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Total reviews rating 3.8

81 Reviews for Feel Beauty Supply 2023:

Review №1


I wouldnt say 11 months ok ...especially when I just paid $19.99 + TIP for a LYFT CAR the night before MOTHERS DAY!

Review №2


This place has terrible customer service I was shopping for something for my moms birthday and I went with my friend after school and was yelled at by an employee to get out and stop hanging out meanwhile I spent no less than 5 minutes in the store and was watched since we got inside

Review №3


They should just say and returns or exchanges from the get go. Literally took their product off the shelf yesterday, double checked and realized it was the wrong one so brought it in today. Its apparently tampered with and someones finger was inside. Okay, well it was in my bag the whole time so I guess that happened in your store. Honestly glad I paid with my card so I can dispute this charge. Ill be buying from Amazon next time where the return and exchange policy actually makes sense and the prices are lower anyway.

Review №4


They close the store earlier than listed. I went out of my way to get there in time, for them to be sitting around 10 minutes before closing staring as I knock on the door as if I am invisible. *Please note that it was 7:51pm at the time of my original post. I could have gone to another store that cares for their customers, understands that sometimes timing isn’t ideal (as things like traffic and other obligations cause delays), and actually closes at the time provided to the public, but I chose to come here and was therefore too late to go anywhere else. It’s not as if I showed up at 8pm and attempted to beg and plead and inconvenience them! I was aware of the closing time and would have quickly purchased my products and left. Now I don’t have the products I urgently needed. Terrible customer service. Gracious acts and compassion goes a long way and encourages customer loyalty! Now I will instruct everyone I know to avoid patronizing this store.👎🏾

Review №5


As I was leaving the store my arm brushed up against a shelf and ripped my leather coat. I asked the for the manager. When I asked about having my leather coat repaired she said this never happened before. I dont know what to tell you. Then when asked for a corporate number or person of higher stature she refused to give any information. Im so disappointed because I always shop here. The prices are pretty reasonable. All I want is my coat repaired.

Review №6


I shopped in 2 of these on the ave . Love this company. They have awesome selections in eeverything from braiding hair, wigs,weaves and beauty products as well as body products. Big store and decent prices on most things. When they have a sale its great and the prices are really marked down. You can find some items cheaper in other beauty stores but you can also find items here you cant in other stores and sometime the prices will be cheaper here then in other stores.

Review №7


Large variety of products. great customer service and reasonable prices on quality hair.UPDATE APRIL 1st 2018its been only a week with my “virgin” hair and its TERRIBLE!!! It sheds ridiculously. A waste of $150!! The lady told me this was great quality hair. LIES. I am so disappointed. I’ve had mixed blend hair that was way better. Once I go back will find out exact brand and update this review if I can.

Review №8


Always have what Im looking for. Great customer service and helpful friendly staff.

Review №9


Very disappointed. I purchased 2 wigs for $169.99 each 1 week ago and they are both not the quality described. The wig quality is terrible. They are shredding in globs. Ive been wearing and buying wigs and weave hair for years and I know in comparison the wigs I purchased were only worth $50-$60 and of course it cannot be returned. Its wrong to charge so much for poor quality wigs. The person that helped me was very nice but theres definitely a problem with the products.

Review №10


Horrible customer service. This the Asian store owner refused to put my receipt in my bag and then proceeded to tell me that I needed mouthwash. My hands were full and he said that I was lazy and he was busy. There was no line. This is how they treat their customers. I will spend my money where I am shown respect. I have never felt so disrespected.I asked for the number to the district manager because I know this number is fake and he said his name was Yoo and the district manager was Sunny. He refused to give me his name which leads me to believe the name was fake...Dont spend your money where you are not appreciated and respected. These Asian businesses owners dont respect black people and their actions prove it true. Dont believe me go to any of these business, hell look up what just happened between a elderly women and Asian nail artist. These people dont respect you.

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