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Total reviews rating 4.4

199 Reviews for Google Store Chelsea 2023:

Review №1


So cool to visit the Google Store in Chelsea! Special call-out to Roman, Steve, and Jay for all of their help and guidance! Google did this right, and clearly hired the best people to be here.If you really want to experience the new Pixel Buds Pro before spending the money, go to the Chelsea store, bring your credit card because you will decide to purchase(!), and checkout the subway car simulation room to hear for yourself how amazing the noise cancellation is! And dont worry, they have new ear tips and alcohol wipes for you to try it all out. Simply incredible.

Review №2


I expected a smaller store but once inside its quite large and nicely laid out. You can check out all the latest Google and Android devices and phones. They also have an area of Pixel photography and a dedicated room for Stadia games. In addition, they sell branded Google merchandise at reasonable prices. The staff are friendly and helpful. They offer a service desk and have a theater section. It would be nice if they had a Google cafe but I guess you cant have it all. Definitely suggest stopping by if in the area.

Review №3


Definitely an amazingly Googly experience! The store is uniquely designed and setup to bring you into a welcoming world of Google products in an environment that feels very much like home. The staff arent pretentious and are very helpful, when purchasing a product the experience is efficient and painless. This store is definitely worth a visit for everyone especially for those who never thought Google provided anything other than search.

Review №4


The only physical Google store in the world. You can find anything Google-related hardware here. They even have cool exhibition rooms filled with the devices on action. Such a beautiful store worthy of the amazing products Google have to offer. A great experience for a tech-geek like me.

Review №5


The only Google store in the world, and the best place to buy and learn more about any Google product. Having a Google one account ($10/ month) version gives you a 10% Google store credit cash back on all your purchases at the store, which pays off quite well.They have all the new Pixel phones and associated accessories like pixel buds, cases etc. in stock, Chromebook, Nest, Google home, merchandise etc. The 5-6 member staff helped me out with testing the phone and answered my questions well.They also have small rooms where you can explore different flagship products.

Review №6


When I visited the Google store near the Chelsea Market, it was amazing! The environment was friendly, joyful, and meaningful. The designs of the Google products is always unique, brilliant, and aesthetic. The team was really helpful to me for setting the Google Pixel 5a. I love my new phone! Its really beneficial, reliable, and practical. I had a fun time at the Google store.

Review №7


A pretty cool store! Colorful -as expected! Overall, good experience. The elderly man at the door is such a kind-hearted individual! He added more color and warmth to the in-store experience! 🤗

Review №8


This place is very exciting if you are a Google fanatic. They have the brand new pixel phones and nest devices. They have Google memorabilia that you can purchase and they also have room dedicated to their smart devices. Theres even a STADIA room!

Review №9


Everything other than Google branded stuff is overpriced, the staff is not friendly at all, it seems youre bothering them when you want to ask questions and cash transactions seem to be too low tech for them; not having change and needing the store manager to come unlock the register, one one occasion they didnt even take my (completely legit) old 100 dollar bill because their machine couldnt verify it was legal. Went to the best buy a few blocks away and yes, its fully accepted.On my second visit to the store I was buying a Pixel 6 case coming from an older pixel with a fabric case and asked about the durability of the new ones. The exchange with the cashier was as follows:Hey, I was wondering, is this case going to be as durable as the fabric ones?No.Oh really?Yeah, no.Why is that?Its just like, worse.After that I (just like her) had no interest in further conversation, when I left the store I thought I had left my beanie in the counter and so I looked back inside to find her staring at me and whispering stuff to the general manager who had to come unlock the register and a second employee.Popeyes had better customer service than this.

Review №10


This is an amazing store with cosy decoration .I hope google open several stores like this.The staff is very friendly and helpful.I had an issue with the support repairing team.The repair team told me they will fix my pixel 3 battery in 3 hours , i gave them the phone .After the 3 hours they told me they did not finish and there is a problem in charging port they need to change it ( they send me a mail after the 3 hours)I refused because i dont have this time , i have a flight to catch, even they told me they will return the phone after 45 minutes.So i accepted to wait for 1 hour again and pay more for the port.The good news that they finished quickly the battery and the port after this 3 hrs issue . Also the support team helped me to recover the data.I think this store with some effort and work has a promising future and could be compared to apple store support and repairing team.Again i think it is amazing place to buy google stuff here.

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