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Phone: +1 212-470-6919
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–6PM
  • Sunday:9AM–6PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

103 Reviews for CCS MOVING 2023:

Review №1


Raul, Juan, and Earl were very professional, prompt, and efficient with our move and ensured that everything went smoothly - even though I called to book our move only 5 days in advance! Was a pleasure working with them!

Review №2


Christian and Cesar helped move various stuff like a king size bed so I could replace the carpet. They were on time, professional and quick. If I need help moving again, I would be personally asking for them in the future. Highly recommend.

Review №3


I had a very good experience with this company today. They surpassed my expectations. They are not flashy, the trucks are not noticeable, the front office sometimes is available, but not too late. But they gave me an estimate and they were on point, they were punctual and fast, took care of everything and although I had two stops, they didn’t get lazy or slow. I had a three people team - the best: Raul, Juan and Earl- super nice and efficient! Recommend wholeheartedly!!

Review №4


Wow this was the worst moving experience of my life. SAVE YOURSELF AND CHOOSE ANOTHER COMPANY. First off, they were 2.5 hours late and made us miss the window of time we had the elevator in our building reserved. Then they came with a truck that wasnt big enough (I guess the other truck got stuck somewhere else?). They came with only 2 guys when we paid for 3 guys. They broke a mirror right off the bat. The worst part was that EVERYTHING DIDNT FIT IN THE TRUCK. I understand that we underscoped the move when booking it, but when the movers (who are SUPPOSED to be professionals) realized everything wouldnt have fit, they should have COMMUNICATED WITH US. They did NOT. They told us: The truck is full, everything else has to stay here. WHAT?! The main reason we hired movers was the get the big sectional couch out of the apartment and they couldnt get the big part of the couch in the elevator (because the TWO guys had trouble putting it in the elevator, when we had originally PAID for 3). We ended up having to pay to stay another night in the apartment AND pay another moving company the next day to get the rest of the stuff out. Worth noting that the movers we had to hire for the next day had no trouble at all moving the couch. To top it off all, ERIC AND IBRAHIM WERE SO RUDE AND UNPROFESSIONAL. I understand Eric seemed to be having a rough day, but taking that out on the client is completely unbecoming. When we sat down to sign paperwork, Eric wrote that they started moving at 4:30 PM. I argued that they really started at 4:45 - not that 15 minutes was a huge deal. But when I pointed it out to him, Eric seriously lost it on me. He kept yelling and escalating his voice. I kept asking him to please stop yelling. He kept getting more and more upset and rambling on about how he doesn’t have to be here & how he could be home with his daughter & how the day has been so stressful. He had some valid points, but to continuously YELL them at me was so upsetting and terrifying. I kept asking him to stop yelling and he kept escalating it and raising his voice until the breaking point -- he THREATENED US to leave with all our stuff and actually stormed out of the apartment and left. I had to track him down and profusely apologize to him to calm him down EVEN THOUGH HE WAS THE ONE YELLING AT ME, THE CLIENT. To top it ALL off at the end, they broke both my dressers (I had asked them if I should tape them up and they said Nah, then all the drawers fell out of one in the truck bc it wasnt stored properly; the other one they pulled the top clean off of it because they were lifting from the top - now both dressers are unusable and I think I lost some important paperwork that was in one of the drawers). DO NOT MOVE WITH THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE CROOKS, THEY ARE RUDE, AND THEY DO NOT DESERVE YOUR BUSINESS.

Review №5


Expectations were far from met. I asked if they were capable of doing a few extra tasks and was told yes multiple times. Not only were they in-fact NOT able to do the extra tasks, but they were 2.5 hours late with no notice until after their expected arrival time. Then I was charged extra because there were all of these minimums that were not told to me. The workers themselves were kind and efficient, but the person I spoke to to resolve the issue was very rude and mansplained to me how a moving company works. I wont be using them again.

Review №6


I cannot rave about CCS moving enough! They are responsive, efficient, and hard workers. They made a stressful life event far less stressful. They were patient and kind with me while I was stressed, and I cannot thank them enough for everything they did. A special shout out to one of the staff members who even let me text him after hours with all of my questions!!!! Thank you!

Review №7


We were really happy with our July 2020 move with CCS Moving! Eric, Adam, and Jimmy were all great. They worked really efficiently while also paying careful care and attention to our items – especially fragile things like the tv and dishware. There were a few pieces of furniture they had to disassemble and then rebuild in our new apartment, and they did it flawlessly. The crew was also Courteous and friendly throughout the multiple stages of our moving day. I’ve had some prior bad experiences with movers in New York, but I would highly recommend these three guys from CCS based on my positive experience with them.

Review №8


Great service; the men were very professional and worked efficiently; a little pricey but not a bad experience.

Review №9


It was a one bedroom to move 6 blocks away in both elevator buildings. The quote was 3.5 hours and I made sure I listed all the tricky furniture. Arrived late and took twice as long 7 hours!! I could have moved to NJ within that time. Not as effective as other movers Not sure what took them long. Sorry I can’t recommend to others. Maybe for simple move. At end they seem to drag the time. I just told them to put boxes in one corner to save time in going to different rooms.

Review №10


This is my 2nd time using CCS, the first being a move within NYC and the second from NYC to NJ. They were quick, easy and affordable. My move only took 4 hours and they were nice enough to adjust my estimate of 5 hours down. Would definitely recommend using CCS for any move in the NYC area.