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Phone: +1 516-826-2273
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–12AM
  • Tuesday:8AM–12AM
  • Wednesday:8AM–12AM
  • Thursday:8AM–12AM
  • Friday:8AM–12AM
  • Saturday:9AM–9PM
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

167 Reviews for CityMD Bellmore Urgent Care - Long Island 2023:

Review №1


The nurse was very nice and personable and the sign up process to get in the queue in the morning was efficient and well handled. But besides that, there were a lot of quality and safety issues. First up, the sign-in process to give my information seemed very over the top just to get a COVID test. In the past, Id given my license and insurance card and that was it. With this, I had to fill out page after page of information. Then, I had to wait for awhile in the waiting room watching the front desk people being generally unpleasant toward anyone they spoke with. It felt unsafe because of how high COVID rates are and the majority who were there likely had COVID symptoms. The thing that really bothered me though was that many on staff were wearing their masks intermittently or it was not covering their nose and mouth, which I felt like was very unprofessional generally but especially given we are in the middle of a Omicron surge that is infecting lots of people regardless of vaccination status. Also, when the doctor did my PCR test, he stuck the swab up my nose and didnt swirl it around or anything and it left me wondering whether the sample was valid or not. In past COVID testing situations, the process took anywhere from 2-15 minutes. I was at CityMD for about an hour, much of it sitting in a waiting room where many people likely had COVID and staff who were not consistently wearing masks. I appreciated the convenience of being able to make an appointment same day as they are very hard to find right now, but I would not return.

Review №2


Ridiculous incompetence. I’ve been sent to multiple “specialists on the payroll” as Dr. Saddique put it. None of them have found any answers and I’m still here in pain. This guy said I had hernia when I have an infection in my intestines (supposedly). Feels like I’m being passed around so you can bill my top notch insurance as much as I can. Never again with this place.

Review №3


Inaccurate info entered,took 3 days to get a test that only takes 1 to 2 dsys at most and was told my daughter didnt need meds and could not send results to her primary. Primary SD she did need meds. Never again!

Review №4


This Urgent Care is definitely one of the better ones. I have not experienced a long wait. The staff is always courteous and professional. I recommend this City MD for all ages. Besides, their hours are more accommodating than any other Urgent Care. 👍🏻👍🏻

Review №5


If I was able to give a lower rating than 1 star for this place I would.. I have never been more disgusted with a health care facility in my life.. My husband and I walk up to the front desk and let them know that we were there because he had broken his wrist and to my absolute shock the woman asks, with an attitude mind you, is it even that bad?... Is it even that bad? It was clear that they were not concerned in the slightest.. So we showed her his wrist and with an eye roll she points us in the direction of a kiosk to register. It was blatant that we would not be getting proper care so we walked out. They are obviously not concerned with anything other than covid patients so if you have any other issues DO NOT GO HERE! It is to be expected, during this pandemic, to either have to wait a while or to deal with staff shortages but that should absolutely not effect who gets cared for. I will never return to this facility and I truly hope that others follow suit. Absolutely dispicable.

Review №6


Ive always had a fear of going anywhere other than Walgreens or CVS for a COVID test due to the idea of someone else administering the test, but due to needing an appointment ASAP, I came here.The nurse who performed my rapid test was amazing and very considerate of my deviated septum. (I’d give you 5 stars if I could!!)She did the test very slowly, told me if I was in any pain to let her know. She even put a note within my profile of which side my deviated septum is on and noted to go slow and gentle due to me having had multiple surgeries related to my nose for any future administers.Then this is where I’ve had one of my worst medical experiences.The doctor comes in and reads off my rapid result and suggests that I also get a lab test due to being exposed to someone with Covid. She also looked at my profile during this.I of course agreed and the doctor, I believe her name was Pamela, quickly set up the test.She immediately goes for my nostril that has the deviated septum and due to physically not being able to get the swab in, she switches to the other side very forcefully instead of stopping to ask about my obvious deviated septum.She pushed the swab in very hard that I unintentionally yelled in pain while I attempted to move her hand away from my nose, yet she still continued to hold her hand with the swab against my grip.I was in excruciating pain for the first hour and had to take pain medication and still felt it the next day.The only reaction from the doctor was a very insincere“sorry.”This was the worst covid test I’ve ever experienced and is the epitome of what I’ve always tried to avoid being a person with a deviated septum. Hope no one else has to experience this. Horrible doctor

Review №7


Unfortunately the demand for Covid testing is extremely high right now and with many locations temporarily closed the Bellmore location is even more crowded. My experience with the staff and check-in process was all fine. The facility is very clean and the nurse and doctor I met with were both very professional and nice.**I took a Rapid Covid test and 5 hours later I still have not received my results!!**I waited an hour and a half on line in the cold before putting my name and number on a list and was sent a text message 2-1/2 hours later to return for my test. Once inside, it was about 20 minutes until I was called into the exam room. I simply cannot spend another day re-taking the test again and am outraged that my results have not been sent to me yet or uploaded onto the app. I called and spoke with a nice person, Anne, who explained that the computer systems are currently not working properly and to call back in 30 minutes.**Update: called again and finally got the negative result I was hoping for!! Only took 5-1/2 hours and two phone calls.**

Review №8


Always treated with respect and Drs have listened to my symptoms and concerns, answered questions to my satisfaction and easier than getting an appointment with my GP or going to the ER very happy with the experience

Review №9


I liked the fact that it is opened late. The Covid test was not an unpleasant experience. The staff is pleasant and efficient. I was isolated until my rapid results test came back and it was delivered to me by a doctor. I recommended this facility to friends and they liked it because they had a pleasant experience as well

Review №10


Dr Joseph Weber Lobez was caring and easied my mind when I was nervous. Dr Joseph Weber Lobez answered all my questions and explained them to me.

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