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Total reviews rating 3.5

199 Reviews for McDonalds 2023:

Review №1


Today I came here to eat lunch and the garbages were really full. This rarely happens because the girl usually cleans it upstairs, but I didn’t see her today. The usual wait time in the afternoon with tourist ordering.Upstairs is usually spotless including the bathrooms. This Place is wheelchair accessible on the first floor only. There was a handicap bathroom on the first floor but they remove the sign and the staff use it for themselves to change into their work clothes.There is a table against the wall that people in wheelchairs can use to eat. The place is open 24 hours a day.

Review №2


This is an average McDonalds. There are no self checkouts but they are pretty quick on the cash registers.They are a bit disorganized on the food distribution so be prepared to ask for your food.Upstairs dining area is decent and has bathrooms available for use.

Review №3


We only had shakes and ice cream so cant comment too much on the food. However, if the cleanliness of the rest of the place is any indication of the cleanliness of the kitchen, Im kind of glad we didnt get much. The bathrooms were an absolute state, and I dont mean like they were busy and just couldnt get to them. The garbage was overflowing and all over the floors, and given that there were only a handful of people in there in the half hour we were sitting and chatting there, I would guess theyd been like that a few hours.Its McDonalds, it is what it is, it could have been worse but it could also have been better

Review №4


Quick service and surprisingly clean dinning area.The food is good/decent as always.

Review №5


The food was fast, wasnt really tasty but I dont visit McDonalds a lot unless Im getting coffee. I was impressed by the multi level seating although most of the seats were full or filthy. A couple of the kitchen crew could have come out and helped with the upkeep. First visit. Probably wont be back.

Review №6


Horrible Service. Took long. Fries only half full. Missed sauces for nuggets completely. One meal had no drink, one meal had wrong drink. Really?! Sack staff. Change Manager. Worst ever. Shake Shack next time.

Review №7


Fast service, entertaining staff and good prices for NYC standards. The guys at the McD did their best to keep the line going even though it was crowded and late at night. Good job!

Review №8


It was a nice, cool stop to grab an ice cream during a hot day. Food prices were a little high for my fast food taste, but we only came for the soft serve. The tables on the 2nd all had crumbs on them, but they werent sticky, so we sat down to enjoy our treat and rest there anyway.

Review №9


Messed my order up twice. The boy at register picks his teeth. The other girl at counter needs to work with some urgency as it takes so long to place an order. But most importantly the rudeness. They need some redirection in their team.I will add the food is usually hot and fresh.

Review №10


Horrendous service. Staff too busy blasting Spanish music and talking to tend to customers. Waited 15min and just walked out. Food is disgusting, the food is old and cold. You dont get a full container of fries. Orders placed wrong. And the drinks are filled slightly past half way.

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