appointment. It is now 6:14pm and Optimum agent cannot give me any update or advise as to what I should do. I am having so much issues with all my Altice boxes for over three weeks and still no resolution. Worst, horrible company who has no regard for their customers.

Review №4


Horrible customer service on three different occasions i was denied to speak to a supervisor regarding a billing matter. Also requested a call back for a supervisor, never received one! Call the cooperate number actually got i contact with a lady name heather Taylor and she lied on the phone and said this is not cooperate. I’m so disgusted. Just go to Verizon like I’m about to. There service had declined and the agents they hire for outsourcing customer service are very incompetent.

Review №5


6/9/22 Last night I drove into my driveway and a cable was cut and dangling, blocking my entry. I knew it wasnt the electric wire, thats 50 above. It seems a package was delivered in our absence and the truck driver snapped the cable. Note: it runs 15 above the street, along 180 of 40 tall hemlock hedge. It must have been a taller truck that didnt see the cable and decided to bust through our trees that have created a natural arch for most trucks to pass through.Were no longer Optimum customers at this address. Nevertheless, Optimum dispatched a service bucket-truck to our Katonah address the same day we called! A lot of people lately are taking shots at cable, from every angle. Maybe not Yankees fans, but to receive the personal service we did--not even as current customers--says a lot more about how a utility supports its publics vs. a streaming service, for example. Im impressed and want others to be. Here’s hoping your service calls are of the same ilk!--over 30-year Katonah household.

Review №6


They will not let you speak to a supervisor for any reason. Including agents messing up. The cooperate office doesn’t answer the phone. They over charge and don’t give you any credits when they mess up. They tell you the system is telling them one thing and they can’t do anything about it. I really hate this company. Please do not deal with them find something else.

Review №7


Horrible customer service . They have a very complicated billing system . My bill amount has been increasing every month for the last 3 months and the reasons they give are ridiculous and makes no sense . Their sales department gave me incorrect instructions last month due to which now my March bill went up and there is no one to listen, understand the problem and help !!On one hand they keep increasing bills while on the other hand their internet services are going from bad to worse !!Unfortunately I can’t change my internet service provider because in my complex I am only allowed to use Optimum !! HORRIBLE!!

Review №8


Been with them over 20 years and in these hard times, they have such a hard problem with extensions. They actually tell you to wait until your service is disconnected and THEN call and they will give you a 5 day extension. This is so they can charge the restoration fee. It is terrible that they treat long or short term customers in this manner. they are extremely expensive. Service goes in and out and the quick to charge late fees but no credit when services is slow or distored. HORRIBLE. I GUESS ITS TIME TO MOVE ON

Review №9


HOW CAN WE GET VERIZON IN BROOKHAVEN!?Can you leave 0 Stars? I have been trying to have my bill corrected by them since December regarding HBO Max and then also, remove the 1 Gig service (that actually isnt 1Gig) . Five different customer service reps, a woman names Dina who is the highest person in the escalation department and then wont honor the amount of money I have been requesting to be removed from my account. Gave me a partial refund, stated it is policy that I cant do it. I asked for her boss and she said no. I asked again for the full refund she said no. Dina then proceeded to tell me she has to go assist other customers, which to me mean that the satisfaction of a customer is only important when it is convenient to them.So much more about this that is infuriating. Basically Optimum is stealing my money, refusing to credit me back the money I have been requesting because of their incompetence.

Review №10


This company is NOTORIOUS for stealing money from its customers. Their service is substandard and their customer service reps cannot do anything outside of policy. Answer phones and chats and be extremely condescending. Do NOT sign up with this company for its substandard service!!!