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Phone: +1 516-379-0760
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8PM
  • Friday:11AM–8PM
  • Saturday:11AM–8PM
  • Sunday:11AM–7PM
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Total reviews rating 4.3

14 Reviews for Geek Squad 2023:

Review №1


Geek Squad is the best. Have used them in Baldwin, NY & in Florida over the years. The techs are well informed, explain in advance what they plan to do, go above & beyond to fix everything thats fixable and never try to sell you to add to the bill. Recommend you always make an appointment for service; it saves a lot of waiting in line.

Review №2


Sabrina is a wonderful girl and I will call back there anytime because she is really really smart and very nice

Review №3


Bought a computer for my son’s homeschooling. Had difficulty downloading software that was out-dated onto the new laptop. Went to speak to Geek Squad. I was given to Chase, he was extremely professional, friendly, knowledgeable. Had tons of patience with me and my situation. I couldn’t be more grateful as I was frustrated and giving up. He DID NOT & accomplished what I couldn’t!! Thank you Chase for your awesome service!!!!

Review №4


I went to the geek squad at the Baldwin Best Buy on 12/20/19 with my girlfriend to pick up her laptop and the gentleman at the front mentioned nothing about checking in for an appt. we had scheduled for 1:00 - 1:20. We showed up at 1:22 and got pushed back behind people that had appts at 1:20 and two people with 1:40 appts. We were only here to pick up a laptop. The agent told us we would be after one gentleman and when another came in he took them first and proceeded to tell us again that he would take us after, which is when we complained and bickered back and forth. When people showed up for there 1:40 he asked them what they were there for and what there check in time was and skipped right over us leaving us sitting there clueless as to when we were next (we were hoping after the second gentleman that came in as he said). We understand we were a few minutes late and didnt completely understand the time frame of the appt. but coming from two people (me and girlfriend) who work in retail and customer service, this was unacceptable customer service. He took a man who was there for a 1:20 who was 8 minutes late and skipped us. Then after he took a 1:40 we complained the employee told us well thats just how it works. Unacceptable and rude. If that really is just how it works then Best Buy needs to put on there website to show up either 5 minutes prior to your appt. or at the time of your appt. As much as we were at fault for being late this was still a horrible experience. We left at 2:05 after he took a person before us who was also just picking up because if was taking forever to just get his laptop. we were forced to make another appt. the kid at the front should have taken us after the first person considering he knew we were just picking up. I do not know how things work behind the scenes at this location and as I said working retail has taught me that some things are harder for the employees to do than the customer think but the geek squad should consider training there employees to have more respect for people and a little more common sense.

Review №5


Geek Squad is very terrible with communication when they’ve taken your product to be worked on. Should be no reason why there aren’t any calls or text to update the owner on their product. Very very unprofessionalism. Shouldn’t have to drive up to the store to ask about my product that I brought to you guys to be looked at.

Review №6


I needed help to transfer info from my iPhone 5 to my new iPhone 8Corey and Jade the Apple reps there were very knowledgeable and efficient as well as so pleasant to deal with👍👏👏👏😍

Review №7


Don’t know about the negative experiences some people had. But I’ve always had great quick and efficient service. Even in this environment

Review №8


Awesome !!! Friendly, patient, and answeredall my questions & a job well done ! 😊👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Replacing two fans of in my MacBook ProLaptop...

Review №9


I love this store it got some many things my son likes movies 📺 stereos, games game system and computers.

Review №10


At the geek squad there is a very hostile worker. Would not recommend.

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