Bobs Discount Furniture and Mattress Store in College Point

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Phone: +1 929-410-5524
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–9PM
  • Thursday:10AM–9PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.9

199 Reviews for Bobs Discount Furniture and Mattress Store 2023:

Review №1


I dealt with Andrew at bobs and he was nothing short of a pleasure to work with. There is nothing more frustrating than having a sales associate following you around and try to force you to purchase things. He was extremely laid back, informative on every product we asked about and have us honest opinions which I really appreciated. We will be purchasing other items and will be going through Andrew again. Highly recommend:)

Review №2


Bobs furniture has a variety of selection for your home needs, entertainment center, bedroom set, dinning room tables, chairs/set, kitchen tables/chairs, computer desks. I like how they can work with you on certain pieces of furniture. They also have a snack bar that serves coffee, tea cookies, candy while you wait. They also have ice cream 🍦 so your kids can enjoy or even you can enjoy while waiting. They have great prices here. One of my friends already purchased from them and have been very satisfied!

Review №3


Excellent service even over the phone. One Bobs location said they could not deliver for 5 months and they wouldnt even take a deposit. I called college point store since I bought furniture for my daughter and they are delivering the table I next week and had all my billing information. Over the phone in less than 10 minutes...WONDERFUL SERVICEThank YouPaul P

Review №4


This store has the most worse customer service, the store manager Winnie was not helpful at all, she was very rude and unprofessional. this location just want to sell you furniture without doing their job, you have to pay much more money because of their mistakes!!!!!!!!They didn’t explain detail well to customer and after customer bought, they will say that they can do nothing or question you like why don’t you read by yourself!!! What a professional answer!!!! So why you guys work there? What is your job? Just to be NOT honest to the customer and don’t care about customer at all?????Second, I called and emailed them many many times about the repair of the furniture, they always tell me that I have to pay, I was so confused because I paid the insurance all the time, why I have pay for the repair? Then after a year, finally I have time and walked into the store ask them why, guess what??? they told me that they forget to add my insurance while I am paying all the money, and they said it is not their fault, it is system issue!!! how funny is that? ???The manager even asked me that you just wanna the money right? ??? Is that a question should a store manager ask????and why I have to pay so much more money because of you guys mistakes? ???can you be honest and responsibility when you try to sell a furniture???That is very unprofessional, it is not only because of the money, I waist so much time and energy on here, the customer service to me is more important, why I shopped there is because of the customer service!!! It seems like they don’t need repeating client at all!!!I am so regret that I recommend my friend to buy furniture from them too! Never come back again to this location and won’t recommend to all my friends.

Review №5


The sales man Victor is one of the nicest sells men too deal with when purchasing anything from Bobs. Hes willing to take his time and answer any questions you may have. I will definitely tell my friends about him if their looking for anything in their home. Ty Bobs team & Victor College Point

Review №6


Jay was excellent. No sales pressure. He let me look at at least six couches before I made my decision. I must have been there at least hour before I pick the love seat I wanted. He did not pressure me to make a decision. I was able to take my time.

Review №7


ASK FOR PRICE BREAKDOWN BEFORE FINALIZING!!!!!went in to buy a $650 couch on a ThursdayTotal came to almost $1000, thankfully I asked for a breakdown before chargingShe Mentioned $150 delivery and assembly.. assembly for a couch????I asked to change to pick up, where’s the warehouseAssociate says NJ, we say okTalks to manager who says ConnecticutWe say okay, where exactly? Now the Manager is forgetting the location, but says it’s FAR so the 150 delivery is my best optionThen I asked why she can’t look it up and get the city nameShe changes her tune and says oh you can actually pick it up from Glendale if you’d like.Ok cool… go ahead.Now total is in the 800’s, still not adding up, what’s the breakdown?$650 couch.. $99 warrantyNow I have to have another conversation to remove the warranty.I just wanted a cheap couch Bob’s. That’s why people are going to you. No one is expecting this to last for five years.

Review №8


.. today I had such a great experience with my salesperson Maria... who offered me and my partner, a great deal on a bedroom set.. she went far and beyond to give us good description and quality of the products.. Madelyn, the store supervisor was a great help in assisting us as well. I greatly recommend your visit and your purchase on their products.. I got a great deal!!.. new bedroom set, new matress.. and a happy sleep!!

Review №9


If I could give them a lower rating I would - in my experience with them, I would basically have to consider them thieves. I ordered a recliner that was supposed to be delivered in a week. They took my money mind you then kept shifting the delivery time back, first it was a month, then a week, then another week. In my experience with them, theyre either thieves or they dont grasp the basics of commerce. Could not recommend them any less. Stay away.

Review №10


I ordered a couch on 5/31 and I was assured it would be delivered by mid-July. I was excited to receive a phone call last week that informed me of my pieces were in and I would be receiving my couch on 6/29. I was told I would get a phone call on Sunday with a time window for my delivery. I took off work and I set up an elevator time with my super to ensure a smooth delivery. On Sunday night, I started receiving several texts messages about my couch from Bob’s Discount Furniture. First said my order would be delivered the following day. Then the delivery window changed from 11-1 to 10:45 -12:45. From Sunday to Monday, I received over 12 texts messages w/ conflicting information. One said my delivery would be there, another said there were unforeseen circumstances and nothing would be delivered. I was very confused so I tried to call. I had to hang up and call back twice because of how the automatic operator was set up. I was brought to the same menu twice despite choosing different options and did not provide the support I needed. I ended up on the phone for about 10 minutes only to find myself on a loop with the automated operator. Speaking to a representative was not an option even when I called the store where I bought my couch directly. After about 30 min, I was able to speak to a person at Bob’s store in College Point, NY. When I spoke to the representative, I was told that there were no problems and all my pieces would arrive.The following day, my delivery arrived after the window. There was only one piece of my couch.When I asked where the rest of the pieces were, the man delivering them said this was all he had and called his manager to make sure it wasn’t on another truck or if there was a mistake. After he got off the phone, the manager of the delivery company called me and started telling me I didn’t have a choice and this was the best they can do.He was hostile and I asked about my order to find out he didn’t even work for the store.I was very confused as to why he had my phone number and why he was speaking to me about the problem not Bob’s. While I was speaking to him I received about 3 calls on the other line. He told me to cut out the middle man and only speak to him about the delivery. I was very uncomfortable and did not understand what was going on with my couch.He made it seem like I didn’t have a choice with what to do and that I might not get the rest of my couch ever. When I realized he did not work for Bob’s I said I needed to speak to the place I actually bought the furniture and I hung up the phone and answered number that was calling. When I got on the phone the representative told me that the system had said my pieces were all not in and whoever I spoke to on Monday “didn’t know how to read the system” she said that my next delivery would be on July 27 and the next after that would be mid-sept.If I knew the wait would be this long I would have gone another way. I have 2 events planned and this lack of delivery has cost me double what I have paid for the couch in other arrangements to ensure these events go well.The lack of honesty and understanding and compassion from the representative I spoke to will not be forgotten. There was no attempt for restitution or an attempt to apologize. The representative did not care at all about the inconvenience they had caused me.For the next delivery (7/27) I asked if the delivery could be after 12 pm so that I didn’t have to take off another day of work.The response was “I can’t promise anything.”I bought a 5-year insurance for a couch that will now take 3 months, maybe more, to be delivered.Does the insurance start when I get my entire order or was that another waste of my time, resources, and money?I completely understand with the pandemic there have been a lot of issues with manufacturing furniture.The lack of transparency is what is upsetting.The lack of customer care was completely unprofessional and will not be forgotten when speaking of Bobs in the future.

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