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Phone: +1 516-735-0054
Opening hours
  • Monday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Thursday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Friday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Saturday:7:30AM–9PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 4

191 Reviews for AutoZone Auto Parts 2023:

Review №1


Excellent customer service from this location. Had to get a new car battery after a snow storm along with 574628 other people. Staff was calm and assisted with such professionalism. Thank you George R. for changing my battery in the very cold weather with laughter rather than frustration. Love their energy!

Review №2


Mulondo is amazing! He helped me change a few bulbs on my car with a smile on his face. Very professional, great experience - would come back just because of him 👍🏻👍🏻

Review №3


Was sent to Bethpage from Levittown to complete my order. Got there and was 1 of 2 customers in the store. 2 employees and, an as of yet, unknown manager, were on duty.The line grew to 12 customers over the next 15 minutes. One employee making 4 trips in and out to tend to a battery while assuring the rest of us he would be back shortly. The other had, I assume returning from a break began to address the line.Explaining to the employee that I had been sent by Levittown to pickup 2 rotors (already paid for), he went to retrieve them and returned stating they had 0 of 2. I questioned, based on a decade of retail experience, the probability and poor inventory control of having 0 of 2 on-hand and he again searched returning with 1 of 2.I said I would take take the 1 and return to Levittown for the other. This is when the unknown manager George was called to the front to make any adjustments to the transaction.George was in fact known to everyone (>10 customers) in the the store for more than 20 minutes. The reason we were made aware of George is, George was making a loud phone call to another location seeking a closer. George did this from the desk placed behind the pegboard wall (a staple of AutoZone layout designed to give a secluded view of the sales floor) as a dozen customers waited to be helped.George came out, asked what the issue was and I noted the line, 12 deep, behind me hadnt moved in 20 minutes even though he could clearly see that from his previous position. Day after a holiday he replied. But you personally did not come out front until directly summoned to make an adjustment (read that as minimum effort) George immediately took a defensive posture and said I can send you back to Levittown [empty-handed]. I replied, Do it, George, see what happens. George exclaims Im not scared. (Mind you, we both had a full understanding that any action taken will be administrative.) George adjusted the transaction and I had to return to Levittown for the last part. A 40 minute brake job turned into a 2 hour parts foraging adventure.Anyone wondering about the lady that needed the battery changed at the beginning? She was told she would have to wait until the line of people were addressed so, as my day was shot, I swapped the battery for her.[ AUTOZONE, Please dont apply a boilerplate in response to this review, youre blowing smoke without a thought of repairing the issue.]

Review №4


Today not so good I go to auto some very often my self and a couple of my friends were always in auto zones from bethpage to Hempstead to mastic but the guy behind the counter today at the auto zone in Bethpage on Hempstead tpke was very rude extremely rude for no reason he should have to take a mandatory customer service course because his behavior was unacceptable I can spend my hard earned money a y place at any auto parts store but I choose to spend it with auto zone but if this is going to be the behavior this individual displays then I will gladly take my business some place else thank you and have a nice evening

Review №5


Went on line to ask a question no one on line, so went behind cust being helped guy at casher said wait over there by the pole, then a couple was there right when he said to wait over there, didnt even say wait before the couple, so had to wait even longer. Then finally got to ask question had a attitude with me. Dissapointed in service, dont recommend this place will go to advance never an attitude there ever!

Review №6


Talk about Bevis and Butthead...dumbest people ever ..I asked. A question..and am told. I dont know whatever is here Im the store by far best service I ever had.. no wonder places like this are closing

Review №7


Me and my husband went to this store today to look for a part for our car, very bad experience, the cashier was inattentive and rude from the beginning, texting, I asked him about the product warranty and he said he didnt know and besides that burped in a dismissive manner and did not apologize, horrible experience, horrible employee

Review №8


George was so helpful, exceeded my expectations in Customer Service. Thank you to William as well.

Review №9


George helped me and he was absolutely outstanding. Changed my dead battery on a busy Sunday. Extremely positive, professional, knowledgeable, and handled a very busy store with grace and fun. This man should be compensated for his excellence.

Review №10


As Ive been a dedicated auto zone customer for almost 20 years, they have an excellent selection and if they do not have the part in the store, they normally can have it sent in or tell you another store you can go to get it. They are excellent with their warranty. Their store brand items are excellent. Where auto zone lacks is, all customers must form 1 line. When you get up to the register, the person helping you not only can ring you up, but provides assistance and gets parts. Sometimes this person will check your check engine light if needed. The issue with that is, there are so many of these positions and if a few customers get there that really need help, it makes your wait terribly long, especially if you dont need their help. Ive had some issues with warranties as employees dont put the warranty under the correct name or account. Ive had issues exchanging due to this as well as having vehicles under my name that Ive never owned. This can really become an issue when its a high ticket item like a battery which may still be under warranty. Ive learned to keep my receipts as the employees are not reliable enough to put your information into their main frame.

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