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Total reviews rating 4.7

41 Reviews for Bamb 2023:

Review №1


I tried this place before on delivery and this time in loco. Didn’t order the best che (Vietnamese shaped ice dessert) - it was overly sweet and didn’t have any good taste and texture. The waffle was very special and more enjoyable.Definitely recommended for a quick cool break from the hot summer, but take your time ordering - make sure you get the che you prefer the most.

Review №2


Would give them a 10 if I could. Delicious and refreshing drinks that everyone should try. Really familiar flavors if youre southeast Asian. The pandan waffle has a unique chewy texture. Also good for taking out and the price is really good considering they make stuff like the pandan jelly in house. Just wish they had a location in Brooklyn.

Review №3


Delicious, refreshing, no so sweet! Excellent customer service. Vietnamese dessets and drinks! Love it!! The drinks use coconut water, some has milk, lots of exotic asian fruits, grass jellies, bubbles tea!

Review №4


Ordered the Bambu special and the Bambu Halo Halo. The bambu special was very refreshing and not overly sweet at all. The pandan flavour and coconut water flavour was great. The basil seeds complimented the drink perfectly amongst the other toppings. I was afraid that the halo halo was going to be extremely sweet, however, it was perfect for me. Was not sickening sweet and the texture and taste of all the toppings worked really well together. Customer service was very nice and welcoming. Trekked it all the way to Chinatown just to try Bambu and was not disappointed. Thanks Cupoftj for the recommendation 🤤

Review №5


Pretty good desserts. The drinks take a while to make however they are high quality. A bit pricey

Review №6


The pandon waffle is amazing. I suggest dont put the condense milk yet. Try the original flavor first. Its soft and produce amazing flavor.Definitely order#1 Bambu special cuz is not as sweet compare to the other drinks. It got coconut meat, basil seeds, pandon, Logan fruit.Definitely stop by again to try the other drinks!

Review №7


Che is always appreciated in NYC! Its great getting to know the sweet and refreshing drinks of different cultures. The store itself is very clean and quite modern, and the drinks are even better. I got the Bambu Combo and it was delicious! Just note that this isnt a after-meal type of drink. Theres a lot in it so this gets you very full by itself.

Review №8


Love this place! Was always skeptical to try it because I wasnt a big fan of the ones Ive tried in Pennsylvania. Im very basic so I only get their bubble tea. I typically get the oolong milk tea with bubbles and 70% sugar. Its slightly too sweet and 50% sugar is not sweet enough, so I wish there was a 60% option. Ive gotten #1 and the regular iced che for other people and they liked it as well, although they also said the che was a bit too sweet. Employees here are very helpful as well. The drinks are a bit on the pricier side though, but worth it.

Review №9


We enjoyed a yogurt strawberry drink and the most sold drink of the store with coconut milk, both drinks were very tasty and service was fast.We really enjoyed the drinks and looking forward to my next visit!

Review №10


I enjoyed #10 Bambu Favorite drink along with the pandan waffle. The waffle was chewier than I expect (texture coming from the mochi).Kudos to the staff for packing shaved ice and condensed milk separately!