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Phone: +1 631-665-0005
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–5PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–5PM
  • Thursday:8AM–5PM
  • Friday:8AM–5PM
  • Saturday:8AM–3PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.1

45 Reviews for Atlantic Honda Service 2023:

Review №1


Real nice people over here- my family has been doing business with them for years. Dont think we ever had a bad experience with them in terms of purchasing/ leasing a vehicle. But their service department is a MESS.First thing is their appointment system. Others have mentioned it before but Ill add on to it. It makes zero sense to have this in place if it doesnt follow a set time schedule. I came here on a Friday morning and was asked to wait TWO hours. It did not matter what service I was getting my advisor said they were understaffed and that was going to be the wait time. Only reason you should be going here is if you have a free oil change as part of your purchasing agreement.Lastly, LEARN ABOUT YOUR CAR before going in to get service. These guys will not hesitate to push you into getting service (overpriced at that) that you dont need. I made an appointment for a recommended oil change as shown on my cars dashboard but my service advisor had other things in mind. He never really explained it to me, rather just said my car needed 3 other things (tire rotation - $33, Filter change - $139, and wheel alignment - $139). Anybody who does their research will soon find out that is absurdly overpriced and UNNECESSARY for a car under 20,000 miles, especially if leased. Honestly I respect their hustle and a part of me doesnt even blame them, but thats not gonna fly with me next time and hopefully not with other ill- informed customers. Good luck thinking ill come back here for another service. Lesson learned.

Review №2


Service was great. However knocked a star off for the time it took. I was waiting for around 4 hours for a oil change and flat tire. Staff are great and they did tell me they were backed up and it would take around 2 hours.I ended up waiting an extra two hours. They had coffee and I was able to bring my computer and work my remote job using their Wi-Fi so it wasnt a total waste of time.Overall highly recommend location.

Review №3


Mechanics take forever to do something as easy as an oil change does it really have to take 3 hrs ? What’s the whole point of making an appointment this place is trash

Review №4


I am deeply unsatisfied with the service at Atlantic Honda.I called on Tuesday May 11th to schedule an appointment for a recalled part on my Fit. I called and made an appointment for 7:30AM that coming Saturday, which was confirmed via text message later in the week. I arrived Saturday to find myself the sixth in line, my appointment did not matter and they would get to me when they could. I knew from previous experience at Atlantic Honda that I could be waiting some time for service, so I checked in with Stanley and sat to wait for my ride. After a few minutes, Stanley entered to tell me that they had not ordered the part for my vehicle.Why, if I called four days prior expressing my need for an appointment that they would not order the part? I wish I knew who I spoke with that day. I also dont understand that if a vehicle from the dealership has a recall, why they wouldnt have some of the necessary parts on hand.Stanley ordered the part and told me it would arrive that Tuesday, a week after I had made the first phone call. Fine. I asked Stanley if he would call me when the part was in, he said yes, but by 3pm Tuesday I hadnt heard from him. I had to call the service desk twice and wait several minutes to finally speak to a mechanic who told me the part was in. I dropped off my car that night for an appointment the next morning.I left my keys in a bright purple envelope in the key drop with my name, phone number, license plate number and model and I received a call the next morning from a confused associate Kris who did not know why my car was there. I did not understand why she couldnt just type my name in the computer to find out. I explained the situation and she told me my car was already being worked on.She called me about an hour later to say that upon inspection I needed a brake job and an AC filter replacement that all told would cost me upwards of $200. I understand inquiring about the brake job, but if I had a dirty air filter that could have been replaced as a courtesy, especially after all of the waiting, miscommunication, and the fact that the part only cost about $10.I had to call that afternoon to make sure that my car was finished, nobody had bothered to let me know.My car was done and I picked it up around 2 p.m. I started looking by myself in the lot and then asked one of the mechanics if I could walk through the bay to see if my car was in the back, to which he barked at a sleepy valet to get the car for me. This is the second time I have had service at Atlantic Honda. I have had no problems with Atlantic Honda sales but the service is beyond subpar and I would not recommend them to anybody.

Review №5


They Love wasting peoples time, disrespectful, they will literally make you wait not less that 4 hours!!!!!

Review №6


I had changed two head\/lights on my 2017 Accord Touring/Hybrid as both of the L.E.D. daytime running light faded away and finally turned off completely. As i went to the dealer they have helped me out by informing me that this issue was covered through the extended warranty. They went ahead and replaced both headlights and made the entire process pleasurable for me. Later on I found out that my Auto-High beam light on the cluster was not turning on automatically. I spoke with a service manager by the name of Liz, as she just told me to show up at any moment that she will be the one to attend to this personally. Then she said she would call me back in about two hours and called back exactly at the time that she said. She also took the time to thoroughly explain to me about how the system actually works by bring in one of the technicians to teach how the auto-high beam light works. Thank you Lizzzz!

Review №7


They mess up my car worst service ever never going back

Review №8


Absolute con artists. They will get you for every penny they can squeeze. Heartless and horrible customer service

Review №9


Always a great experience when I have my cars serviced here. I work with Jessie usually but if she isnt there Christine and the others are good too. Ive been going to this dealership for 3 years now and there always friendly and helpful.

Review №10


This is the most thorough and trustworthy Honda Service department in all of NY. The technicans are experts here. Atlantic is where you want to buy & maintain your Honda for life. They have been doing right by me and my family for over10 years!