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Phone: +1 718-942-2090
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

199 Reviews for BJs Wholesale Club 2023:

Review №1


This score is absolutely for the bakery department. The young ladies were so helpful about helping me prepare for a cake! Little did I know I could not place an order in advance I had to wait 24 hours prior to the day I needed the Cake. And the cake decoration book is not online so I took a picture OF THE ENTIRE BOOK 😂so everyone will never have to go into the store to see the decoration book they can just look right here and then place your order online 24 hours before you need the cake 🎂!Mwah

Review №2


Not crowded on Mother’s Day. Was able to go in and out.

Review №3


Just bought this box of yogurt and when I came home and opened it…it was bitten by rodents….disgusting….tried calling the number to the store location and no one is picking up……this is the second time I’m purchasing things from this location and has had bad experience….and customer service is unhelpful….hopefully someone sees this and reach out.

Review №4


I ordered two sentimental Photo Cakes from BJs Bakery and it was terrible. The image came out with faint lines across (indicating low ink). The baker told me that this is how it is suppose to look. The worst part of the experience was dealing with the supervisor who claimed his name was Pito. He was condescending and not apologetic. He walked away when I was in mid-sentence and in tears (cake in memory of my mom who had passed). On the line behind me, other people had complaints about their cakes. BUYER BEWARE, there is a reason the cost is so cheap

Review №5


This location is always packed. Parking can be difficult during these times. Most of the time the store is well stocked. employees work hard to maintain good stock and their bakery is always great.

Review №6


You are viewing some of the most exceptional items to pick-up in BJs. Thank me later!

Review №7


Every place has its moments, not looking for perfection. Yes people the store can be out of stock on items smh lol. I live close by to both Remsen and Gateway and I choose Gateway every time. The staff are more helpful and I feel this is my option now, that Gateway has a higher stock on certain items that I need. And not for nothing the layouts of the check out lines are better at Gateway. And I feel better that I dont have to wait for an elevator to lead me underground to shop lol.

Review №8


You have to wait in 2 lines. First line to pay for the item and 2nd line is to exit the store. Its only 1 person who is checking receipts at the exit. Sometime you have to spend more time in line to exit after you already paid for everything .Update: Its 2 people who checks the receipts now. So defiantly an improvement.

Review №9


Convenient location. I like to stop by on my way back to west side of Brooklyn from the airport and it helps that many others stores I shop at are in the same plaza.Theres a huge parking lot outside and right off the freeway so its easy to get to. Search for a cart before going in if you need one. Great way to build your daily steps. Inside is spacious, and blissfully not filled with aggressive shoppers like some of the other warehouse locations.I like that the produce section is usually fresh and plentiful. I usually can find all the basic staples Im looking for. Things are arranged neatly. Staff are usually there organizing and unpacking, but also the shoppers are not that messy so its a nice environment.There tends to be a line to checkout but it moves at a decent pace. Two lines, one for self-checkout and one for regular checkout.

Review №10


The cashier 366251 04/03/22 08:41pm gave me a bad time, I feel very disappointed in the costumer service that bjs provides to its customers, the cashier threw away the strawberries and told me to go get others, I asked her what if someone else could bring them to me and he said no and I had to go get others and he didnt even apologize for what happened

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