Courtyard by Marriott New York ManhattanTimes Square in New York

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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Courtyard by Marriott New York ManhattanTimes Square 2023:

Review №1


We were very happy with our stay. This is not the fanciest hotel. However, we found it clean and comfortable. The staff were friendly and helpful. The location was perfect. In walking distance to several tourists areas and metros. We felt very safe. We also appreciated that they had a locked and camera secured room to store our luggage even after we checked out of the hotel. This allowed us to stay longer without having to carry all of our luggage! We would stay here again!

Review №2


Great location. Comfortable rooms. The refrigerator case in the hotel store wasn’t cooling but there were keep refrigerated juices in there. Yuck. But otherwise it was flawless. I would definitely recommend staying there as a first choice in Manhattan for tourists and families.

Review №3


I’m an avid traveler and love the Marriott brand. I’m an Ambassador, but don’t expect extra attention. This is important to note as the service I received should have been better than someone not a Marriott loyalist.The check in was good. One of the elevators was down and the other’s floor numbers were messed up. Other than being extremely slow elevators nothing to note. When I got to my room it was quite warm. I turned down the controls, went out for a quite bite, and then turned in for the night.I was very hot during the night and realized the AC wasn’t working. Luckily the windows opened so sleeping to the NYC traffic is easier than being hot.When I let the front desk know they immediately said they would send someone up. I got back that evening from work and when I went into the room it was hot again. I called down and someone came up stating that it was working earlier. After tinkering around for about 30 minutes he said he’s going to have his expert come the next day. Again, opened the window to get some cool air.You would think by now offering to move me to another room would have come up. I didn’t push the issue because I was only there 3 nights. The next day they fixed the AC and my last night was cool and quite. Just in time for me to go home the next day.The moral of this story is even when a guest doesn’t want to be a bother, you would think offering to make it right would be at the top of your list. It’s not like something minor was happening; this was the AC unit.UPDATE: The property responding made me move up the stars to 4. Other than the AC it’s a great place to stay. I’ll try it again.

Review №4


Had we been staying more than one night I would have moved hotels.Pros: Rooms were clean and near Times Square if you are looking for that location.Cons:- No parking (If you call Marriott they will say that this location has valet parking. It does not.)- Old unreliable elevators- Old infrastructure: everything just needs to be updated. The water runs brown before it runs clear, there are stains and chipped paint, the toilets are so loud you think something is broken.

Review №5


Room needs updating, but this is a great value in a great location. We recently stayed nearby at a “nicer” hotel that was more expensive, but there were many problems (no hot shower, no closet, etc). This is a great location with a fairly large room. Hot water works, pillows of various firmness, AND breakfast included. We will stay here again.

Review №6


It is located in the 41st street of New York, Manhattan. Time Square is at walkable distance from here. Rooms were neat and clean. Space inside the room is adequate. The interaction with the front desk executives was pleasant on both checkin and check out. They are kind enough to arrange taxi for you if needed.

Review №7


Spent 3 days in Manhattan with my 13 year old son. From the moment we checked in every single person we interacted with was amazing and so nice. Our view of the Empire State Building was amazing. Hotel was clean and close to all the theatres and Times Square. Would stay here again in a heartbeat. Thank you to the staff.

Review №8


Location is good, the staff is friendly (we watched a lady from Miami berate the check in clerk on Christmas Day, and he was so professional he disarmed her upset feeling. The cafe workers were pleasant and let my little girl grab a pack of cards from a toy box they have. That’s the end of the happy part of the review.We are platinum and exclusively stay with Marriott’s properties, because there is usually a certain level of properties everywhere we go. This hotel needs some guidance from the top down, advertising the free breakfast on the website but no they have plain instant oatmeal and Otis spunkmeyer gas station muffins for $8. They have a limited Starbucks coffee menu if you like that.Our reservations were made early October. We had to change rooms due to occupancy issues, I’m not even sure what that means but I think it is code for something is wrong with the room you are in because they had maintenance in there for the whole day after.They do a building wide thermostat so climate control is not your choice. We were talking with other guests while waiting on the single elevator that were staying on a low floor and they complained about being too cold in their room. Our room was so hot we were sweating.The rooms are very dated. Seriously there is an inkjet printer that is bigger than the mini fridge with no cable sitting on the desk section. The mattresses are worn and very uncomfortable. The room phone only worked on speaker. The carpets are stained in the halls, the elevators rattle and move inconsistently, and overall the elevators were not in service consistently. The bank of 3 had at most 2 and at one point only 1 elevator working.The place is not great, and all issues could easily be addressed with minor updates, communication, and effective management.*update, thanks for the generic canned response from a manager. That is exactly what the issue is at this hotel. If they can reply on Google reviews maybe they could update the website to include the actual amenities.

Review №9


On arrival we were assigned room 1906. In advance I had requested a NON feather room since I am allergic to feathers as well as extra washclothes and towels. When we got to the room, it grossly smelled of marijuana. Also there were still feather pillows in the room and no extra towels. For someone with allergies to feathers, this can be problematic just having feathers in the room. We went back downstairs and they assigned us another room, 2806. While moderately clean, the furniture is dated and dusty. Chunks of the corners of furniture are literally missing. Also very dusty vents in the bathroom and dusty on the headboard area required us to clean ourselves. Their entire cafe area is closed but the website, at the time of the booking, didnt mention it was not in service. It would be nice to have obtained a cup of coffee in the morning. Additionally the carpets in the hallway were filthy but I would chalk this up to ongoing traffic usage. The staff has been extremely responsive and friendly.

Review №10


We stayed here for a few days. The staying was awful. The reason are:- We paid for two rooms with AC. We received both with no AC and one of them with a very bad smell. When we made the claim to the front desk, the staff there thought that we didnt understand English and told his colleague that she couldnt trust our word and change our room even tho we check in 5 minutes before in the Hotel with the same person. Also, she had a very bad way to treat a client. After she took notice that we do understand English she changes our room to another one with no smell but no AC working as well, and this second room she gave us was dirty, with use towels and soap in the restroom, and other things.- For 2 rooms for 500 USD per night, they offer in booking a gym but they dont really have one, only a very small space with dirty laundry outside and a horrible smell in the 15 mt2 gym room. We paid for a service they didnt have.- They offer paid continental breakfast but they give a very bad one, is really the worst I have seen in a hotel in my life, with very limited choices and they even denied hot water.- The cleaning staff is extremely aggressive (floor 22). In our first day, no one clean the room and later the cleaning staff told us that they wouldnt do it because they dont work after 13 hrs. Later, the lobby staff told us that they work until 21 hrs. The day after, the same person from the cleaning staff wait for us in the elevator upstairs to yellow us at what time do you want to make the room. Thats not an adequate form to talk to a customer of the Hotel. This was a real problem in our days in this Hotel.- The Hotel is old, dirty, with the worst maintenance possible, with elevators with a lot of noises and seems to be malfunction. This is a real danger to both the clients and staff of the Marriott Hotel.- For this and other reasons we will make a formal claim against this Hotel, for which we paid more than 4.000 USD for just 5 nights.