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Phone: +1 631-744-9023
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–7PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–7PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7PM
  • Friday:10AM–7PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:10AM–5:30PM
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Total reviews rating 4.7

144 Reviews for Brians Tropical Aquarium & Pets 2023:

Review №1


Great local family owned fish store. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Never feel rushed when there. The gentlemen Brian & Dom (hopefully I remembered his name correctly) are very respectful and helpful. They are always willing to take the time to explain things and make suggestions. Rather than always going to Petco etc. for your aquarium needs, I recommend going here. You may pay a little more but I’m sure it helps these little family owned shops greatly. Highly recommend

Review №2


I couldnt ask for a better experience. After our fish (purchased from a different store) died and we didnt know what caused it, I called 4 different fish stores and got all different types of information. Joe answered the phone when I called and was so helpful and understanding. After I got my tank ready for a new fish (per his instructions) and picked up our new guy this weekend, our fish is thriving! Thank you so much to everyone who helped get our gourami home! Their advice is spot on!

Review №3


Clean pet store with friendly staff and reasonable prices. Their selection of fish and aquarium plants is mostly the usual one. Not a bunch of tanks so I wouldnt refer ot this as an aquarium store. Had the basics and is good if you live in the area but we drove 40 mins so we probably wont return but I would if I lived in the area. Their tanks were clean, no dead fish and their Betta fish looked very happy and they were in individual glass bowls, mini but not tiny like those stupid cups I hate that people use. They also have healthy looking axolotls, tadpoles, a few reptiles and some birds.There are supplies for all pets from fish, birds, cats and dogs. Definitely visit if you live in the area.

Review №4


I inherited a koi pond with the home we just purchased. I knew nothing about how to take care of these guys and their home. Thanks to the super helpful that work here I now know everything I need to know to keep these guys alive !

Review №5


This place is a wonderful store. One stop shopping for all your pets. I have a pit bull and a ball python. This wasnt my first dog but my first snake. Brian is very knowledgeable and helped me figure out everything I need.

Review №6


Great family business! Always have what I need &carry to my car,which is great since I get 2- 50lbs of chicken feed eveytime!Love pop-eye!

Review №7


I bought 2 fish from there. They were orange fish, a tiger and a candy cane I think. The lady told me how to adjust it to the water. I went home and followed directions. Within minutes the one of the fish was dying and later died that night. I brought it back and the lady insisted I adjusted the fish wrong even though I didn’t and have 10 other fish doing great. Fine so she gave me a new one and I checked my water to be safe. That was the candy cane that died. 2 days later the tiger died. Can’t be from adjusting it wrong right. Didn’t bother to bring back since I was blamed for it in the first place. Now 3 days later the replacement candy fish just died while all my other fish are thriving. Not gonna even call because I feel uncomfortable about getting blamed again. They must possibly be caring for the fish incorrectly. I also bought a dwarf frog that I haven’t seen since I put him in 2 weeks ago I assume went under the gravel and died he was very small and thin. They must do really good business and not worry because I see the same story as mine with the attitudes on there reviews like there a chain store that doesn’t care about customer service. It’s fine I will be going to PETCO across the street for all my pet needs from now on they offer 30 day guarantee for fish and none of the ones I bought from there have died.

Review №8


I absolutely love shopping at this pet supply store. Not only do they have everything, but they are always so friendly. Beats Petco, hands down.

Review №9


We love this place, theyre very knowledgeable about the fish and plants for freshwater fish, and super friendly 👍

Review №10


I never write reviews for businesses, but Brian’s Aquarium provided me with exceptional service so i felt like i should. I just built my first aquarium, Brian and the staff could not be more helpful. Brian was more than excited to answer every question as well as provide experienced advice. I first went to another aquarium shop who provided me with terrible customer service. No matter where you are located i highly recommend going to Brian’s Aquarium.