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Phone: +1 718-357-4225
Opening hours
  • Monday:6AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:6AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:6AM–12AM
  • Thursday:6AM–12AM
  • Friday:6AM–12AM
  • Saturday:6AM–12AM
  • Sunday:6AM–12AM
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Total reviews rating 2.8

41 Reviews for Citgo 2023:

Review №1


Just got gas at this place, the attendant was rude because I didn’t pull up to the pump when there was no one around. I just paid $50 for gas. No more gas from this place. And I have been going to this place for years. What a shame.

Review №2


Grumpy all dudes work there always give an attitude for no reason stopped going there I think the owner also dont care he is one of them avoid at all costs another gas station next block

Review №3


I have been going here for over a year. The self service is amazing and the gas prices are very reasonable. They also do oil changes and NYS inspections. Highly recommend.

Review №4


Stay away from here…………… I usually do not write reviews, or complaint. I got a horrible experience doing state inspection here. When I drive my car to this place I was shocked, because I saw a stuff (mechanic I assumed) smoke in front of the gas pipe. I did the inspection anyway, because there is no other auto inspection around. After an hour, the guy called me after the inspection finished. He told me I need to switch my rear and front tires. I have no idea why they want my new tires in the front, and old tires in the rear. I asked him why. He cannot explain. So didn’t change that. Then the guy told me that he still can not give me the inspection sticker until I replace the new rear windshield wiper. That is very cheap windshield wiper and its $22. My rear windshield wiper was old one, but still works. I asked the guy if I can replace it by myself. The guy and the owner were very rude after I said that. They give me a choice which is $22 or failed the inspection. Totally got ripped off. The reason I feel upset is not only because of the price and their cheap products, also the way they treat their customer is extremely bad. If I could leave a negative star for this, I would.

Review №5


A Positive Review about the small car work done with Charlies thorough check up.Thank u~^^And the Gas guy is always pleasent, and their gas is good feeling

Review №6


Excellent. Danny, the owner, is honest and hardworking, as is his staff, especially Michael, who is an ace mechanic. His prices are really reasonable, and he goes out of his way for his customers. When I needed body work for my car, he referred me to someone else, and although payments went through him because of the insurance, he didnt take a dime in a commission. Similarly, he didnt charge me for labor in replacing a headlight, even though it took 2 hours and the whole front of the car had to be removed.Harmony is also a full-service gas station, but charges less than almost every other station in the area, except for Cheap Gas -- the only sign on the station -- which usually has the exact same price.I highly recommend Harmony as your go-to gas and repair station.

Review №7


This place is absolutely terrible. A nightmare come true.I came here to get my New York yearly inspection. Right after I left the shop my car wouldn’t start up again. I came back here trying to get some help and the people here are so rude. The worst customer service in the world. I told them what happened and they kept trying to blame me. I have no idea what I even do besides bring my car to this shop. They will charge you $35 for whatever check up they going to do on your car. Even if your car have no problems at all. This place is a scam worst auto shop ever.

Review №8


Danny is very rude. Yelling at seniors and myself for waiting to get our cars serviced. He refused inspection because I was parked all the way to the side of his lot. I have never heard of ANY business being upset for being parked at a service station waiting for work to be done.

Review №9


I believe I met Danny the owner. This guy was mean right from the beginning. I was there for insurance inspection and used my app for the first time to give my auto info. With two cars I did not realize the app showed my older car which didn’t need the photo inspection. Danny immediately started filling out form without asking me if car was correct and before he finished he realized I drove in with a different car. He said I made a stupid mistake.For a guy with 25 years of business experience, it’s is a shame he had issue with redoing a simple form even when it is his job to confirm the right car info was being filled out. He event slammed my phone on the counter and called me you people which he clarified as korean people.To Danny if u are reading this:Danny after 25 years at the job , you have only grown more bitter and racist. After 25 years you still want to blame others for your own error and laziness.You acted the way u did because of two reasons: Racism and laziness.Update:Read all of the other reviews. Common theme is rudeness. Folks the owner is rude because he is racist. The workers reflect the owners attitudes.

Review №10


Took car back multiple times. Had sub par service and car came back needing additional repairs.Took my car in because it was shaking when holding the breaks, and the front passenger side window did not work. Car took longer than expected to get fixed because a wrong part was ordered. When the car was done the window still did not work. I was told it was an electrical problem. Got the car back again, now all the buttons seems to stick. Took the car back. Just one button was fixed. Drove the car and there is still some shakiness. Also noticed that my horn stopped working after taking the car here.

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