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Total reviews rating 2.8

199 Reviews for FedEx Ship Center 2023:

Review №1


This fed ex is in a post apocalyptic nightmare night i imagine men who have never seen the light of day come out from the bellies of abandoned trucks to feast of pigeon carcasses and rain the light of downtown Manhattan 15 miles away, still shielding their eyes which have become massive and clear like those of salamanders living in dark caves.that is how i imagine this fed ex location.anyway the service was fast and the people were nice and I got my package

Review №2


They keep lying about undeliverable address. When you pay for express shipping and they keep telling you your address is undeliverable and you call to confirm you give them your number for updates they send you 20 messages in 2 minutes and still never deliver to home. I have cameras on my door and no FedEx truck enter my street or neighborhood. It sad when workers are too lazy to do they job..

Review №3


Horrible place. I contacted costumer service so they could contact this base and they never replied or did anything about my package and the only reply i get from the worker when i went there is that he didnt know why nobody replied but he works at the front desk lol. lazy people who dont like to do their job but to steal packages! yes he didnt know where my package was after ignoring the messages from customer service lol 0 stars but only is the least i could give

Review №4


The competency level is at this place must be at an all time low. Either that, or it’s simply pure laziness. This is supposed to be a ship center correct? But when I laid my package down flat on the belt (as instructed by the employee) I was told I couldn’t ship there. Huh? A simple adjustment would’ve made the package fit perfectly on belt. Instead I was told to go to another site which was PICK UP ONLY!!!!! Then I was sent to another location which wasn’t even a FedEx site.. it was a mom n pop shop! smh. What a shame.

Review №5


• Update: Today I already had in mind that I would have to travel all the way to the Bronx to pick up a package, which was a gift to a friend. But that wasn’t the case. I was surprised when I heard the FedEx worker knocking on my door (literally was in shock) What a relief. I have to give credit when credit is due! So thank you!• Old Review:Once again, the delivery driver lied!!! “Attempted to deliver package” is bogus! I’m home waiting on packages from UPS & USPS, it’s funny how they were able to deliver my packages, but FedEx states no one was home. At this point, it’s hilarious. The level of incompetence is hilarious! This FedEx Station is a joke! They can’t even hire reliable people to get the job done. Anyway, I drive over there to pick up my package (cause I don’t trust them) the lady at the front was helpful and received my package from the back. When she gave me my package, it was tampered with. She says “the shipper sometimes doesn’t tape it correctly” You can tell whoever had my package (FedEx employee) tampered with it. It’s all too common, it’s a pattern. This is why I went to pick up my own package, you can’t trust these workers. Glad I did! It be your OWN people! I’m surprised this station hasn’t been closed down by now.

Review №6


They blatantly steal packages from buildings package rooms and when you call to make a complaint, they say there is nothing they can do about it. Terrible customer service

Review №7


If you dont have your shipment printed and attached to your package, do not come here. I came with my shipment qr code only to be turned away. I showed the rep my qr code as instruced from my fedex email. He couldnt find it. I showed him my tracking number and recepits. Still no help and was asked to leave. Did not offer any assistance and was quick to dismiss me.

Review №8


Wow I was impressed ! The lady that took Carr of me today was very pleasant and nice and it was very fast service!! Thank you 😊

Review №9


In my 5 years living in New York, Ive NEVER had a successful delivery with FedEx, let alone a proper attempt. You should be reimbursing me for my time and travel to your distribution center.

Review №10


Paid for delivery the never rang my bell im at home . I spent 30 dollars called the company they wanted to deliver on the 8 of Jan. I said no i put it up to far to pick up Bronx. This is not good service this is the second time this happen .no more i would not try again to use your sevice. ImVery disappointed .

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