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Phone: +1 631-969-8740
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–7PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–7PM
  • Thursday:11AM–7PM
  • Friday:11AM–7PM
  • Saturday:11AM–7PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Best Buy 2023:

Review №1


I purchased a washer dryer set from best august 2020. In October 2021 the set started to malfunction. I called they sent someone to look at it said they did not install both units properly and it needed to be replaced. Best Buy replaced the washer with a different model because they did not have my model. But did not replace the dryer. I have called numerous times and 3 different technicians came to look at the dryer since October 2021 and the technicians did not satisfactory fit my dryer because it is still not working, have to put it on two cycles, shrinking burning my cloths, lint everywhere, the two technicians said they can not fix it. Because they did not install the proper vent hose causing build up inside the dryer and through the hose. I have a warranty it is not my responsibility that Best Buy did not install it properly. I want a new unit that matches the washer with the correct vent hose. I have called Best Buy more than 10 times on the phone for more than 8 hours with them. I need help Please before a fire starts in my home. This is a big waist of my time. I want a new dryer unit that matches my washer machine.

Review №2


I went to one in an opposite direction from the Levittown one for a ride to explore a new area.Best Buy is located in a practical group of stores for much enjoyment. There wasnt to long a wait for me to get info about toaster ovens.I really appreciated the practical knowledge and friendliness of the gentleman helping me.He used a computer well to help me look up other ovens as well, besides the ones on display.I feel I made a wise choice, after learning about them all.A great experience!🙂😀👍🤠

Review №3


Employees were very attentive and they have everything you need, they price matched a tv on amazon for me in just a few min for a great price!make sure to read their return and exchange policies, dont waste your time complaining because they cant do or change it.

Review №4


Not a good place to buy I got the Garmin 245 music ,when I charged got some Damages came to the store and they can’t find me in the computer my bad was I loss the receipt but I don’t know how they can’t find me when I provided my phone number I contact with Chris the store manager and he said I can’t do nothing about it I contacted with others manager they ignored me I paid $350 Dollars for an Item with Damages I don’t recommend this store at all they are the worst I never in my life experiences something like this not customer service at all

Review №5


Honestly for sure a bug company you would expect better service. I scheduled an installation at my house and no one. showed up. When reaching out to see why no one showed up that my appointment was rescheduled without my consent, without contacting me in any form that the original appointment was being canceled. All the phone representatives were extremely rude i requested speaking to a manager and was told “NO” all managers are in a meeting!!! i said i’ll hold until the meeting is over. The representative response is that the meeting will be hours.Literally the worse experience i can think of from a business. Best buy charges to make an appointment. How can you charge me for an appointment and not show up? I spent the entire day waiting.I’m so upset and frustrated!!!!!!

Review №6


I was referred to BEST BUY through AT&T.I went to the BAYSHORE location this morning.Showed their REPRESENTATIVES what I already had and explained what I might need.No one looked at my Cellphone to ASSESS my ISSUES, CONCERNS, and PROBLEMS.The Store was EMPTY, yet their Representatives told me that they were BUSY.I am really DISAPPOINTED in Best Buy.

Review №7


I have never had an issue with best buy until now.My GF and I purchased 3 appliances as we just purchased a home and went to best buy to look for appliances.We received a great deal and under our budget. 2 of the items were supposed to be delivered the following week and we knew the 3rd item was on back order which is fine.The day of the fridge was supposed to be delivered I received a text not even a call to contact best buy regarding the delivery. They had to reschedule due to the item not in stock after they said it was in stock and changed the delivery date for 3 days out but the dishwasher was still being delivered that day. 20 min later another text they changed by delivery date to march 25th without even talking to me and accepting new date along with the 3rd appliance.What kind of service is that????The saga continues, I went to PC Richards received a better deal on all three appliances along with money back on the items with rebates.All my items were delivered thanks to PC Richards no issues.I went to check my CC and said I owed money for the total tech best buy offers and I went to dispute it and received the run around 4x one blames the other the other blames the other and so on and so on.Worst customer service system ever and it’s amazing how the system is always the blame but after I canceled my appliances best buy calls to reschedule delivery how does that even happen??Never again you lost my business and being an elite member 2x in a row this is how I am treated??Thanks

Review №8


Leo was very helpful to me navigating my home setup for podcasts and camera equipment. I ended up dropping close to a grand based off his recommendations. Without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable guys I ever met which shows me Best Buy hires good help. They know what theyre talking about and even though I live in Huntington with a store nearby, we commute to bay Shore cause hes so helpful.

Review №9


Had a radio installed on my car at the Bay Shore location. Never got the mechanics name sadly, but he was great!!! Very attentive to detail and explaining the process to me and I am very happy so far with the radio installation. Only complaint would be scheduling it through corporate was a miserable experience. Not sure why it isnt possible to schedule it directly with the individual location. Regardless, I would recommend vehicle installations here and was quite satisfied.

Review №10


This Best Buy off of Sunrise Highway in Sayville I think it was, they greet you at the door, we were given room to peruse. We were taken care of. Even when we were sent to another Best Buy, they took care of everything. We just had to walk in and give our name. The 2nd one we went to was on point as well

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