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Total reviews rating 4.7

199 Reviews for Brooks Atkinson Theatre 2023:

Review №1


This place is great! Came to see Six here and was blown away. The musical was great, and the theater itself is on the smaller side so it wasnt to difficult to navigate around inside. They had ushers to help you to your seat and even with a mostly sold out show everyone found their seats fairly quickly. Before we came in they had a sniffer dog walking by the crowd and to get in we had to show proof of vaccination with our IDS. Every so often during the show the ushers would walk up and down the aisles to make sure no one was filming and had their masks on properly, so we felt secure coming here. If youre seeing a show here, rest assured they have everything under control and will keep you safe.

Review №2


This is a wonderful old theater. Its been around since the 1920s. The seats are a little small but adequate size. The acoustics are amazing.Like the other older theaters bathrooms are a bit on the small side. The ushers and staff are very friendly and very helpful. Covid protocols are being taken seriously.

Review №3


Watched six in this theatre. The mezzanine and center orchestra are the best seats in the theatre. Mezzanine isn’t super high up and good views can be expected. Six is fun musical with lots of great songs. Amazing performance

Review №4


The theater is air conditioned, although with all the people in there it can get pretty stuffy. The ushers were very nice and quickly got everyone seated. My only complaint is that It was slightly difficult to get in and out, as there is not nearly enough space in the walkways. This is more of a pet peeve than a complaint though as I can see how difficult it would be to make the walkways widerI saw SIX and the energy was amazing. It was unlike any show I have seen. I really enjoyed the interactions with the audience, and although there were a couple corny jokes the story was easy to follow.

Review №5


Not a huge theater so even the last row on the top mezzanine has decent views. I was in Row L seat 5 to see Six and still got to enjoy the show. The staff was super friendly and high energy which is always a plus.

Review №6


The theatre is very nice and there is a decent amount of leg room in the orchestra. I would note that the bathrooms are quite small, which makes the line get long very quickly. As for the show Six, it is somewhat fun but a lot more like a concert than a musical and a bit of a headache. Expect a lot of flashing lights (seizure warning!) and incredibly loud singing.

Review №7


We went to NYC for my birthday in June, and decided to go to Six. Very fun musical, great lighting, and the area matched the theme very well. Though the bathrooms were quite small, which made for very long lines, and the site we got the tickets from wasnt working(though that wasnt the musicals fault), but we got it fixed and was a very fun experience nonetheless!

Review №8


We went here tonight to see Six about Henry the 8th wives. The show was awesome. The best part about the show was that it was only and hour and half and was entertaining as hell. To answer the question I thought the blue singer was the best. I cant remember her name but they all had colors like much sexier power rangers so I choose the blue to win the competition. Go see this show great production and a food history lesson.

Review №9


There is not a bad seat in the theatre. The sound is fabulous. It is a tight squeeze so not a great place if you have anxiety in small places. I loved it.

Review №10


A wonderful venue. I was impressed by the kindness and efficiency of the staff.Currently playing Six. If you are new to the world of musical theatre, you will love this perfectly crafted 90 movie pop extravaganza!