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Phone: +1 212-505-7467
Opening hours
  • Monday:12–9PM
  • Tuesday:12–9PM
  • Wednesday:12–9PM
  • Thursday:12–9PM
  • Friday:12–9PM
  • Saturday:12–9PM
  • Sunday:12–9PM
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Total reviews rating 4

199 Reviews for Cure Thrift Shop 2023:

Review №1


This thrift store was incredibly organized and a total delight to peruse through. I enjoy thrifting when I’m traveling, and this space was in close proximity to the apartment I was staying at. Prices were on the higher end, but reasonable for the history of the items. It was a total bonus to see that some of the proceeds go to diabetes research. Will definitely stop by next time I’m in the city.

Review №2


Whoever curates this store has excellent taste. Unfortunately the prices are too high to make many of these pieces worth buying. Some of the clothing is affordable (definitely nothing under $10…this is not your typical thrift store, more of a vintage shop). The home decor and furniture is priced as if the items are rarer than they actually are… $800 paintings for example.

Review №3


I love thrifting! this store has so many great pieces! cool rings! amazingly perfect shoes - furniture - so many great pieces to choose from! even a wonderful 70s vibe mens section! friendly and helpful staff - super clean and tidy! highly recommend! the jewelry section was very organized! meticulous! which makes finding the perfect pieces - effortless :-)

Review №4


Excellent shop with many items all very unique and hard to find at any other shop or even high end furniture stores! a very curated selection and the displays are great. the staff is all so friendly and helpful. i even had a question about one of the items in the store emailing the store email and i got a quick response right away! so great! definitely stop in the store if looking for any clothing or specific home decor items!

Review №5


Absolutely stunning store ! Very nicely laid out. It’s a truly a Fantastic curation of unique items however I left with nothing because the prices are simply to high for this local . Enjoyed looking around immensely .

Review №6


Cure Thrift is a fun addition to the neighborhood! It has a great selection of vintage women’s clothing and accessories and men’s tees. The store is cutely organized with furniture dispersed throughout. They also have some high end pieces amongst the tees. Already planning to wear an old tee I purchased with fancier pants for an unconventional look! Great conversation with the employees at check out and by the fitting room as well! Love popping in to see what’s new :)

Review №7


Cure Thrift Shop is a destination not to be missed! Upon entering, I was struck by the artful presentation of their second hand, vintage, antique and/or home decor items. It feels more like a museum (or museum gift shop) where you can touch everything! The space is truly a delight in which to immerse oneself on a rainy afternoon, but what really sets it apart from other charity shops is the staff. I interacted with three who work there, and all were friendly and spirited. Anna even took the time to help me narrow a selection of over a hundred charms to a thoughtfully curated purchase more in-line with my budget. I highly recommend a visit to locals and tourists alike.

Review №8


Cute Thrift is the perfect blend of thrift/ vintage. It has such an amazing variety of pieces, from clothing, to art, to furniture, to sweet little knickknacks, there’s something for everyone. The staff takes such great care to find and put together a beautiful collection of pieces. They also know the inventory well and are very helpful in helping you find a special piece. Cannot recommend enough!

Review №9


This shop has a nice collection of merchandise but the prices are at the very top end of retail, or more (i saw some vintage donated pieces tagged higher than the current prices at the actual designer stores, and i saw some other stuff you can buy in Chinatown or at the Chelsea Flea Market for a few dollars that this store is asking $50-100+ for). even by NYC thrift shop standards, this place prices stuff at a crazy level. i dont know if the owner of this place is extremely greedy or just ignorant, but there are plenty of other places in NYC to get decent merchandise without having to pay these kinds of wacky prices. i wont be going back to this store but i have to say i had a good laugh at how highly the owner values his/her merchandise. (it was funny in a sad way).

Review №10


Since they moved locations, the selection is much smaller (especially of mens clothing) and the prices are much higher. Like, $975 for antique items 50+ years old which are fabulous collectors items next to actual thirft items that are $24. They seem to have shifted focus from thrift to antique specialty. Know that before coming. Great cause! Ill donate the $5 i have directly and leave with nothing, because still a great cause, Im just not a billionaire who can collect 100 year old original ferragamos.