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Total reviews rating 4.3

199 Reviews for Clutter Self-Storage 2023:

Review №1


So glad we chose Clutter!! We rented and moved in last week to this facility. Rafael and Benjamin were very helpful and friendly. Rafael explained and showed everything to us and made sure we felt comfortable with our rental. The facility is great and we got a big unit for a very good price. Id recommend Clutter to anyone who needs some extra room in their apartment!! Thank you, Rafael and Benjamin!!

Review №2


Awhile back I wrote a review of this company because my husband and I as well as my daughter utilized them for storage and moving. We had originally dealt with MakeSpace and had a great experience when the pickup people arrived and packed up all of our belongings, which is why I believe most people give them a 5 star rating, but somewhere after they took them to the warehouse and then asked for their return, a myriad of items were either lost or broken. It is really disheartening as well as frustrating to spend several thousand dollars on storing broken or missing items. Their whole fee structure changed when they were bought out by Clutter and thus the reason for our asking for the items return. We still have not been reimbursed for the missing and broken items, even though it has been a few months, and from what I understand whatever we receive will be pennies on the dollar.Today we received an email from Clutter stating that they had found a few of our missing items and wanted to deliver them. Again, the delivery people were very amenable and by the book. They asked me to give them a great review and I told them that my previous experience had been horrible with the company, even though I was pleased with them, so its hard for me to give them kudos. As part of the discussion, the delivery people told me that the company is trying to resolve the issues theyve had in the past now that they are under new management. Evidently, the issue isnt with pickup and delivery - it starts once it gets to the warehouse. I can only imagine what is going on there. Is it possible that the employees at the warehouse just throw/jam things into the bins without trying to keep them safe and intact? How is it possible that so many items can get lost when they wrap and label everything?The delivery person asked me to reach out to the management of Clutter and voice my concerns. If those individuals check google reviews, consider yourselves informed since I dont have their contact information. I would not recommend your company to anyone.

Review №3


We were extremely happy with our experience at Clutter in LIC. Mr. Santos and Benjamin were extremely helpful to us and to our elderly mother who frequently needs help when she goes to Clutter. I can’t thank the staff enough for bending over backwards to help us move items into storage. Very clean, easy, hassle free location with great staff.

Review №4


Horrifying experience. Would give negative stars if possible1 - The initial quote was $456 for moving, one month of storage, and the protection plan. It was clearly stated during the initial quote that that pick up and drop off were included. However the quoted services ended up costing almost four times that at $1781.3.They tacked on seemingly endless fees and charges for pick up and drop off - charging both an appointment and labor fee for both pick up and drop off that were mentioned nowhere in the initial quote. I would have not used this service if I was properly informed of the actual price.2 - They broke and scratched multiple items (tables, glasses, artwork), amounting to a greater value than the protection (1k). Also there were several things that werent damaged but everything was just generally dirty when it was returned to me - even the things packed in boxes.3 - After I filed multiple claims they agreed to the damages and said they would send me a check in 30 days. This was a month and a half ago and I have still not received this.4 - They lost a very large piece of furniture and have been unable to locate it - claiming they have not found any evidence of this item being moved or stored by Clutter, despite me providing a picture of this item in the pile of items they were moving and seeing them place this item in the truck. This leads me to no other conclusion than that they stole my furniture.5 - They erroneously charged me for a packing appointment, which tacks on even more additional fees, claiming that they retrieved items from multiple rooms. This is untrue, as all of the items were packed by me and piled by the door prior to the appointment. I have a picture that I sent to them of this - however they denied this, insisted they went to multiple rooms, and would not change the appointment type.6 - I have a limited amount of stuff (in a studio - so just one rooms worth - 12 boxes, a few suitcases, and some lighter furniture like chairs and tables). It was all packed prior to Clutter arriving, and in one pile right next to the door. However the movers took five hours to move it out of my apartment. I eventually just started doing it for them because they were going so slowly.TLDR; Paid 4x what I was quoted for them to break and lose my items. Working with Clutter was hell.

Review №5


If I could, I would give this company a 0 star.As a storage and MOVING company, they do not understand the simple reality that movers cannot guarantee an exact arrival time.I’ve been a customer with them for almost a year now in the NY area. I now live in a different state that is out of their service area, so in order to retrieve all of my items, I’d have to hire my own movers to pick up at their warehouse.Surprisingly, their warehouse has a bizarre rule of “arrival” window, and if your movers arrive too close to the end of that window, they will have to come back another day. That means the movers can still charge you for the entire move because it’s technically not their fault.That is not an “arrival” window, that is a Processing window. And guess what, it’s because they have another appointment right after one another with zero buffer time.Why in the world would you enforce inflexible time windows in the most non-punctual industry? It’s almost like they aren’t movers themselves. And not to my surprise, the customer rep I talked to had never used movers before, so I had to explain again and again why all this doesn’t make sense.Stay away from this company if you ever think you will move out of their service area.

Review №6


This company has caused me nothing but pain and frustration. You call there is no really person to actually answer. You leave a message nobody call you back, you start a chat, the rep leaved the chat. you ask for management, nobody answers.. not to mention the lack f transparency in pricing when they took over make space. They charge you a month in advance so when you take your stuff out at the end of your cycle they will charge you again and do not prorate..even though the goods were out. I have been going in circles, asking for help, trying to get a time scheduled.. I am so worried abut my belongings... this is a nightmare. HOW DO I REACH A MANGER, WHO CAN ACTUALLY HELP ME CLUTTER???

Review №7


Very clean and dry space, convenient location and I really like loading/unloading area. Very friendly and attentive stuff. Rafael helped me a lot to understand and choose a suitable storage unit. Showed me what options I have. Definitely recommend this self storage.

Review №8


If you’re looking for a company to lose, destroy or just damage your things this is the perfect company to use. I’ve had them store staging furniture for me and they are absolutely THE WORST. Every time they bring me items that they haven’t lost there is always items that are damaged. And they are always gracious to offer for me the file a claim. The easier solution would be to simply do your job.

Review №9


I wanted to like this service but unfortunately their customer service is terrible. First they rescheduled an appointment I already had reserved and did not offer any compensation for the change. All we received was an apology for the inconvenience. Then when I tried to close out my storage unit they offered ZERO accommodations to get my appointment scheduled soonest and made it near impossible to speak to someone on the phone. The earliest I could get an appointment scheduled was 6 calendar days out and Im moving. Ridiculous. Only after sitting in an online chat session for nearly an hour was I FINALLY able to have someone call me and they offered zero help. Save yourself the headache! Shop elsewhere!!!

Review №10


Do not use this service/website. I used them and the movers scratched the hell out of my hardwood floors and then the Clutter claims department declined to pay for the damage despite immediately contacting them while the movers were still there. They refused to get on the phone with me and their supervisor and just in the chat box told me to file a claim which they then denied. They also during the move increased the price of my storage and the move despite me telling them exactly how much stuff i was moving on the website before hand.Highly unprofessional. They try to save money by forcing you through their online service center and really end up just being completely disconnected from their customers.

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