Hallelujah Praise the Lord Automotive Services in Flushing

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Phone: +1 718-298-9898
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–6PM
  • Thursday:8AM–6PM
  • Friday:8AM–6PM
  • Saturday:8AM–4PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 3.7

76 Reviews for Hallelujah Praise the Lord Automotive Services 2023:

Review №1


Very thankful for Mechanic Joseph the owner. 8 AM I got that weird signal on my dashboard that the oil and the engine had issues and there was that wrench sign all red. I texted my spouse and thought it was routine. By 5:30 PM. The car was shaking and making strange sounds. We were with our friends, I showed her the photo of my dashboard, and she told me the same thing happened to her and her whole car engine shrivelled up and died. The oil was leaking somehow.I called my regular mechanic and he wasnt picking up and my friend told me to go to her mechanic. And Mechanic Joseph actually picked up the phone. He said if you can come over in the next ten minutes. Josephs assistant told me to just wait in the waiting room which had air condition and he will be right back. Dont worry.I just want to say that the car was dying fast and I didnt know what was going on. I was grateful that this was resolved and the Mechanic Joseph fixed it for me. The prices were reasonable for the work which was done after hours. I really appreciate all the help. Thank you for saving our Mini.

Review №2


NOT PROFESSIONAL. Car inspection failuere due to unknow reason, they cannot figure out why, did the inspection twice, charged me twice with no outcome. I went to Toyota Automotive Services, easily finished the inspection.The employee are rude, impatient, unfirendly.DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS PLACE

Review №3


I have been going here for years with my 2005 Honda Pilot because they are honest about their work. They keep a great log profile and tells you what you really need fix now and what can wait later. Definitely not the typical auto shop place that is after your wallet. My car is still running strong!

Review №4


Very professional & courteous staff that take pride in their work..very quick & efficient..no job is too big or small..they can do it ALL..if you are looking for honest work at an honest price..this is the place..I will have ALL my vehicle maintenance, etc. Done HERE!!

Review №5


The only people who I let touch my car when I dont feel like doing it myself.

Review №6


Love it, Love Joseph, Love Hallelujah!I have been here for 3+ years for my Camry 92. The place is so clean that even a girl wont be afraid to go in. Joseph is very knowledgeable , efficient and super multi- tasking. His quotes are very reasonable, let you know the procs and cons, make the best choice for you , not only about him making the money. He understand that sometimes we have to come early or come back late due to office hours, he is willing to work around with your schedule for you to pick up the car. All employees are polite, respect the customers and Respect your cars. Joseph has a hot tempered from time to time because he wants to do the best and get the cars ready to us. Some people might find it intimidating but throughout my experience, he is a very honest and true person.

Review №7


Ive known Joey the owner for over 16 years and I also worked for him when I was very young. Yes a super trustworthy guy. Very,very honest and straight forward. He uses oem parts from the dealer unless you request aftermarket. He treats his crew like family. I now take my vehicles to him for service and have never had any issues. They not only do auto mechanic work but have a full auto body facility as well.

Review №8


So much for ‘praising the lord’ if these people are so unprofessional and impolite to their customers. I have brought my car there for years. Last time I was overpriced more than $15 for a usual service of theirs. But I figured to give them another chance. Recently I call inquiring about the price of another service. Usually I deal with a pleasant woman, but today I rude man picked up, sarcastically telling me the charge will be ‘4 MILLION DOLLARS’ and continued to smart mouth off. That was it. Congratulations you managed to push away one of your regular customers. Hallelujah!

Review №9


Too expensive, cost me $1100 to replace break pad and break disc. My car was Cherokee but they wrote Grand Cherokee on it. After replacement, there is a weird noise when I hit break.By the way, they are very inpatient

Review №10


My husband has gone here for years. I have just begun coming here. Joseph is honest, reliable and knowledgeable. He listens very carefully to any car issues you may have, and will double check with you on things to confirm. Their services are affordable and quick, and they use quality parts. Also a plus -- in their receipts, they also separate parts and labor so you can clearly tell what cost what.