Coventry Village Apartments in Central Islip


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Total reviews rating 2.4

10 Reviews for Coventry Village Apartments 2023:

Review №1


Currently staying here. Please don’t move here it’s legit horrible. All the reviews that are 1 star are the truth. They don’t care about any tenants they just want their money. We recently went 5 days with no heat no hot water. Evelyn said she has no idea… how are you the manager of a complex and not know that people have no heat for about a week in the winter? Very rude person and nasty whenever you call to ask simple questions. God forbid something breaks in your apartment they try to blame you or they take months to repair. We couldn’t use our kitchen sink for 2 weeks… took 3 years for them to replace an air conditioner. Honestly the people who run this place are evil. Never move here please I beg you. Will be one of the worst decisions you ever make in your life. The whole complex is a bunch of patch jobs. One time my ceiling even fell down we had to stay in a hotel for 4 months. Luckily we have good insurance and they covered everything because the management team never sent over the paperwork to our insurance. Oh yeah and Evelyn once lost my rent check and said we never gave it to her. I had to pay rent twice in one month. She’s an evil person who should’ve been fired years ago. I wish I could leave no stars. They worked our super to death also like legit they killed him. These people are evil and all deserve to be fired. I cannot stress this enough don’t move here!

Review №2


RUN!!! Do NOT move here!!!!! If I could give less than 1 star I would...The apartments are super DATED. They do NO upgrades, you literally move in to patch work just enough for the apartment to appeal “decent”. Don’t need anything fixed, you’ll be waiting MONTHS for any issues to be addressed. Every 3 months the sewage backs up therefore any residents residing on the first floor will be forced to clean cesspool out of there tubs with no assistance from management. It gets WORSE, let’s talk about the RAT/MICE & ROACH infestation that they refuse to address. In the first 3 months of residing in these apartments I began to see rodents occupy my apartment and would even run out in broad day light. There has been multiple health department with no action to actually address the infestation because the residents are told as long as they submit receipt of the exterminator coming there is nothing they can do, however, exterminator comes out sprays some solution and that’s the end of that! If you planning to reside here you must also be aware that there is a significant amount of drug use and operations by both staff and residents therefore you will encounter a lot of police activity. In a nutshell just know if you decide to move to this horrible place just know you’ll be making the WORST decision of your life.

Review №3


I would say dont move here there are so many issues. Apartments are out dated nothing gets fix. They will do the bare minimum. Landlord is a cheap guy who doesnt want to spend money to fix things. laundry rooms are a disaster ceaspool backs up all the time. i would say to get a different place. plus the rodants are nasty.

Review №4


This place is so unprofessional and racists. First is that they take way too long to fix anything in the apartments. They never return your call. The young lady in the office Caroline is so unprofessional, rude and arrogant. She doesnt let you speak, she goes over your voice and screams at you. She then lies to the main office about the tenants and their pets, that they are being walked without a leash which is a lie and then shell tell them the dogs attack her. When in fact there is a blind man who walks his dog without a leash everyday. Shell threaten you to call animal control to have your pet taken away and put down without the dog have any vicious propensities. She claims she works everyday but only opens the office two times a week. If your black or Hispanic she gets very nasty. Once someone walked into the office, she was on a personal call, she said to the other person I have to hang up a spic just walked in. The office has many complaints about her and nothing is being done. Bottom line this place is horrible its crawling with huge roaches water bugs they dont don anything about it.

Review №5


A week to fix a faucet, because they needed to prepare another empty apartment first. Evelyn is in charge of their repairs, and just does not realistically know what she is doing. Funny thing is they brought the faucet, and just left it here.

Review №6


This is not the kind of people you want to live with Evelyn Gillespi in the office is so unprofessional I was talking to her and she hung up on me if I could give no stars I would they never return calls its a nightmere dealing with Coventry Village employees. Coventry you are not that BIG you need to hire people that care after all you are in the business of dealing with the public.

Review №7


This place is a mess they dont fix thing correctly and take way to long to get things done. Management is very unprofessional and careless. during the winter snow removal takes too long and is left unfinished. I left one star because i couldnt post this comment without checking one.

Review №8


Heard a lot of good things about this complex its owned by the same company i currently rent from very nice place..

Review №9


Management.. running the place worse then the project

Review №10



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