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Have been flying American for years and I find the quality to be consistent. The terminal B is new and seating was mostly clean. Be prepared to walk as the escalator was out of order to gate 30 and others. A brisk walk on a ramp and your at your destination. The employees are friendly and dress professional. Improvement could be made to give more attention to passengers. I usually dont fly first class but had a credit and found the flight to NY pleasant and the attendant was attentive to my husband and I. People seem to use wheel chairs with no need but to get on the flight early. There seems to be a pattern. Flights seem to run on time and I am satisfied with this airline but they need to instruct people more clearly when the plane lands to allow passengers to exit in order of seating. Also, when boarding call groups, people need instructions as some just dont know. Flight 1886 to Charlotte, no instructions from crew as pilot said prepare for take off, too busy on cell phones. I will stick with American as the flights are the most direct.

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Was told my carry on wouldn’t fit in the overhead compartment using the sample at check in. I told the attendant it fit on my last flight, which it did. I removed a large section of the carry on to make sure it fit and instead she just checked it. I get on the plane and the compartments are double the width of the samples, huge in fact. Those sample compartment are NOT representative of the actual compartment size. Take a look at the actual compartment size. These are huge in comparison.

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Rating for the AA-JetBlue partnership. It doesn’t work: 1- if you book a JB flt on AA, you cannot check in except at the counter in the airport- you know, the decades-old Old-fashioned long-line way. Even though I had an AA & JB record locator! If you’re and admirals club member, you can’t use it before your flight in Dallas nor JFK, and I’m sure others…. Because AA & JB are in different terminals. So goodbye to that benefit. I also didn’t get 1/2 price on in-flight food and beverages without a JB AMEX card. So now, in addition to my AA $450/year black MC, I’ll need a $99/year JB AMEX. Bottom line: I’ll book with the airline I plan on flying in the future. AA & JB needs to better explain how this partnership works. Meanwhile, staff 5 ⭐️, on time JFK-LAX-JFK 5⭐️.

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I understand holiday craziness, but today their customer service was unacceptable. I have been a customer of American Airlines for years, flying with my 15 lb, 9-year-old, quiet, super friendly cockapoo. She is always with me, and I fly easily 6-8 times a year. You can do the math. We’ve used her same carrier for 9 years and it’s worked splendidly. She fits in it, she enjoys being it, and it’s regulation-size. Well today, I was told I had to take her out of the bag, and my dog had to, on her own accord, walk back into the bag and lay down. I informed the woman behind the desk, that that would indeed not happen, and it did not. Meanwhile, there were 2 chihuahuas next to us barking incessantly at my dog, making her even more nervous. So I then had to fold, manhandle, and force her into her case and zip her in. The woman behind the desk informed me that my case was “too small,” to which I informed her calmly that we had been using it for 9 years. To which she rolled her eyes at me and said, “well then you’ve been breaking the rules.” I was never given a reason these rules were now in place, or when they took affect just barked orders at like an idiot. They obviously don’t understand dogs or customer service in any way.

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One of the worst flights to take. Will stay away from now on!! Always something going on.

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Its seats are very welcoming, good atmosphere. in each trip they give Snack

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Very pleasant experience, flight attendants was very nice and somewhat relaxing

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My favorite airlines, cheapest rates and the best routes to fly.

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Good service however if you land in LGA you will need to walk about 15 minutes to get your luggage.

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Always pleased with the service American Airlines provide. The minute you check in, the ticket counter agents, gate agents and Flight Attendants have always been pleasant and helpful. Planes are maintained really well and with the Covid pandemic, cleaned and disinfected.Nothing but praise for one of the best/better airlines in the world.

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