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Phone: +1 716-836-1039
Opening hours
  • Monday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Thursday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Friday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Saturday:10:45AM–10PM
  • Sunday:10:45AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 3.8

199 Reviews for Chipotle Mexican Grill 2023:

Review №1


First time eating at this Chipotle, last I tried it was online order only. Okay, fair the system goes down I just ate somewhere else in the plaza.I went today and we can now order in store, awesome. Got my burrito bowl no problem and they put in an item I said I didn’t want, whatever it’s cool. Went outside to eat with my classmate and as I was eating my bowl I spotted a dead fly. Pretty gross since they just swapped out the lettuce while I was in line.I would say I am a relatively easy customer, just replace my bowl without lettuce and I’ll leave it at that. Nope, I wait in a long line for a second time only for the lady to look at the dead bug in my food and act annoyed and frustrated at me. As if Im not frustrated with the situation, its my first meal after a 14 hour day and there are dead bugs in it lol. I don’t know if she thought I put it there or if it flew into my bowl, but that thing is dead and has been for who knows how long. I get a sloppy and rushed bowl put together that is much less than my first bowl. I should’ve just asked for my money back, but Id rather not hold up the line over 12 bucks. Would not recommend eating at this Chipotle, complete lack of decency or customer service.

Review №2


I was so hungry and was really excited to finally reach the shop for some lunch. They only accepted online orders today so I had order it using the app. Not a big deal but made me late to a class. Then I take the food and leave; only to find out there was no fork inside the bag. So I had to stay hungry for the next 3 hours till I got home. A side item’s cap was open so it ruined my car seat. The food went all mushy by that time so I ended up having to throw it out and eat something else.

Review №3


I ordered 1/27/22 @ 11:43 AM delivery from the chipotle app. I was enjoying my STEAK BOWL when I randomly started tasting peppermint gum. I am not a gum chewing and I HATE mint so I knew something was wrong therefore, I inspected my food… THERE WAS A PIECE OF CHEWED UP AND SPIT OUT CHICKEN IN MY STEAK BOWL. Disgusting

Review №4


This location is a dump. 1st time I tried coming here in May, there was a sign on the door saying they were closed. Couldn’t pick up my online order. I went online to try to get a refund and never heard back. The next time I came, they put cheese on my food despite me not asking for it - I’m allergic. The employee rolled his eyes when I asked for my food to be remade. I chalked these two experiences up to bad days. Today, I tried online ordering for the final time and when I arrived there was a sign on the door saying to request a refund online. Don’t waste your time here.

Review №5


Filthy and Disgusting .. I arrived at 6:30pm. Over half the tables were unavailable because the chairs were flipped over on top of the tables. Every single other table was absolutely filthy and the entire staff/cooking/prep area was absolutely filthy. As I cashed out, I asked the cashier if she could clean a table for me. She said she would in a couple minutes. (REALLY!?) She did come over and even after she finished there was still food on all the tables she touched. Seems like all she did was swirl the filth around. My first bite of chicken was nothing but grissel. Ill never, ever go back. I ended up throwing away over half of my meal.

Review №6


This place is usually packed but it was empty this time around. Staff were friendly. Store was pretty clean and prep area was descent. Food was prepared quickly and as usual, the price was right.

Review №7


Not sure what the deal is here and why they cant do the job properly. 2 days in a row now.Yesterday i show up to get a rice and chicken bowl. I ask for my little cup of sauce on the side. They have it next to my order the whole time up until they end before they gave it to me the end before it got to the register they accidentally give it to someone else.Fast forward to today. I go in. Get my rice and chicken bowl. Ask for the cup of sauce on the side..... turns out there is none, sorry..... a minute later a woman gets in line behind me, and with her order she asks for a cup of the sauce.... and suddenly they have some and give her a cup. SHE GOT THERE AFTER ME AND THERE WAS NO SAUCE WHEN I ASKED FOR SOME. I saw this, and said excuse me, can I have a cup of that sauce too? And I pointed at it.. suddenly they are all out again and cant find any more.

Review №8


Staff here was so rude. Asked for 2 bowls and a burrito. She threw the bowls down on the counter, threw rice in the bowls like we were an inconvenience. Muttering under her breath because she tried to make 2 burritos and 1 bowl and did not like being corrected. Not impressed and walked out. Customers do not need to be treated like that.

Review №9


Ordered online for delivery. Got food in a timely manner. Unfortunately, it was without the 2 orders of queso for our chips. Salsa wasnt very fresh as the tomatoes were getting white. My sons burrito didnt have the green chile salsa. I wouldnt have even complained about the quality of the food if I wouldve gotten the queso. Reached out online to let them know and was transferred from a bot to a human in chat (after waiting 10 minutes) who then said that someone would get back to me via email. Well its now going on Wednesday. I ordered on Saturday. I have yet to hear from anybody.

Review №10


This is the most poorly run restaurant Ive ever seen. They never are able to serve a guest that hasnt ordered online. Theyll straight up lie and say the register is down. Theyve done it to me at least 3 times. Otherwise they have their sign out front, no dine in. Pay them more they really deserve it. Pathetic

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