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199 Reviews for Amsterdam Court Hotel 2023:

Review №1


Positive: Great location! Close to good food in a variety of price ranges and convenient to shows and subway. Our room was clean and comfortable overall. The staff was friendly and helpful. Negative: Our room was slightly shabby and a bit dusty in the corners, which is par for this level of hotel in Manhattan, but of course we always hope for better.

Review №2


Dont forget to use ʜoᴛᴇʟʙoʟʟʏ.ᴄᴏm when booking your place. This website will compare hundreds of booking web sites and typically will have rates a lot cheaper than others! Thank me later on! This hotel is the best rated in the area. I have been staying here for a very long time. If you stay for a few nights you definitely wont be disappointed.Excellent location. Not a bad price considering how close it is to Times Square. I also used SpotHero to book a parking spot just across the street for a great deal.The service at the front desk was super slow, but that was no fault of the staff. They had lots of rude and demanding customers. When it was finally our turn, the lady at the desk said, You guys arent from here, are you? I said No, how could you tell? She said, Because youre so polite and patient. Someone from New York would have been shouting already! Her friendliness and good humor despite the circumstances was appreciated.The room was comfortable considering the location. It was smaller than a room you might find in a less populated city, but Id call it spacious for NYC. The window was clean on the inside, but super dirty on the outside, so there wasnt much of a view. Thats probably also common for NYC. We were still satisfied with the partial view of the old brick building next door and a little bit of the street.Overall, a great choice for the full Manhattan experience.

Review №3


Great location near times Square. Small older rooms. Clean. Most of the staff was very professional. Our only complaint was the odd staff member with glasses who said he was the bellhop who refused to let us use a cart to take our luggage to the door. Very strange and rude.

Review №4


It looked better in the pictures ...great service!! The bed...I dont know. The rooms are tiny. We did have fake windows, the floor was just a raw floor with carpet on it... probably wouldnt do it again 😅

Review №5


The area is a great spot as the subway is at the corner of the street and Times Square is like a block away. On another note my boyfriend and I had quite an experience the first night. We lost our flight the first day so we called and let them know we would be getting there the following day of our reservation but that we would be arriving. We arrive and for whatever reason they can’t find our reservation. Manager comes after about 20min and he is able to find our reservation so he gives us our keys and we go to our room. We get to the room and as I’m putting my luggage in the room I noticed there’s things in there already. Someone is already staying in our room. By this point I was extremely irritated because we were already running late to go see a show I had bought tickets to. So we had to go back downstairs and talk to the manager, it turns out they gave our room to someone else with my boyfriends name on it. Manager gave us another room and by that time we missed our show. He did not offer and upgrade or even a discount for the huge inconvenience. Not only that but I wasted $50 in the show I didn’t make it to. Guy at the front desk was nice and did the best to help us but the system they have is absolutely trash. I think it’s lack of management from managers they need to work on the communication and not give others people’s rooms.

Review №6


Rooms are small, but when you are in NY, you shouldnt be in your room anyways. Beds are super soft, so if you have a bad back, ask for a firmer mattress. The staff was friendly, but a little training would be helpful. The concierge was very helpful.

Review №7


First, the hotel doesnt really havent any signage and was hard to find. We walked right by and had to turn around. Next, our check-in experience was awful. It took 30 minutes of us waiting in the lobby as the worker told us the system was down and he would run to housekeeping to check us in there... He genuinely seemed to be drunk or high... When he came back, he was in his street clothes and another woman took over at the desk. She didnt have any problem and checked us in quickly. Our room was on the second floor, but was so difficult to find as the wall placard pointing to its number fell off. Plus, our room was label B, but the elevator and second floor doors were labeled A. When we got to our room, it was pretty small, but alright. The carpet seemed dirty. The TV was crooked and didnt have many channels. The air conditioner was old and loud and smelled musty. It was also haphazardly installed. We couldnt see anything out the window. Not only was it filthy, but it must have been facing a building. The photos online show bright, natural daylight... So, it shocked me when I awoke, thought it must be the middle of the night, but it was 10 am. Our room was pitch black. The bathroom door didnt close unless we lifted and pulled hard. The sink faucet had such high pressure that turning it on caused water to splash you and soak the floor. After one shower, there was about 3 inches of yellowish water in the tub because the drain was clogged. Disgusting. One redemption was whoever was working as we checked out was very polite and allowed us to check our bags as we explored the city more. The best thing about this hotel is the location. I wish they would spend less money on stupid decorative chandeliers and more money on actual amenities.

Review №8


The location for this hotel couldn’t be better, at the edge of Times Square, in the middle of the Theater District - but don’t stay here.The rooms are smaller than even the best photographs could make. We arrived after a 12 hour day of travel to this run down place so we tried to be accommodating because we were tired and try to find another hotel at 9 pm in NYC.The staff was unresponsive to needs. They had a “policy” of only cleaning every third day, but failed to come by the room once during the 6 days we stayed there. Their staff also followed COVID protocols, when they felt like it, without consistency or reason.The shower had adequate pressure, but make it quick because by the end of it the tub was so full of water you were worried it might overflow. The bathroom sink had the same issue as the shower so careful trying to wait for the hot water, it also might overflow.Our bed was broken, causing the mattress to sag, but the door covering the mini fridge in the desk fell off the first time I opened it, the blinds did little to nothing to keep the lights of “Wicked “ marquee from keeping the room look like dusk all night, the TV frame was cracked, the door had a half inch gap still when you pressed it closed (so we moved the chair to make sure it didn’t open).I had to go to the front desk on several occasions to get minor things - toilet paper, towels, trash bag - simple items you would expect from even the worst motel on the side of a forgotten highway. Despite assurances and apologies from the front desk, nothing was done. Not once was the room cleaned, nor was the trash removed. Sometimes there was scalding hot water, other times full hot only got you luke warm water. The front desk assured me they follow all cleaning protocols and do so after each checkout, except that I found parts to the broken bed and other trash under the bed when I pulled out my shoes from under the bed.They claim there is internet service, and there is Wi-Fi, but the second you let your screen go to sleep, you are dropped and have to sign in twice to get back online.The worst part? Take photos of your room if there is anything wrong and send it to the front desk immediately because if you don’t, they will bill you for the broken items.

Review №9


My husband booked for our 25th wedding anniversary. He specifically told them I am severely allergic/asthmatic as soon as he realized they use down bedding (they pre-charge your card, so a refund was denied). He was assured a call the day before arrival, they would completely clean out our room. Upon arrival, desk staff had NO CLUE about this! Sat in the lobby for 45minutes while they “double checked” that everything was correct in the room. When my husband confronted the “manager” he did NOTHING!! He got loud with my husband and asked “where would you like to wait!” Went to the room, hair on the chair, broken window blinds on the window. Within 10minutes being in the closet sized “king suite” I had a full blown asthma attack! Booked a room at another hotel immediately! Ended up sick with horrible allergies & asthma for my 25th anniversary because of them! I would give this “hotel” from hell a negative 10 if possible! The only redeeming staff were the gentleman that took care of our bags & one desk staff that refunded our money without hesitation…NOT the “manager” either!

Review №10


I rented a standard queen sized room and not only did it cost me $300, but it also cost me my night away in NYC. The room was NOT what was pictured on the website, the cable did not work, furniture was missing, and the bed was like sitting on a slab of stone. The only good experience I had was after asking for a full refund and leaving since I could not even stay the night.