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Total reviews rating 3.7

199 Reviews for McDonalds 2023:

Review №1


We waited in line at the drive-through for longer than expected, there were only two vehicles in front of us. We ordered two sweet teas expecting to pay $1 each. We had been to another McDonalds the day before and paid $1 each. When we got to the window, the total was $5.38. We had already given our credit card to the cashier when we told her to cancel the order, that was too much to pay for two teas. We didnt realize she changed our card, and did not cancel/refund the $5.38.Unfortunately, this is the only store we ever have issues with. We will not be returning to this particular store.

Review №2


Terrible service. Didnt make my sandwich properly, and this is after we spent like 45 bucks here. Rather thanput the sauce on my sandwich or remake it they gave me a mcnugget box filled with the sauce. Absolutely ridiculous, screwed up our order in other ways missing half the happy meal etc. Employees showed visible attitude every step of the way. If you dont want to work go collect welfare

Review №3


One of the worst McDonald’s I’ve been too. Nuggets we’re so dry, you could tell they were sitting around all day. Fries were soggy, sandwich was barely warm.

Review №4


Second and last time we’ll come to this location. We came around 1:30 am and waited in line for about 20-30 minutes. Then waited for our order to be taken for 5 minutes. The mic was very distorted so we could barely understand what the guy was saying. Literally took the first part of our order and then told us to pull around. We gave him the rest and paid. Waited to pick up our food for 15 minutes. So ridiculous. And it gets even better. They even messed up our order. They forgot a fry and gave us a medium drink when we wanted a large. Service sucked tbh. So understaffed. Will never be back

Review №5


If I could give zero stars Id be glad to. Nobody knew what was going on and the lady who was in charge (I only assume she was in charge because she was shouting louder than everyone else) was of little help. Everybody there, customers and employees were very agitated. I almost forgot, the burgers were assembled upside down (I use the word assembled loosely, as nothing was really stacked properly)

Review №6


I was there yesterday to buy a coffee and ice coffee. Coffee was cold and ice coffee was taste sugar cane syrup added. Not happy because what I sent.

Review №7


Dude just get the fries. You have no other reason to come here. Youre just adding some extra calories purposely if you get anything else. The fries are worth the world but nothing else.

Review №8


Sat in line for a half hour, and surprise, the ice cream/ milkshake machine was down. They could have told us when we placed the order instead of waiting another 15 minutes until we got up to the window since that was half the order.

Review №9


Never get your order correct. A chicken sandwich with just a pickle? Why? This is not a sandwich! On a good note, it is one of the few place opened late night.

Review №10


Was told they didnt have the 2 for 5 sandwiches when they were lit up on the menu, there was a sign in pay line that said exact change or credit card and I paid with a 20 thinking I wasnt going to get change back and the employee was very rude about the sign but got change back

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