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Total reviews rating 4.2

199 Reviews for AMC 34th Street 14 2023:

Review №1


Large theater (14 screens) with great decor (including in their clean bathrooms), an actual bar !!! , good amount of food and snack options. Some of the screens have nice controllable recliner chairs. Location is great as there is great public transport right outside the theater (M34 bus) and 1 2 3 subway lines, along with Penn station.The restrooms are on the top floor though.

Review №2


This location has dolby and imax and digital also has 3D. Huge complex. The seats are recliner if you go to dolby and the screens are pretty big. The tickets go till $25-$30. The seats are comfortable and huge entertainment. You will able to get liquor on this location too, so you can drink and watch movie. Being a- list member gives a lot of benefits too.Happy watching movie.

Review №3


Very Nicely Cleaned & Designed. The Inside Theaters Is Really Modern And Very Clean With Recycling Chairs & Dolby Sound.

Review №4


Watched the animated film Belle, was pretty good. Seats were comfortable - soft and bouncy. There was a heated option, but take note that it only heats the lower back area.

Review №5


Great movie theater, has like 7 floors of theaters. If you can ever go to IMAX I highly recommend it. It is a solid 10/10 over here. But it would cost you 25 USD per person to watch something. Still it’s a great theater and I love coming here.

Review №6


Unique because of the 5 escalators, makes for a fun night out and very centrally located if youre staying in NYCs midtown. Be sure to ask for the BiG Apple Special; a gooey red candy apple driven deep into the heart of your buttered popcorn. Oh yeah, if youre going to order that, bring hand wipes lol

Review №7


We had a 1pm movie and when we arrived at 12:35 the AMC was all locked up, we called but no employees answered the phone. We were later told they would open up in about 15 minutes which gave us only a handful of time to retrieve our e-tickets and go to con session

Review №8


Had an amazing experience at this location. The movie theater was cleaned and well kept compared to other locations such as the amc at bay plaza shopping, Harlem and on 84th street. The location is also in one of the most urban location downtown Manhattan. The only downside compared to that of Bay plaza shopping mall is the lack of parking area for anyone driving. All in all, I had an amazing experience in general, the staffs were friendly and willing to answer any questions you might have. Just come experience this urban location with your loved ones and I promise youll never regret coming here.

Review №9


Staff is really polite we like coming to this place , heated sits and comfy, cleaning lady won’t allow me ketchup without hotdog but rather than that it’s a good place to come with your girlfriend and after movie find nice local restaurants nearby

Review №10


Not my favorite spot to enjoy a movie but it might be what many prefer. I liked that the recliner seats are all seats, but if its your first time you might cook yourself up by pressing the heat button instead of the direction you want your chair to go.Luckily I wasnt here on a packed night as Im not so sure about the turn of phone enforcement here especially being my first time here in 3 years, lets just say I wasnt impressed.The screen experience didnt fail, sound was excellent. Overall not a bad experience. I just have been spoiled by better experiences. Ill like to check out the upcoming Avatar movie on their screen. I can imagine the sound and picture quality here being a win.