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Phone: +1 646-649-3976
Site: http://www.evolutionmuaythai.com/
Opening hours
  • Monday:11:45AM–2PM
  • Tuesday:11:45AM–2PM
  • Wednesday:11:45AM–2PM
  • Thursday:11:45AM–2PM
  • Friday:11:45AM–2PM
  • Saturday:12:15–3:30PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.9

42 Reviews for Evolution Muay Thai 2023:

Review №1


Evolution Muay Thai is an amazing gym. Kru Brandon is passionate and dedicated but also has a great sense of humor. Brandon has produced very high-level athletes, including UFC competitor and Muay Thai champion Angela Hill . I’ve also seen Brandon transform students whose goals were more health and fitness driven. After a few months of training, some of these individuals looked like different people, healthier, happier, and younger. After I started grad school and stopped training at Evolution, Brandon remained a loyal friend and mentor showing that he genuinely does care for his students. I look forward to training here again someday.

Review №2


I wanted my three training here during my vacation but they told me I ´m not a member of this Gym across the schedule on their web sites for all groups

Review №3


I only did around 8 classes at Evolution before I accepted a job offer in Miami.During my time there, I felt so welcomed, enjoyed Brandons teaching style and the culture he had promoted so much.It doesnt matter if youre a beginner or a pro, everyone will treat you with respect here and you will learn proper Muay Thai technique in every session.I have to reiterate, this is not a BS workout class - you are actually learning real Muay Thai and it is fantastic. You get a real sense of achievement learning a true martial art rather than doing heavy bag and some burpees like at those chains.Anyway... I want to thank Brandon for getting me hooked on the sport and I look forward to rejoining Evolution when I invariably move back to NY.

Review №4


I started training at this Facility because I was looking for a top notch Muay Thai program in the City. Not only are the classes great, but its an affordable gym with a flexible schedule. The community is great and Evolution is always evolving. They now offer Judo, Grappling, Conditioning, and Wrestling classes with world class coaches. Brandon Levi is the head coach and he teaches most of the Muay Thai classes. He is very detailed and gives individual attention to everyone. If you are interested in coming here for the first time you can try a One Day Pass which is FREE. Most people take classes back to back on their first day.

Review №5


Evolution is a great gym with top notch training but without all the ego and price that usually comes with it.Beginner classes are a great workout and good for all levels. Kru Brandon makes sure to critique everyone while their training to really help them improve. Advanced students are friendly and always ready to help as well.The gym has a great relaxed atmosphere and good community. Its great for everyone, whether youre just looking for a good workout or want to start fighting professionally.

Review №6


I did my first Muay Thai class at Evolution today. Cary, who was my instructor, was patient, knowledgeable, and friendly.We worked a lot on kicks, and he introduced me to knees at the end of the session. Walking in, I had never thrown a kick in my life (maybe besides soccer). And by the end, I was kicking pads and heavy bag with very decent form.I definitely will come back to Evolution. Any beginner thinking of trying Muay Thai should not hesitate to come to this gym. Everyone here is welcoming.

Review №7


Cant say enough good things about it. Terrific instruction. Terrific people. Wonderful gym.Im not sure how Brandon does it, but hes created an atmosphere that is at the same time very serious and professional but also relaxed and fun.Its great for people of all levels, but perhaps particularly good for beginners. Its a very supportive environment where people (like me) with no previous martial arts experience can learn.Again, cant say enough good things and recommend it highly!

Review №8


Ive been visiting Evolution for about four years now, and I couldnt be happier. Before Evolution I trained at another local gym that cant even be compared to this place. Kru Brandon is extremely knowledgeable and cares about all his students. Classes are always level appropriate and friendly. The overall atmosphere is awesome too, never too serious but everyone is there to get better. Still you never feel pressured to perform above your comfort level, while still being encouraged to improve. The facilities themselves are always clean, and the staff is always concerned about members health. They take many precautions to make sure you are unlikely to catch any skin infections. Really happy with this place, and looking forward to many, many more great years with Evolution.

Review №9


Whether it be preparing for competition, physical fitness or self-defense, Evolution Muay Thai NYC is as absolutely good as it gets. In addition to being an unbelievably friendly and outgoing individual, Kru Brandon possesses an inordinate amount of knowledge about the sport, and he goes out of his way to make sure that everyone participating feels included in his instruction. The gym itself is a completely judgment-free zone; regardless of your experience, all are welcome and everyone in the class is overwhelmingly positive. You would be hard pressed to find a better Martial Arts gym than Evolution Muay Thai NYC.

Review №10


This gym is my second family. Amazing coach, great people, and one awesome Mama Bear. I am a lifer at Evolution. And when my son grows up, he will be as well :) I cannot say enough about this gym - it has changed my life for the better :)