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Phone: +1 929-456-5660
Site: https://www.overthrowhospitality...
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  • Monday:Closed
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  • Wednesday:5–11PM
  • Thursday:5–11PM
  • Friday:5–11PM
  • Saturday:5–11PM
  • Sunday:5–11PM
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Total reviews rating 4.4

102 Reviews for Cadence 2023:

Review №1


Super solid and delicious food with friendly and fast service. We had 6 out of the 10 dishes on the menu between my husband and I (stomach definitely exploded). Hard to pick a favorite but if I must Id say the black eyed pea garlic pancake and the fried lasagna. The grits and oysters mushrooms on pretzel bun were close second but then the cornbread and palm cake were also very unique! Drink wise we had the house made blubbery lavender lemonade. Everything is without refined sugar (sweetened with maple syrup) except the ice cream which isnt made by them. Seating is literally along the kitchen counter so you get to see and interact with the chefs who are friendly and knowledgeable. One of them explained and showed us how she made the amazing pancake! Highly recommend and must make a reservation as they do not take walk-ins.

Review №2


Excellent dinner in the comfortable, heated outdoor shed at Cadence. The menu and wine list are short but well curated. Four of us shared 7 beautifully presented plates and it was more than enough. We especially enjoyed the pretzel bun sandwiches and black eyed pea pancake.

Review №3


Went here for my birthday and had a great time! We ordered the potato salad, pea shoot pancakes, grits, Buffalo oyster mushroom, cobbler and cornbread—it’s all served family style. It’s hard to pick a favorite because it was all so delicious. The wine menu is small, but the blueberry lavender lemon Prosecco spritz was a great addition to the food. Will be back again!

Review №4


Amazing plant-based restaurant. Comfortable outdoor seating. Staff was amazing, courteous, and on point with allergens. Very excited to go back. The buffalo oyster mushroom was my favorite. Also loved the smoked grits. I wish that I could have tried the lasagna but I have an almond allergy 😩🥺

Review №5


Very good vegan food that is comforting, but nothing new on the table. I enjoyed everything I tried, but nothing was truly memorable. You get a good amount of food for the price, though its not inexpensive. The whole experience was even, and thats great, but it didnt leave me raving about it. Perhaps my expectations were set too high by how hard it is to get a reservation here currently.The must have smoked grits tasted like regular grits with tons of fried onion; the lasagna is super interesting, but at the end it tastes like fried lasagna; the oyster mushroom sandwich was great, I loved it, but it was not surprising in any way. The cobbler was so sweet that I enjoyed it while I questioned my life choices.The space is small even for NYC standards. Seating outside was nice, but pedestrians brush against the side of your table, and there are lots of pedestrians on 7th Street. Inside theres only bar seating and I cant imagine how someone with a slightly larger build than me can squeeze behind peoples backs to get to the restroom because theres barely any space.

Review №6


I got the oyster mushroom burger and cornbread. It was so delicious. I was just one person and they managed to fit me in when I went without a reservation. It was very much appreciated and I probably would have missed out on one of my favorite meals while visiting NY.

Review №7


This lovely gem of a restaurant really delivered on the vegan soul food. Every bite was built with care and delivered deliciousness.Top bites were the grits and fried hot oyster sammich. I’m still thinking about that sammich.13/10 would go back.

Review №8


This restaurant is truly soulfulWhen you hear the word vegan, you probably dont expect to hear it followed with the words soul food. Im not an expert on soul food at all but the food at Cadence was incredibly delicious and the experience was great.In this teeny tiny hallway space, the people at Cadence manage to produce some quality food right in front of you. The buffalo oyster mushroom was the best thing I ate, the house made buffalo sauce really had a nice kick to it. The lasagna was delicious too. There was a cool 90s hip-hop playlist on that I really enjoyed.A great place for a casual date night.

Review №9


Our dinner at Cadence was lovely. The space was teeny but impressively efficient. We had the buffalo oyster and I dont remember the last time I had such a perfect burger/sandwich construction. It had just the right amount of bun to filling, crunch to creamy. My husband swooned over the creamy grits and I swooned over the corn bread. Everything was just right. Well, almost just right.We got the savory pancake after our buffalo oyster and it was hard to make out anything with the lovely heat I was still enjoying from the sandwich. Oh well! Well just have to go back!

Review №10


This is the beat restaurant in NYC and nobody is going to tell me otherwise. The food is absolutely unreal. The fried lasagna and the cornbread were our favorites but we tried half the menu and everything was out of this world. The staff was really lovely too, and the space is pretty small so you can watch them cook your food and it is really a wonder what they can do with such limited space. This will be my go-to spot for bringing out of town visitors from now on.

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