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Phone: +1 212-852-0600
Site: http://www.elal.com/
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Total reviews rating 2.7

7 Reviews for El Al Israel Airlines 2023:

Review №1


Bad experience! On the day (16/04/2022) I traveled from São Paulo to NYC with American Airlines and I was very well attended as in other times. Arriving in NYC, my connection before Tel Aviv (10 hours waiting at the airport) to continue my flight on the day (17/04/2022) to Tel Aviv at 17:30 from JFK in NYC by El Al airline. As soon as I arrived, the queue at the check-in counter, I was approached by El Al attendants and so far so good, they saw my passport, my health form filled in according to Israeli legislation, the green pass... But then they joined three attendants and started to question me about the trip (procedure that I considered normal at first) but then they started to be ironic with me, with questions such as (who paid for your trip, what is your itinerary, why did you issue a visa to Jordan, your bosses give you vacation days, which countries you have been to, why do you know Israel at that moment, you left the airport in the interval between one flight and another, why do you have two cell phones… the three went to talk in a corner and went back and continued the interrogation (who do you live with, where do your parents live, what do you work with… everything was answered in a calm way and they kept mocking me, laughing at my face at times). After about 45 minutes of interrogation in front of everyone in the check-in hall, they said they were going to collect my checked luggage and my backpack and they would search. They sent me to check-in, I went through all the normal airport security procedures and when I was in front of the boarding gate, they took me to an El Al room and there began more abuse, and started to collect all my belongings such as: wallet, bank cards, watch, neck chain, sneakers, and they started to inspect my backpack and my suitcase without my permission to accompany them. I was waiting in an anteroom. They took headphones out of the case and told me that everything that was in my backpack would go in the suitcase (cell phone, tablet, medicine, keys to my house, anything you can imagine) then they took me to a room and started to to search myself, feeling all over my body from hair to toe, and I still had to pull down my pants and stay only in my underwear. Total embarrassment. This took over an hour and even confirming that I am a tourist on vacation, with nothing prohibited along, they put me through another interrogation until the moment I asked to return to Brazil after all these human rights violations. I was treated ironically and disrespectfully at all times. Only the translator Tania treated me like a human. The other staff who were interrogating and inspecting me (3 men and 2 women) treated me disrespectfully and inhumanely. The El Al employees who attended me are very poorly prepared, with abusive and violent approaches. I am a frequent tourist traveler and I have never seen and never been treated like this by any other airline. I have traveled. I know more than 15 airlines. I know that security procedures are normal and Ive been through searches before, but never with as much disrespect, aggression, irony, humiliation, as it was with El Al Israel Airlines. I do not recommend this airline to anyone. Im always treated well in the airlines, with the exception of this El Al.

Review №2


Whole Israeli state is Trash! FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸

Review №3


El Al airlines is the true way to go! If you need to go to Israel, make sure you choose El Al! The service was great and the flight attendants were super friendly! I felt really safe in the airlines plane! The entertainment was also awesome! We cant wait to fly El Al again!

Review №4


Horrible service!!! Should be ashamed!!

Review №5


Great experience and super friendly

Review №6


Great flight

Review №7


A hard experience. Direct flight to Boston is a difficult experience. Do not recommend El Al. Poor service from start to finish.Lets start with the reservation. We booked 3 tickets with pre-booked seats plus a $ 99 direct ticket. We did not find our daughters reservation even though it was paid in advance. Nothing helped, the result was another remote place.The flight was delayed by 5 hours (say to the credit of El Al who announced this about 8 hours before the departure) which made us actually two days without sleep. Either another passenger hurts you as he passes or the passenger in front of you has decided to lay the seat back on your knees hitting them and bouncing you from your light sleep The event was justified by the flight attendants it is his right! spoken.The plane seats are narrow. The transitions between the lines are narrow as well, the stewardess behavior is disgraceful. (Although there are exceptions but they are the minority.Hope the experience on the way back will not be even harder, how bad can El Al be.🥲