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Phone: +1 844-700-8473
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–8PM
  • Thursday:9AM–8PM
  • Friday:9AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–8PM
  • Sunday:9AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 2.2

34 Reviews for BJs Tire Center 2023:

Review №1


This only gets a star so I could write the review. Do not bring your car here. I came in a for a slow leak. I brought it in on Wednesday and on Saturday my tired was flat to the ground driving on the rim!!!They have HORRIFIC customer service skills!!! I will be filing a formal complaint.This is the second time Ive had to bring my van back for a second time for them to fix what they did wrong.Atrocious!!

Review №2


I was greeted and treated with the utmost respect and concern for my needs... As a BJS member I ordered my tires on the website, selected an install date, and upon showing up I was treated like a true customer, with great care. I highly recommend them. I would also like to thank the guys who were working that day ..., I believe the gentleman who installed my tires is Andy..., either way hats off to a great team of knowledgeable and considerate people. A+++

Review №3


Went for four new tires installation package I ordered online Bjs, the guy told me they werent able get the nuts off because they are too tight to be loosen with their power drill. I left that place with the four new tires I paid from BJs online and going to other place for the installation simply because I know they are not going to try harder to help me from their dead tone and attitude from the beginning. I will have to pay extra $150 for others to help me with the tires installation but I dont take any bad service and experience.

Review №4


Dude doesnt even know that all four wheels need balancing. They only do fronts.

Review №5


Super professional, extremely helpful and knowledgeable, genuinely nice guys who know what they are doing and made a cranky old Subaru Forester feel brand new. Thank you so much to the team that was there today 5/14 for my 5 pm appointment!!! Gave us additional advice and taught us what to look for in terms of alignment. Let us know about issues and details we should be aware of that we weren’t previously aware of. Fixed a tire sensor problem that no one else could fix and every other mechanic we have brought the car to kept telling us to “take the car to the dealer” for. You guys rock!!!! Thanks again!

Review №6


Horrible experience.Ordered 2 tires online to replace two from tires on my vehicle that had gotten low tred. I was told as my vehicle was a truck they would only do 4 wheels or the back axle. There was nothing that said this when I placed my order and made the appointment. The representative couldn’t even process a refund. I had to call their main office. And the phone representative had me go back into the store to ask for information from the guy there, because she didn’t have the number to the store. Yes, BJ’s customer service didn’t have the number to the store I was shopping at, so they had me go back there myself. Then she stated they were having computer issues and that she couldent process my refund until they were corrected. Do not use this place. There is another tire shop down metropolitan avenue right before Woodhaven. Give your business to someone who won’t give you the runaround, or try to bait and switch you into getting more tires then you intended.

Review №7


Horrible service! Had to replace 1 tire due to a nail—though, luckily, I hadn’t lost pressure. $230. later, get almost home when my “low tire pressure” alarm came on. Drive all the way back for the technician to dismiss me with “well, it ain’t that tire” and walk away! The manager, checks the pressure and assures me that it may take a minute to reset...........ok............I drive back home (about another 6 miles)..........light still won’t go off. What now????? This is the worst, most disrespectful service ever! Thanks BJs! The service wasn’t even worth 1 star!

Review №8


I came in today to this particular BJ’s tire shop and the experience was amazing! The staff was very helpful and polite. They were very professional and attentive. I also chose this location because by husband had his tires changed here and highly recommended it. Great experience all around and would definitely recommend anyone to come to this location. Thanks Dave and Jeraine!!

Review №9


I should have checked the reviews before purchasing tires, the worst part is that management doesnt do anything about all the negative reviews to improve the experience for members. The person in charge of changing my tires lost the lock of my tires, and all I got was talk to the manager but hes gone for the day. I had to go all over the parking lot until I found it. He left it on the wheel instead of taking the time to place it inside the car just the way he found it. This is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, I have to go back for tires rotation as part of the tires promise but I hope the lock wont get lost again.

Review №10


Paid for four new tires in early June, had them installed mid-June. My car did not make any external noise when I brought it in, however a mile of driving after I left, I heard a clunking noise on the front drivers side. Took it back and had the guy look at it. An hour later, he said something was loose; didnt state what it was specifically, but implied that he fixed it.Fast forward to this past Saturday, my front drivers wheel started to make a squeaking noise when car was naturally decelerating; drove around for two days and, within that time frame, it evolved into a full on thumping with the wheel vibrating like I was driving on a cobblestone road. Immediately took it to the mechanic Tuesday morning and just found out that the nuts were loose and at least one fell off. My wheel could have completely come off in the middle of my driving because the nuts were not bolted on correctly. I hadnt been in any accident, nor had I taken my car to get the tires serviced in between the middle of June and now.Been on hold with this tire center for over 20 minutes now, because I want to know if I am covered under any warranty and/or if they will reimburse me for the costs associated with their negligent work.

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