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Phone: +1 518-389-0140
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–6PM
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Total reviews rating 3.6

199 Reviews for Apple Crossgates 2023:

Review №1


The store is pretty busy regularly. We ordered online and picked up in the store. We worked with Brad and he was great. Very helpful and informative!Side note for the ladies. The bathroom are very clean and well maintained. Also they have organic cotton tampons in every stall.

Review №2


Not impressed with the whole process of getting the appointment. Wait after privacy intrusion even though you are obviously not there for no reason and oh yeah willing to pay a big money for a cell phone. Or maybe people patiently waiting just to get technical support? There is so many of them its scaryAnyhow I will give this store 5 stars only becauseAnna who has been very helpful and actually the only thing that represent the company as Apple to highest level as advertised.Im not sure if I will be going there again hopefully 13 will not be bust. If you do, ask for Anna. Waiting for 5 more minutes is worth of leaving happy

Review №3


Went in to upgrade my iPhone early from a 12 pro max to a 13 mini. Was promptly assisted by Anna who was super friendly. My trade in was worth more than the new phone, so it was giving us trouble trying to process. Luigi came over to assist, also extremely friendly. Between the two of them and a manger, we figured out how to work it out. They could’ve brushed me off, but they stayed patient and sent me off with my new phone. Extremely pleased with this experience!

Review №4


I have been to many Apple stores, this by far is the worst one. I went for a simple replacement for an airpod. Had an appointment and waited 40 minutes after just to be seated to wait for someone to finally help on something that shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes. No point in making appointments online if it means nothing once you are in the store. Only reason I bumped it a star is because the staff is friendly.

Review №5


Very pleased with the service. Employees were helpful and kind. Needed a replacement for one of my Airpod Pros and it was taken care of with no problems. I just had to wait about 2 and a half hours before I could see anyone. Didnt realize I needed to make an appointment before hand. I would highly recommend to everyone that you make an appointment, otherwise you will be waiting for a while.

Review №6


I’ve been to a lot of Apple stores. In fact I used to live a few blocks from one in Philly. I received out of this world kind service at this location. Not that I haven’t received great service at other locations, but this location specifically was incredible.I drove in from Okemo area in Vermont, about two hours and made it in within about a half hour of the store closing. It was a Saturday night and I’m sure everyone was ready to go home. But, nonetheless I was greeted by an Apple employee like I was the first person he talked to for that day. He asked where I was coming in from and we had a conversation about Vermont, kids, writing, and crypto as I waited for my repair. Unbelievably awesome interaction, like I wanted to be friends after that ha!After this another employee came out with my computer and she again greeted me kindly, and was just really great to talk to. She went out of her way as well and watched my computer as I used the restroom (2 hour drive).I was blown away by how fantastic the staff was at this location, they went above and beyond when they didn’t have to. I could have just picked up my computer and left. But- they actually care here. And I think if the manager reviews these comments or Apple, please keep doing what you are doing with who you are hiring. You have great people.

Review №7


Absolutely hands down the best experience purchasing a new phone and watch …. Amy was amazing not only with my purchase we just had amazing conversations both professionally and personally the 2 1/2 hors flew by for me hopefully for her as well …. she is a happy bright easy to talk to gal… thank you Amy you absolutely are the best! ❤️❤️

Review №8


I also saw a lot of the negative reviews before making an appointment on Monday January 11th 2022. I went in expecting the same to be truthful.As usual the store was extremely busy. I was greeted in a pleasant manner and showed my appointment QR and told to take a seat in the back and my name would be called. It seemed like it was going to take awhile but I would say it only took about 15 minutes or so to be called. I first dealt with Jake. He was very pleasant and I explained my situation which I won’t get into but it was a problem and then some. Jake dealt with me for awhile and was very pleasant. Then Jake had to call over a man named Josh and let me tell you he must have been my guardian angel. Josh patiently went out of his way to explain things too myself. He said it would probably take some time and asked for a approximate timeframe which he a bit later told me. I came back at that time and Josh kept his word. He is one of the most professional people I have ever met with so many workers going to him asking questions etc. I don’t know if he was a supervisor or manager or just another employee but he went way beyond my expectations. I would give Josh 10 stars if I could and I will forever be grateful to himself especially but Jake as well and the Apple team.Thank you so much for making a day such a good one of which I have had very, very few of them due to many personal and medical issues that they did not know of. Love ya guys!!!🙏🙏👍👍😊😊😊😊😊

Review №9


Worst Apple Store I have ever been to. I made an appointment to have my phone looked at because I was going to have my one year old with me and knew waiting for a long time would not work. I showed up for my 2:10 appointment at 2:05 and was told to go sit Omg the vibes in the back of the store. Finally after 45 MINUTES at 2:50 a team member greeted us to “help me”. Such a joke.

Review №10


Walked in and said I want to buy a phone. Took forever to get someone to help me, despite knowing I was guaranteed to walk out with a product. Overzealous marketing that was quite annoying.Once I received help was easy to set up and was out of quickly.