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Phone: +1 315-252-8500
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  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6PM
  • Thursday:9AM–7PM
  • Friday:8AM–1PM
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Total reviews rating 4.3

176 Reviews for Aspen Dental 2023:

Review №1


It’s my first time back to a dentist and I’m glad I was able to see what was wrong with my teeth. I’m glad that the staff were nice to me. I did sign up for the subscription to save money annually but I am still very worried about my billing since I’m on a tight budget. I’ll still go back for fillings, root canal and so forth. It is my first time back in around twenty years and something must be done before I may lose all my teeth.

Review №2


Unprofessional service. Twice now in the last month they have texted me saying we need to reschedule my daughters appointment saying they arent going to be in office that day. These appointments werent scheduled online, they were scheduled over the phone- with a person. Stop scheduling appointments then a week out text me saying you wont be in the office that day. Only giving them two stars because I have had work done here in the past and they did a decent job. Get it together Aspen Dental in Auburn!

Review №3


The place is CLEAN and all the staffs were accommodating. ❤️ In addition, i like how they remind clients about the scheduled appointment making sure that you won’t forget it.. on email, receiving a call days prior and on the date.

Review №4


My partner went in because he broke a tooth and had an exposed nerve. He made the appointment as an emergency, and when he arrived, the staff spent several hours scanning and x-raying his teeth. They then told him to come back the next day for more x-rays (not even to have it fixed) and quoted him $2700 to have every cavity filled in addition to $200 more for the x-rays, which is not what he even went in for. It seems like Aspen Dental doesn’t understand the word emergency or what it means to fix a broke tooth. It was a huge waste of gas and time. With driving, it wasted easily 4 hours of our day and they tried to nickel and dime us. So much for an emergency visit.

Review №5


I read reviews before I made appt. I decided that despite many negative ones; I needed to go because I needed financing; which they did. On July 14, 2022 I went to my first appt. @Auburn location. I had a broken, decayed front tooth. They did x-rays and everyone was very friendly. After x rays I met with one of their rep(wish I had her name); explained if I wanted to try to save tooth I would have to go to a Specialist. I did not not want to go through the hassle and could not pay. I said what if I have the tooth pulled and a new partial made? She said that can be done. She obtained the financing for me, gave me a printed out total estimated treatment plan. She then gave me appt. cards for 3 visits. I was very happy I was going to have a smile again. That happiness was short lived. My next appt. July 19th was for the extraction. After taking me into the room and doing the very painful numbing; their Endodonist, B. Damlaj starting talking(whispering) with assistant in the room, and then they both left. A short while later they come back with a woman: I think might have been office manager. She said they could not do my partial and I needed to go to the specialist (Prosthodontist) they had talked about. I said I dont understand or remember them telling me I had do do that. Later I looked through my treatment plan and there was a referral form. I ignored it because I thought when I told them at my first appt. I would have the tooth extracted instead of trying for a crown: that the referral was a paper I could ignore. I mean I was given the treatment plan and 3 appointments for what needed to be done! They would not change their minds. I was very upset. I called them and asked for an explanation on why they could not do the partial. The response from Missy was Dr. Goshn does not feel comfortable about it. What the heck?? Then why did I get a treatment plan and appts. set up? She didnt know. I asked about another location and she said I could try. I tried Camillus. It was a NO. They are taking any transfer patients at this time. I said I am not transferring; I am trying to get done what Auburn wouldnt do. She said because I was in the Aspen system; I was considered a transfer. I could try another Aspen, there are not any close to me; I live in Cayuga County. At this time I am still trying to find a place that will do the partial and be able to finance. Only Aspen take Dental First. Because of Auburn Aspen; I have no teeth on the left side of my mouth, starting with the front one. Funny how they advertise how they want to give your smile back. They have taken mine completely away! I will never, never, ever refer anyone to Aspen. I am so sorry I didnt take the advise of the reviews. Do not go there. I feel like they did a bait and switch type deal. I will be filing complaint with the BBB, Aspen Corporate and the Attorney General. They should not be allowed to run a business.

Review №6


Not sure how much the customer matters. Got teeth pulled in Cicero yesterday and no one there is answering the phone. I contacted another couple offices and turns out the dentist isnt in at either of them or Cicero and was told to call here. The pain med prescription I was written isnt working the best and was told to call to get a new script if needed. Auburn refuses to write it because the dentist there hasnt seen me before, but they can clearly see Im a patient at Aspen and had teeth pulled. I get told to contact my doctor or go to urgent care/ER, my doctor wont be able to do anything because this is dental. Glad to get told to go give myself another bill that I dont need, what lovely customer service.

Review №7


So last month was the first time I had been to a dentist since 2008 , my tooth was killing me found out 3 of them need pulling .. the staff was amazing and answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable.

Review №8


Staff was friendly and well informed. I was advised of what I needed, the price broken out in detail, the time frame and what to expect overall. Everyone from the office staff to the dentist took time to answer all my questions and going over my full treatment plan. I was pleased with everything they did.

Review №9


With having anxiety about going to the dentist from past experiences, I was at ease visiting Aspen! Not only were they patient with me but they were very understanding about my concerns and told me that it is completely my decision if I want the tooth to be extracted or to have root canal work done on. Whereas other dental offices in the past made me get work done that I did not want done. They even went through the insurance and billing process with me breaking it down by procedure and appointment for what i would have to pay out of pocket each visit.

Review №10


Would be more stars if this place cared about what you wanted. Example. I have front teeth falling apart and an abscess in my mouth and they refuse to do anything for the cavities until I pay for there 700$(after insurance) teeth cleaning. Like I understand having clean teeth but come the heck on. I’m telling you my teeth falling apart and the abscess is my concern and you won’t fix them unless I pay for the cleaning. No other dentist I’ve been to charges so much for a cleaning or FORCES you to do it first. So do what I ask you to do as I’m the customer and the customers are the reason you even have a job.

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