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Phone: +1 212-710-1065
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Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:9AM–5PM
  • Sunday:9AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 4.3

135 Reviews for CityMD East 96th Urgent Care - NYC 2023:

Review №1


Took more than 1.5hrs just to see a doctor.The receptionist said we have to wait 20 minutes because technician is on break.That was at 3:20pm- she returned at 4:15pm!That is 55 minutes instead of the “20” min.When she arrived, she asked for “1-minute”, then left for 10 more minutes! I’m fairly sure I was being discriminated against, or at best, completely disregarded as a human being.—————-My experience on this visit was that:The staff are careless and have no issues with leaving you with a terrible experience overall.They don’t care if you’re in extreme pain.Swida, the urgent care manager, gave me a nasty attitude for daring to speak up for my rights as a patient.Would not recommend. Avoid if possible.——————Ultimately my family’s medical inquiry was tended to but I left there feeling stressed and exhausted by the whole ordeal.

Review №2


Came in with a big cut on my finger.. Dr. Powers did an amazing job stitching me up. Courtney the nurse was super nice, helpful and efficient. Definitely recommend this place!

Review №3


Hands down best urgent care experience. Do not hesitate to put your urgent health care in their hands. They made my daughter feel at ease and the process was the smoothest urgent care process ever and the place is immaculate.

Review №4


Awesome place. They never let me down when it comes to my health care and I’ve been going for years… since it opened. Front desk people are professional and the doctors go the extra mile. Great experience always.6 stars.

Review №5


Waited over an hour to be seen for a possible ear infection and throat pain. Dr. Powers didnt even look at my ear and told me I had post-nasal drip and to take flonase. Its been a week now that Ive been doing this and things have only gotten worse. Do not recommend.

Review №6


Great staff and courtesy. They are very involved with your care and their hospitality is fantastic. The doctors are great and very informative.

Review №7


Love it!!! No waiting time!! The doctor was very nice!!! Thank you for your service!! I always recommend this place to all my family and friends!!! The entire team was very nice and professional!!!

Review №8


You thought terrible service is the worst, wait till you receive bills for service that you never receive.We went in to have a follow-up examination for my three years old daughter in June 2021 for the treatment she received at this site in November 2020. I checked with CityMD aftercare team through e-mail and asked for an appointment before we went in. I was told no appointment needed, just go ahead and walk in. When I actually went in on the day, Dr. Victoria Vogel did not only refuse to provide any follow-up examination, but also chased us out and threatened my little girl and me with security when I tried to show her it was her own team that told me to come in for the follow-up examination. I would not accuse Dr. Vogel’s reaction is based on me or my daughter’s personal traits, but I will simply put it as her entitlement, unwillingness to communicate makes me realize the value CityMD is trying to communicate to the community by having someone like Dr. Vogel lead this facility as Medical Director. However, me nightmare did not end from this horrible experience.I have been receiving over three bills since November 2021 for my June 2021 experience. The bill is vaguely named as “Other” and quoted an amount more than a regular check-up. I was shocked because I was “lured in” and no service was ever provided to my little girl, not even basic respect. Every time I was able to dispute the bill through email, phone calls, CityMD will send out a new bill for the same “service”. CityMD has successfully made my insurance company paid for a portion of the service in the most recent bill before they notice me. Please DM me if you have similar experience.

Review №9


PLEASE don’t go here. I had a doctor give me the wrong diagnosis and wrong medicine. The doctor seemed insecure and flippant. I ended up seeing 2 more drs who had no idea how the 96th doctor came to her diagnosis. Both told me to avoid this location.

Review №10


Waited in the cold for 2 hours for a test. First 50 minutes --line did not move at all. No one came out to let us know anything. I understand they are overwhelmed, but some communication would have been nice. Took 3 hours total to get the test. As I was leaving they were starting to use a virtual line. Wow, that would have been great earlier in the day. Quoted 3-5 days for results. It took 10 DAYS. All my coworkers got their results the next day from testing sites in other areas of the city. I also got a voice mail from them to call them, but theydid not say why. What number do I hit on the phone tree? What a bunch of clowns. They should not be allowed to charge for this.