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Phone: +1 212-256-1049
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–8PM
  • Thursday:8AM–8PM
  • Friday:8AM–8PM
  • Saturday:9AM–5PM
  • Sunday:9AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4.2

144 Reviews for CityMD East 14th Urgent Care - NYC 2023:

Review №1


While the techs were kind and caring, respectful and efficient. The doctor did not run a second EKG after noticing a blip- when I had no complaints heart related and I had told her I had a clear EKG previously. I was sent to the ER and left with a clean bill of health and a $1,000 bill. None of which would have happened if she simply ran a second EKG.

Review №2


I came here the other afternoon in need of stitches in my knee due to an unexpected injury I had the previous night. I was a bit frantic because I’m from Florida and was only in town for a few days and don’t have insurance. I’m so thankful for the entire staff here as they were all friendly and efficient. I was in and out within 30 minutes it seemed with a tetanus booster shot and 6 stitches. The doctor and his nurse/assistant(?) worked with urgency to get my wound thoroughly cleaned and stitched up and gave me thorough instructions on how to care for it. I even got a voicemail the next day from the doctor following up on how I was. I don’t think I’ve ever received such great and quick care in a medical facility before.

Review №3


I have had the two worst experiences at this urgent care. Two different nurses consulted me, as they changed randomly mid-session and the second nurse did not know what was going on. The second time, the doctor was very hostile with their words as I was trying to explain why I needed sick leave for my university. I was trying to explain my medical history to her and how I’ve been suffering different issues other than the ones I came for (strep throat). However, I just felt like she was she doing anything to get me out of the room as soon as possible. I did not feel comfortable nor welcomed at all. It was because of those experiences that made me grow resentment towards the medical industry.

Review №4


The front desk personal was rude, person that claimed is a manager of the facility dismissed me, I was charged more than I should. Whe I asked for a number and names they didn’t provide me with any. They need to understand people go there when they are sick. This was the worst experience. I been discriminated due to my disability as I have blurry vision and was not able to see anything as I was checking in and didn’t receive any help when I ask for it.Who can I contact to get my money back and get help and ensure they don’t do this to others

Review №5


Extremely poor experience. The staff is ridiculously merciless, rude and non-cooperative. They made our dad wait for 4 hours with a broken hand only to let us know the X-ray guy had left. Please folks - if it is a situation where you can avoid 14th street City MD, or just avoid City MD completely, please do that.

Review №6


I’m not one to ever complain about bad service or leave reviews BUT The attending doctor at this location must’ve came from a battle zone because the type of care i received from him was very unprofessional. He walked in the room very aggressive giving me orders and interrogating me to the point I felt i was at a police station. Everything was rushed and I left the place feeling like i had committed a crime for seeking medical attention. Would not recommend this location.

Review №7


Been here a million times. Staff is great minus Dr. Jansen Tiongson. He’s a nightmare. RUN the other way. You will feel way worse than when you entered.

Review №8


Dr Sharma and team were prompt, professional and caring. Love Citi-MD.

Review №9


Went to this location for a quick antigen Covid test. Before they administer it i was requested to go over a medical evaluation, blood pressure, medications I am taking, etc which were completely unnecessary and unrequested. Most likely to increase the payments amounts from insurance.

Review №10


Was seen quickly but felt the whole visit was very rushed. Plus, it’s good to remember this *is* a for profit company and I’m not sure the chest x-ray was necessary. They do it in house and I felt rushed to get it done and later kinda regretted my decision. I wonder if I had gone to Mount Sinai a few blocks away if that would have been a better decision. At least there I don’t think I’d have been as rushed (I went there a few weeks ago and the Doctor there took more time to speak with me, tho the wait was longer. Trade offs I guess). They do move quick which is a plus for lots of folks.