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151 Reviews for Felix Roasting Co. 2023:

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Very cute coffee spot. Modernly decorated with great natural light. Friendly baristas and solid coffee options. Ordered a latter which was pretty good. Not on my top 3 list but definitely a good cup of coffee with boldness and great flavor. Definitely will return to try a few other things on their menu.

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This is a fantastic spot in the middle of Soho. They have great coffee and wonderful sandwiches. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this place for a visit. Special highlights: ricotta and fig toast is magical and the Felix Espresso Tonic is definitely worth a try!

Review №3


This cafe is a good summer pit stop in soho. I got a icy cold brew to take off the heat and refreshed myself before bashing on. Nice decor and good place for conversations and I saw many catching up with work. Nice decor and friendly staff.

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I wish there was table service here waiting in line to get your food/drink is a pain. The line gets too long. And why don’t they take cash? I understand it’s 2022. But it should still be possible right?Also, they didn’t check the vaccination card. Felt kinda weird.I like this place despite of this, the taste of the coffee is great, the bagel was also good, and the interior is nice.All in all, 4/5 because of the earlier mentioned inconveniences

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The vintage details , the classy vibe , and the ambiance makes this cafe picturesque. The coffee is very good but the temperature was too hot . Especially with non dairy milks. Will drop by if I’m in the area , service was very friendly too .

Review №6


Coffee was inanely bitter. Its not a bitter aftertaste, its right up front and very noticeable. There are nice flavors underneath but the theyre so overpowered that its hard to enjoy. The coffee heating urn its held in is too hot bc the almond milk instantly separated/curdled when it was added. Took several min before it was actually drinkable. Anyway, the staff was nice and didnt up charge me for almond milk (says $1.50 up charge on the menu which is absurd) and the atmosphere is pretty cool.

Review №7


Super cute and cozy coffee/ sandwich shop, been around for many years, excellent coffe! Fast and professional service. Tables outside as well. Great quick stop for good coffee and quick bite, bagels and sandwiches.

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The Fig toast is my favorite good item on the menu! It’s absolutely delicious, I get it every time. They also have great cold brew and oat milk lattes! Also the decor is to die for. I wish my home looked like that!

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This is a place to visit for their art-deco and coffee. The space is limited but what they have done with such limited space is inspiring. I suggest skipping downstairs seating and heading upstairs.The coffee is very good and the right size unlike the gargantuan coffee guzzling cups you get outside. The flat white was creamy and had the kick of the espresso in it.

Review №10


This place is very overrated. While the interior is cute, the upkeep is lacking. The pink chairs are nearly Black from dirt, wear and tear. My biggest gripe - the wait!!!! With or without a long queue the wait time for my drink is always ridiculously long. During my most recent visit, even the lady at the counter was staring at the barista who moved at a snail’s pace. Overall the drinks aren’t bad, but there are far better coffee shops within a 2-3 block radius of this place; with much better coffee and a better customer experience. I wouldn’t suggest going out of your way to visit. Only if in the area. Oh, and be prepared for a wait!!!