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Total reviews rating 4.1

19 Reviews for Cadogan Tate Fine Art & Interior Designer Services Moving & Storage Services 2023:

Review №1


Used Cadogan Tate as recommend by my decorator for logistics and deliveries. They were good as far as the move but forgot items many times causing them to make extra trips and charge extra month. Also their pricing is not transparent and they are huge rip off. Sent bills for tens of thousand of dollars after everything completed without telling pricing up front and getting approvals. I then negotiated a final payment with them and then after they continue to send me additional bills for thousands of dollars. I do not recommend you ever use them. They are very shady with their billing practices.

Review №2


I recently had a large move completed between New York and Georgia. The movers were professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I had many paintings, designer furniture pieces and family heirlooms. Everything got there in one piece and would definitely use again.

Review №3


I used Cadogan Tate for a big, cross-Atlantic move with furniture storage. They:• came to my house and gave me a quote... it turned out to be wrong and I was charged almost £2000 more• held my things in storage for 10 months and overcharged the original quote by £100/month• double billed me on multiple occasions• have team change-overs constantly. I have lost track of the high number of people who have been my contact over the months• told me I would need 10 hours (and would need to pay for waiting time) for my move in, but the team did it in 3• broke one of my dining room chairs and actively discouraged me for filing a claim on the full value insurance Id purchased• always need to be prompted to return a phone call or email. I have had to request nearly everything (except the initial sale) twice or three times to get things doneThe guys who actually packed & moved things in & out of my house/s were great... but none of them are actually Cadogan Tate employees.EDIT: Management has just said they have no record of my move and that this is a malicious review. Another example of incompetence - photo of my last invoice attached. AND NO, I am not calling you to discuss my review. You had nearly a year to listen to my complaints while I was paying you every month and you never took me seriously then.