Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center in New York

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Total reviews rating 4.4

199 Reviews for Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center 2023:

Review №1


Its best when you go to a metal show and dont want to get pummeled in the middle of a mosh pit that you buy yourself a seat. Went to see Opeth and Mastodon and the view of the light show from the second balcony was great. Its true they did not verify COVID vaccinations, only checked ID to give you a wrist band for drinking. The staff I met along the way were very friendly and wore masks.

Review №2


Amazing venue, great shows.Angels and airwaves sounded great and there performance was as well. I would deff go again to this venue see another act and an ava show!

Review №3


Security would not let the line wait anywhere near the entrance with coverage for rain despite there being an area clearly laid out for a line and the nonstop rain. Doors were 15 minutes late. My bag was searched in a manner Ive not experienced at any other venue (been to many) that was frankly rude, unprofessional and invasive when I was carrying a very small purse. When finally inside I needed to sit given my soaked swollen feet but was told my security its not allowed. I explained to him I was in pain and just needed a minute and he stood over me ignoring my request for any compassion in an empty room. I hate this venue and wont be back.

Review №4


Walker Hayes was good! Staff are efficient and friendly. Bathrooms are a bit gross.

Review №5


The balcony seating is horrendous. Each riser is crammed with two rows of basic restaurant chairs so there’s no room to walk down the aisle, let alone sit down. You have to crawl over seats to get in. If anyone is sitting in front of you on the same riser, don’t expect to be able to see the stage. Many seats have also have an obstructed view with columns in the way, and depending on what riser you’re on, the top of the stage is blocked by the upper balcony. If you try standing in the back, you won’t see the stage at all.Purchased and selected specific seats in this section, only to be told upon entry it was open seating. Good luck.

Review №6


If i could give this place zero stars i would! i was there on saturday 2/12/22 for Louis Tomlinsons World Tour and the security did not care about all of the concert goers who had floor tickets! So many people passed out or had medical emergencies and when we would get their attention to help they would just look at us like it was our job to figure it out and they werent going to do anything. When we were leaving the venue after the show, they were only letting us out of two doors which is a serious safety hazard, and continually yelling at us to move even though there was no where for us to go because they confined us to such small places. On the way out, I also witnessed a girl having a panic attack and one of her friends was begging a security guard to help her and he completely ignored her. Security either needs to be retrained or fired because this was ridiculous!!

Review №7


Two years ago I went to see Shawn Mendes at the Hammerstein Ballroom, the lines were long of course but went pretty quickly and I was right in front. I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Shawn Mendes up close!

Review №8


Great place for a concert, there is a ton of room on the floor, but if it is packed it can be pretty hard to make your way around, stay by the walls and sneak your way to the front ;).Love the location and there is a great parking lot a few doors down if you’re driving. Book ahead of time.

Review №9


Top notch. Jessica and her team were quite amazing to work with and the iconic nature of the theater has not lost a step.

Review №10


Venue is meh at best. Generally admission for balcony but they put out chairs so its super awkward. Why not just sell seats so you dont have people wander around asking if that seat is empty every time the person next to you grabs a drink and you basically have to stay seated because if you stand you dont see any of the stage anymore since the balcony above ceiling is really low. Drinks are 15 for call alcohol at least there is an option for doubles at $5 more. Speaker by us was kind of shot but the band is the reason for the stars. Hozier was great. If you go to Hammerstein, go early especially if you have balcony seats, standing wont help. If you have pit go early too and dont drink from what I saw above there is no movement in that crowd.