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Phone: +1 212-368-5005
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–1AM
  • Tuesday:11AM–1AM
  • Wednesday:11AM–1AM
  • Thursday:11AM–1AM
  • Friday:11AM–1AM
  • Saturday:11AM–1AM
  • Sunday:11AM–1AM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

124 Reviews for Chez Maty Et Sokhna (Keur Sokhna) 2023:

Review №1


I have been going here for years now. The dibi makes me travel from NJ! Yet, everything I have ever tried is delicious, and I’ve tried most of the menu. I have never felt disrespected by the workers and like their late hours! I highly recommend this place.

Review №2


Edited:I have to edit my first review after ordering from this place many times. Yes, the food is amazing but the service is HORRIBLE!!! I always would call to order my food and the man who answers the phone says that he is the manager. He is extremely unprofessional, repeatedly tells me to hold on and hangs up before I can even finish my order. Id have to call him BACK to tell him this and hes always apologetic and doesnt even understand the basic concept of an apology, which is followed by changed behavior, yet his behavior is very unprofessionally repetitive. This final time, I placed an order and received not one but TWO wrong orders and was told that Id have to give the food back for bookkeeping purposes if I wanted a refund or what I originally ordered. HOW UNSANITARY!!!Then the truth came out when I told him this and he says the money would come out of his pockets. So customers mean nothing, customer service means nothing, your job means nothing, and essentially, you mean nothing to yourself. Im sure he would not have treated his fellow African customers whom he can speak his native language with as such, being that I am not only a Black woman but a Black American woman who had to correct him and he let his ego lead.

Review №3


Very kind workers , delicious food and big portions. It was also very clean. My family and I enjoyed everything especially the dibi. Will be coming again

Review №4


Have been getting lamb dibi for years. Really enjoy it. Recently got more onions than lamb (ridiculous). Sibe I was on the road, I called to inquire - was told prices have gone up. Sad circumstances. Personally didnt need a container full of unions - it didnt make up for the lack of lamb.

Review №5


This is easily the best african food I have ever had, our waiter was so nice and helpful. I will definitely be coming back

Review №6


Food was inedible worst sauce I’ve ever tried I only ate the rice. They’re also extremely rude and nasty to Americans if you’re not African. Wouldn’t recommend supporting.

Review №7


Tasty Senegalese food. Clean and safe place. Professional and Friendly customer service.

Review №8


This place is small and dark. Food is mediocre, and the service is slow. The server acted like he was doing me a favor. Will not be going back.

Review №9


The service was absolutely horrible. I do not recommend. Upon eating at this restaurant with a friend, I found 2 pieces of hair in my food (I’d ordered the Senegalese Dibi Chicken). I asked the server to replace my meal, she got who I presume to be the restaurant owner from the back. He came to my table and accused me of lying about the hair, wagged his finger our in faces and proceeded to scream and shout saying “You people always do this. You people don’t want to pay so you do this.” I replied saying I had no problem paying for the food I would not however pay for food that I found two hairs in while I was eating. As I stood, he pushed me back down into my seat and locked the front door saying I would not leave the restaurant until I had paid.I proceeded to call the police who took about 25-30 minutes to arrive. After holding is in the store for 20 minutes, one of his servers unlocked the door and 5 minutes later, I received a phone call back because the police had arrived. We explained the dispute to the officers and the officers explained to the owner that he is under no circumstances allowed to lock patrons in his store. Nothing further could be done since he hadn’t harmed us or brandished a weapon. Stay. Away.

Review №10


Absolutely yummy. The best Dibe in NYC. We will def be back for more.