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Total reviews rating 3.4

199 Reviews for CookUnity 2023:

Review №1


Great portions, delicious, high quality. Packaging is the best of any meal delivery service Ive seen, they send meals in a zippered bag with ice packs that you return with each delivery -- food trays appear to be compostable, only real waste is plastic film on top. Very impressed, and Ive tried a bunch of these services. Not sure whats up with the bad experiences on here but for me its been amazing. Highly recommended.

Review №2


Im located in Atlanta and that is where I get my deliveries. Overall, I like cookunity the food is fresh and the meal are decent. The problem with some of the meals are that it can be very bland. Its different chefs so while some chefs season well others dont season at all lol. I would order from them again for sure and Ill have seasoning on hand just in case.

Review №3


The food tastes as bad as it looks! Opening a box told me right away that the food was not good (See photos below.) I decided to taste a few to see if looks do deceive. No, they didn’t. The taste of both dishes were strange, heavy spices not matching the cuisine, unrecognizable! My husband is a chef and he agreed with me. The spicing was strange. After checking my account, I realized that I had purchased food from Cook Unity some years ago. The food has not improved!

Review №4


My first order arrived yesterday. It was a mess with food spilled inside the box and no ice/gel packs. Ive been trying to reach someone but no response until finally a please share your email to a post on twitter. Im supposed to select my next meals today and no way to cancel/skip. I was so excited for these but HORRIBLE customer service and meals that I cant eat because of how they were shipped. After posting on twitter someone finally reached out and they did give a refund but what a disappointment and complete waste of my time...time I value and is why I was ordering premade meals?!

Review №5


I was super excited about this meal service as the food looked amazing.I was majorly let down after receiving the first package as it was melted, the meals were almost all open and had the box was covered with them.I understand shipping issues can happen, so I would opt review negatively based on that… however I reached out to support their support and that is where my 0 star rating stems from.They are clearly not capable to support their customers and for a B to C company they need some work.I would look into other meal services

Review №6


Unclear what people are griping about because Cook Unity meals BLOW every other meal delivery service out of the water! The food is fresh, nice looking, and tastes delishous! The best thing is that they have a lot less chicken like other food delivery but a variety of excellent meat choices. I love fish and cook unity does it well! If you want superior take out worthy dinners then this is your best bet!

Review №7


Im never ordering from this service again. My last order was a complete mess; it arrived a day late, and none of the packages of food were sealed good, the sauces leaked out everywhere. Furthermore, one order of the chicken looked horrendously undercooked! And this is what it looked like after being heated up in the oven and microwave, too. I tried this service for a couple months. I cant say anything truly blew my mind. They picked and sent meals out that I did not like. The vegetables in 9 out of 10 meals are absolutely pathetic looking, theyre often shriveled up and ruined from the flash freezing process. The worst thing, of course, was the messy boxes and undercooked looking food. Ive been cooking for over 12 years myself and bought these as a convenience for having a busy life. You cant always go by the color of meat for doneness, but this chicken absolutely looked too pink, especially for parts not close to the bone. I was pretty furious and disgusted, and did not eat the rest of my $80~ shipment.

Review №8


Enjoyed some of the meals, others were super not worth the cost. Just had an order of 12 meals delivery delayed (their app tracker said the food was on the truck all day) and instead of canceling the order for me so we don’t get sick from the food- they insist we eat it and refused to cancel the order. They did not care I told them I was uncomfortable with the order, they just wanted to keep their money so I canceled. Clearly they do not care how you feel about what you’re eating.Edit: the late order finally arrived and customer support lied through their teeth. The meals were prepared Monday, the delivery company was just late. They want me to eat food that’s gone bad and what’s more- the gourmet option this week is pathetic. The ribs have no sauce.

Review №9


I just had my first delivery and although it was far from a perfect experience I havent written them off yet and have been pleased with the overall taste of meals.So the good:Choose your own meals from TONS of options.Variety of proteins for meals including veggie options.Food is actually tasty! Not sub-par or mediocre.Quality ingredients.Food was all Fresh.Now the bad...Delivery was late and SLLLLLLLLOW. The estimate was originally at noon and didnt arrive until after 7PM. So their estimates arent reliable.Some meals arrived with the plastic seal broken.Support was OK. I did get credited for the damaged meals and at the time I was quite hangry and ready to just quit my subscription.After several days having the meals I have been impressed with the taste and quality of the food. By far the best tasting ready to eat meals Ive had from a delivery service.The servings are actually pretty good and I feel satisfied. Moreover Im trying quality and unique meals which really adds some nice variety to my diet than relying on fast food etc.Ive decided to keep giving Cook Unity a try.Weighing the convenience and taste + quality of the food I will keep testing Cook Unity out. I would like to see more options such as a lot of the meals I see advertised by them available in my area but I will probably use it once in awhile to get a break from takeout.Cookunity definitely needs to work on their shipping issues though. I 100% believe the reviews that are getting damaged meals because even though my meals werent a big mess the seals were broken still on some so I can imagine how upsetting that must be. Hopefully they work on better sealing and can have more reliable shipping.P.S. Im using a toaster oven to heat meals and its been great. So Id recommend following the directions and not using the microwave unless you have to.

Review №10


I am the proud owner of a Tovala oven who uses Cook Unity as my meal service. To be fair, the Tovala makes everything taste great (steam and high temp cooking keeps everything moist and perfect) but in particular the Cook Unity meals are amazingly delicious and incredibly simple in this oven. Not sure I would use the microwave instructions, but anyone with any oven could appreciate the variety and taste of this incredible service.