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  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
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Total reviews rating 3.3

16 Reviews for Geek Squad 2023:

Review №1


Do NOT purchase the geek squad for $200 at Best Buy. Big Mistake.Not at all what my salesman said it would be. Oh just make an appointment for the store or they can come to your house. No, coming to your house which is only 15 min away from the store is an extra $50 -lie #1, lie#2 I tried to make an appointment in store and the first one available is in June 10. Today is 4/30!! I could go to Saratoga 3 weeks from today. What a joke. I want a refund of my $200 for this non-service. Oh and don’t bother calling Xgates, they wont answer you.

Review №2


I went in to get my grandson the latest iPad. I was told the store did not have them but one could be ordered. I headed over with a sweet girl to what I think was called the pick up area. It was then that I noticed COCKROACHES! I was told by multiple employees that it has been like this for some time. I will no longer be shopping here. I would hate to bring such an infestation into my home. I would also advise others to not shop here.

Review №3


Very nice staff and helpful! Allowed my 12 yr.old to to talk tech with them, and help diagnose his P.C issue. Even though, they couldnt fix it because we did not purchase it from B.B, they were still helpful. Id go back again, in a heartbeat!

Review №4


Today I went to geek. I had an appointment with them, but the unfortunate thing is that the person at the reception was at the height of mockery and bullying, and he said to me, I will do nothing for you, I will take nothing, and I will go to your condition. My problem is that I bought a phone from best bay and insurance at geek and when broke me phone I went to geek cross gate mall albany and they told me I have to pay $ 161.99 for me to get a new phone and after two days I received a new phone but the shock is that this phone is a copy from China and when I spoke to the customer service, they gave me an appointment today at the geek best bay cross gate mall, and when I went, meet the person with what I said in the first. This is cheating, be careful.

Review №5


I left my computer with them for a warranty covered repair three weeks ago. It’s status online has been stuck at “waiting for an agent” for two weeks. The main geek squad 1800 number put me on hold and never came back so I hung up after 45 minutes. I cannot get a live person to answer from the store. Beyond frustrating.**Now a week and three store visits later. Was told the computer would have to be “junked” and would get store credit, but they no longer have this laptop either online or in store. Came back twice and the particular manager I apparently need to talk to about a refund is not in store. There’s different staff every time I come in and they don’t talk to each other.

Review №6


I am sitting here on hold for the 5th time in the last 10 days waiting for a Geek Squad representative or supervisor , at the 43 minute mark as we speak. Apparently there is an interesting function in the Geek Squad customer service system, after somewhere between 55-60 min the system disconnects you. Seriously, someone finally admitted it to me. I have been disconnected 4 times. I can only assume this is a way of wearing you down and not getting your service plan claims processed. The point of this review ? The next time you have a choice between the cell phone company warranty and Geek Squad protection, dont think twice. The insurance through the carriers, all carriers is far superior to the Geek squad protection plans.

Review №7


Someone needs to train these guys alittle more about customer service,I went in to upgrade the Ram memory on my laptop the attendanttook the laptop in the back for about 25 minutes mind you customers are piling up and all i am seeing is employees clocking out and finishing their shift.25 minutes later the employee came back out and told me the exact thing that i already figured out YES WE CAN UPGRADE CAN YOU CHOOSE THE MEMORY I said why dont you GEEK SQUAD recommend the memory for me i just need a more than i currently have. The attendant looked like he had no clue about computers i just agreed and left because other customers was running out of patience.

Review №8


I called multiple times and they did not answer the phone during their business hours. I called directly to Best Buy to be transferred over and they still didnt answer the phone. Usually the service is great but that was highly annoying and ridiculous.

Review №9


Want to see if they could fix my GPS on my iPhone 7 they had no clue what to do told me to go to apple 🍎 store then I asked about the New phone I bought there and told me to call Google support , what a waste of my time

Review №10


The associated were very knowledgeable and really helped me out.

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