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Phone: +1 516-781-7567
Site: http://www.bellmorefamilydental....
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6PM
  • Thursday:9AM–6PM
  • Friday:8AM–5:30PM
  • Saturday:8AM–2PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.8

153 Reviews for Bellmore Family Dental 2023:

Review №1


Bellmore Family Dental is more than just a dental office, they are like a family wanting their patients to be comfortable, at ease and happy with their treatment. The staff are all warm and welcoming.Dr. T is the dentist who treated me and my case was by far not an easy one. As a person who has some anxiety about dental work, she made me feel that I had nothing to worry about and I honestly trusted her completely so that my experience was amazing! She has a kind and empathetic bedside manner and is highly professional at the same time. Dr. T listens to all of your concerns and then gives her best professional opinion. She is extremely knowledgeable and a master of her craft. She is innovative in her methods, little pain is ever felt and she works swiftly without rushing. She is my dentist with “hands of gold” as I tell her every time I visit for work.I am so grateful to have found my Dr. T and Bellmore Family Dental.

Review №2


Dr. Levine is a skillful and knowledgeable DDS. I have had extensive work done by him in the last 6 months with no negative issues afterwards. His calm, quiet demeanor is reassuring. The staff...desk, hygienist and dental assistants are great. The ONLY issue I see is the booking of multiple appointments with one practitioner running all the rooms. This leads to extended patient wait times in both the waiting and exam rooms. I understand emergent bookings happen and issues occur during procedures, but the effect of these would be reduced with fewer appointments per hour. That being said I trust Dr. Levine and he continues to be my dentist.

Review №3


I am so so disappointed in this dental office. My friend recommended this dentist because I had a bad experience with my old one. I went for my first visit to this dentist after not going for about 2-3 years. Let’s just say I felt SO pressured by all staff to get all my dental work done (multiple crowns and fill-ins) in one day. Over 6 hours later.. and several impressions done (horrible gag reflex) I left with a few temporary crowns and paid $850 (just the deposit) out of pocket for the “upgraded” crown which again, I felt pressured to do so. I experienced extreme, painful sensitivity to cold for the 3 weeks. I return back for a 9 am, first appointment of the day, to get my new crowns put in and only 3 out of the 4 teeth fit correctly. I mentioned the sensitivity the doctor just brushed it off like it’s normal without any explanation. I sat in the dental chair for another 4 hours and got 4 more impressions done as well as lots of dental work without being numbed which had me crying painful tears… and I was over 2 hours late to work. Now I have to return again HOPING that the new crowns are going to fit correctly. The doctor was extremely rude and you can literally tell she was angry with me. She did not explain anything to me and I felt uncomfortable the whole time. Another dentist walked in and told me that I am pretty much being difficult because I have a bad gag reflex. They said I can’t complete what is a “simple task” to other people… incredible. I am extremely traumatized with my experience. I can’t wait to finish my dental work and never step foot into this office again. They need more understanding dentists that are personable and explain what is being done to the patient. Stay far away from Doctor T. I can’t believe that I gave any money to this business.

Review №4


My daughter had a wonderful experience at Bellmore Family Dental. She was taken for her appointment on time. The X ray technician was nice. The dental hygienist was very thorough and gentle. The dentist was very nice .

Review №5


Ever since first starting to come here a little over a year ago, they made me feel right at home. Never have to wait too long and they always remember me. My family and I love it here. The staff, our hygienist, and the dr are all top notch.

Review №6


I had an appointment scheduled a month ahead for June 10th at 2:00pm and the day before I get a call from them saying that my appointment would be too late because the dentist leaves early on Fridays. Unfortunately they were not able not accommodate a similar appointment on a Thursday instead until another month later even after I told the receptionist my tooth was hurting so it was pretty urgent. I would have appreciated an earlier notification since theyre the ones who offered me the time slot to begin with.

Review №7


I used to love this dental practice back in the day, around 2016 - practice was amazing. I recently went in for a cleaning and it was the most mediocre experience ever. Cleaning was rushed, dentist rushed, and they had the audacity to upsell me a service that I NEVER paid for at any other dental practice. I will not go back.

Review №8


Let’s start with how unprofessional this place is! I’ve had a few recent encounters that would have caused anyone in their right mind to not come back. However, I did try to give them another chance, mainly because they resolved the issues I had previously.Unfortunately, today was my last straw! Simply put, this establishment is unprofessional inconsiderate of people’s time, and out right greedy!I had an appointment for 9:30 this morning. I arrived 15 mins prior. A little after 9:30 they place me into a room to wait for the doctor. The assistant came in and ask what brought me in? I was a little confused because when I previously came, I was told I have a few cavities and that was the reason for my appointment today. None the less, I explained myself. She seemed lost! She was like oh idk do you know what teeth you have the cavities in. (Quite frankly that question was absurd considering she was looking at the computer and it should be documented from my last appointment.) It was really a whole lot of unnecessary back and forth. Finally, Dr. Levine came into the room and examined my mouth. After the exam he told me that I do have cavities on both the right and left side of my mouth. Then he proceeded to ask how long I had my cap. Has it been over five years? I’m like definitely! So he begins to tell me that my gums are inflamed and the cap need to be replace. I have not experience any discomfort from my cap, but I was on board because I thought “he’s the doctor he knows best.” He sent someone in to discuss cost. Now this person explained what my insurance covers and that I should get a different material (that my insurance don’t cover) because it’s better, last longer and all this other stuff that would sound good to someone who doesn’t really know, just to add a few more dollars in their pockets. (Also I had a cap installed previously where they convince me to upgrade the material I paid the extra money and the tooth still cracked while still in the office.) I was not convinced! Either give me what my insurance covers or just leave it alone because it’s not giving me an issue. At this point, over an hour has passed. They move me to another room because they claimed the size of room was too small to do fillings (ridiculous excuse). Dr Levine came in the room and tried to convince me once again why I should get the different material and that he doesn’t feel comfortable replacing my cap with the other material. At this point, I explained that the cap does not give me any issues and wanted to understand why it’s so urgent to replace this cap when I had multiple visits in the past and he has never expressed that my cap needed to be replace until today. Once I explain that I didn’t want to replace my cap but wanted to move forward with my fillings. He stated, sure I’ll still do the fillings. Dr. Levine Left the room and never came back. Another person from the front desk came into the room told the assistant to restart the computer. The assistant then left the room then came back and said sorry the Dr. can’t do my filling today because the computer is not working. At that point, I had enough with their unprofessional and unethical dentistry and have decided to leave and find another dentist!

Review №9


I had a very Great experience at The Bellmore Family Dental Ellie the receptionist was very helpful and friendly. Dr. Tazeh did a magnificent job working on my teeth. She didnt rush it all like my old dentist seemed to do. Dr. Tazeh fully explained the procedure and reassured I would be comfortable through out my visit . Dr. Tazeh took her time and Im so happy with my beautiful veneers. Dr. Tazeh is a credit to her profession I highly recommend anyone who has a fear to visit Bellmore Family Dental your in outstanding care with this practice . Thank you again Dr. Tazeh for my BEAUTIFUL SMILE!

Review №10


Nice clean office and the staff is awesome they would make you feel comfortable. I had a cleaning and the Hygienist and Doctor were amazing. I’ll be coming back for every 6mns check up

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