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Total reviews rating 4.3

119 Reviews for Atlantic Honda Service 2023:

Review №1


While Atlantic Honda’s sales department is an excellent place to shop, their service department is completely the opposite. I bought a new car about a year ago. After few months, I brought in my car with 8,000 miles for an oil change and tire rotation. It was my second time changing the oil. The service writer told me that they changed the oil but I didn’t need tire rotation. Considering that my car had 8,000 miles, i decided not to argue and rotated the tires by myself. I thought to give them another chance so I took my car yesterday with 17,000 miles. I had to there for two hours even though I had the appointment and there was no other customer. Once again they told me the same thing “you don’t need a tire rotation, we’ll save it for next time” why would you say that when I’m paying you guys??? They don’t even top off the fluids. I would’ve given them a zero star if there was an option. Didn’t expect this from a Honda certified technicians 🫥

Review №2


Real nice people over here- my family has been doing business with them for years. Dont think we ever had a bad experience with them in terms of purchasing/ leasing a vehicle. But their service department is a MESS.First thing is their appointment system. Others have mentioned it before but Ill add on to it. It makes zero sense to have this in place if it doesnt follow a set time schedule. I came here on a Friday morning and was asked to wait TWO hours. It did not matter what service I was getting my advisor said they were understaffed and that was going to be the wait time. Only reason you should be going here is if you have a free oil change as part of your purchasing agreement.Lastly, LEARN ABOUT YOUR CAR before going in to get service. These guys will not hesitate to push you into getting service (overpriced at that) that you dont need. I made an appointment for a recommended oil change as shown on my cars dashboard but my service advisor had other things in mind. He never really explained it to me, rather just said my car needed 3 other things (tire rotation - $33, Filter change - $139, and wheel alignment - $139). Anybody who does their research will soon find out that is absurdly overpriced and UNNECESSARY for a car under 20,000 miles, especially if leased. Honestly I respect their hustle and a part of me doesnt even blame them, but thats not gonna fly with me next time and hopefully not with other ill- informed customers. Good luck thinking ill come back here for another service. Lesson learned.

Review №3


Horrible Service!They make you buy a warranty for your car when you buy from them, but it conveniently never covers anything that breaks. Last time I went there to fix an electronic on my car that should be covered, the person checking me in said that it wont be covered UNLESS I buy brand new brakes from them even though I just got breaks earlier that year.Another time they told me to come back on a certain day because they needed a part shipped to them first. I came back when they told me to, I waited in the waiting room for 2 hours for them to tell me the part didnt arrive yet. Few days later they said come in its here! I did. Another 2 hour wait just to be told they just opened the box and saw it was broken in transit and they wasted my time AGAIN!Also my car reverse camera ALWAYS without fail pops up on the screen no matter what gear its in whenever I step on the brake. But every time (easily at least 3 years now) I bring it there and tell them, even with video evidence on my phone in hand, they still say everything was fine when they checked it out, it wasnt broken in the short window we looked at it so we didnt replace anything.As we speak, Im on hold for over 15 mins while Im writing this review, but I have to put up with it to fix a recall AC part on my Civic.I guarantee you whenever they decide to take me off hold, Ill be making another useless appointment that wont fix my car and will still somehow cost me a ridiculous amount of money before I walk out.Go somewhere else! ANYWHERE ELSE!Yelp has more accurate ratings with less plants in the reviews (2 Stars). Still sounds pretty generous to me.

Review №4


Young man at service desk was great. Diagnostics and work, not so much. Got stuck again 1 day after picking up my car due to them missing major problem.

Review №5


The dealer will not stand by the paint of the vehicle. My paint is peeling and they will not corrected it. I purchased an extended warranty why I wonder. So now I drive around in an embarrassing looking car. Pay 40 thousand and this is what I get.

Review №6


Excellent service during checkup’s

Review №7


I had a small but annoying issue with my tail gate on my ridge line.Giy from parts department wanted to take a look to see what parts or order .He was able to fix it without ordering parts. Just had to snap it back into place.Save me a lot of time and aggregation of having to come back.Thanks!Great job today!UPDATE.....FEBRUARY 23, 2022As the pandemic lingers on... There are fewer and fewer new cars available from most car dealerships. That means people are keeping their cars longer which stresses the service department. Throw in a recall or two and the waits get longer.The waiting room is very noisy with no remote to change the channels on the TV that is blaring a show that Noone is watching.UPDATE - - - AUGUST 9, 2022They fixed the problem with my Ridgeline cover. It was under all went well.Guys...PLEASE redesign your waiting room. Too many TVs that are all on different channels. Everyone now has a cell phone. It is insanely noisy. Perhaps a few desks abd or tables for paperwork instead of the current layout.Service was polite and professional.

Review №8


Mechanics take forever to do something as easy as an oil change does it really have to take 3 hrs ? What’s the whole point of making an appointment this place is trash

Review №9


Service was quick and good. Requested to replace a fog light assembly. They replaced it quickly and for a good cost but they did not put it back together well. I did not notice at first until sometime later. There were huge gaps between the bumper and the fog light cover. I tried to push it in myself but it did not do much. Before anyone responds and advises to contact them for assistance- I will not. I left you 2 Text messages with photos of the issue and nobody addressed it and first message was sent a week ago.Traveled there for 2 hours to get the service. Again- great place compared to others but I wish they paid more attention to detail before returning the car and double checking to ensure that all is in order.

Review №10


Service was great. However knocked a star off for the time it took. I was waiting for around 4 hours for a oil change and flat tire. Staff are great and they did tell me they were backed up and it would take around 2 hours.I ended up waiting an extra two hours. They had coffee and I was able to bring my computer and work my remote job using their Wi-Fi so it wasnt a total waste of time.Overall highly recommend location.