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Total reviews rating 3

199 Reviews for FedEx Ship Center 2023:

Review №1


This place is horrific. Not only did FedEx tell me that they tried to deliver my package 3 times and no one was home, while I know for a fact that my wife was home the whole time, they threatened to send my package back to the sender and forced me to drive to Jamaica, about an hour away from my house. After I got to the shipping facility, it took me over an hour to claim my package, where the two employees that worked there were laughing and having a great time. It’s incredible that this level of service, if that’s even the right word to describe the service that I received, still exists in 2022. FedEx should be ashamed of itself.

Review №2


This is THE ABSOLUTE MOST DISGUSTING company ever! I had two packages that were supposed to be delivered to me. Just to wait a whole additional 3 days for one package. Only to see the driver on the delivery date drive off with (stole) BOTH of my packages! Watched them make other stops and not deliver ONE package on the block. I called customer service & they did not help at all ! Y’all definitely have a way to get to the drivers . This is unacceptable . I definitely don’t do reviews but this is ridiculous

Review №3


THE WORST OF THE WORST!!!!!!!!! these people work together to make fun of there customers and purposely not giving there packages so they can wait for next delivery date i witnessed it today while waiting for a package that i didnt even end up getting because of first name not matching on a NON SIGNATURE PACKAGE! long story short these people are scumbags specially the old lady that works there and dont ask for the manager he wont help they all work together against us....

Review №4


FedEx steals packages. You open up a case and they act like it takes 10 years to contact the driver and find out what happened. If they’re not stealing packages they are lying about delivering packages, maybe to put off the impression that they’re running on time. They will sign your signature, and mark your package as delivered. Just for the package to never come, or for them to come days later. Take your business elsewhere. Even the post office has some integrity.

Review №5


They make you pay 89$ (+tax) for a next day delivery, dont do it and then dare to tell you there is nothing they can do????Reimbursing the price difference would be the bare minimum.Thieves.

Review №6


Id leave a 0 star if I could. Its been three days, Ive been home all three days cause I was expecting a shipment to come in. Each of those days around 3-4pm the driver updated, attempted delivery where as I know for a fact they didnt. Now they are saying that theyll send it back to the place I bought It from, if I dont pick up from their north hangar location. Which is about an hour away from me... you guys are truly terrible, and your service is the lowest point that it could be at. You should definately should be ashamed, and perhaps hire better and honest people. How do you guys sleep at night!?!?!!!

Review №7


I usually get there to ship something out after work,and must make a note to try to ship items on my off day,just because the line is out the door between 4-5pm. They close at 5,but they only have two available workers at the counter.I kind of feel bad for them, because half the time I went,it was people complaining about a driver not dropping off a package and marked it as no one was home,which has happened to myself and I was home. I would suggest getting there early as possible or youll be under the rain guard outside.

Review №8


This shipping center and Fed EX as a company are HORRIBLE! Driver lied and said he attempted to deliver my package. The 1st customer rep I spoke to lied and said my package would be delivered the next day. The next day got a text saying my package wouldn’t be delivered for 2 more days. Came up to this shipping center to pick it up myself. The man behind the counter didn’t properly put in my tracking number, didn’t tell me and ended up sitting there for 45 minutes waiting. This company and there employees are TERRIBLE! Wish there was a no star option.

Review №9


FedEx didnt deliver my package to my house because there was no one to sign, however Fedex usually always meaves my packages and this package was inexpensive. Just a lazy driver. Came here to pick up and this is the most inefficient service i have ever received. Employees take forever, most customers dont come with correct ID and they take FOREVER to go retrieve your package. Absolute worst experience ever. I pray to god I never have to experience this ever again

Review №10


Its the worst service ever. I paid for a 2Day AM guarantee shipment rate for a package, that was stuck at the Hangar Road location and wasnt delivered until 2 WEEKS LATER after 20+ calls to FedEx customer service, which by the way sucks. Very disappointed.

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